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Do you wait until Christmas Day to open your presents or do you open them as soon as you get them? These days I open any presents from my friends when we exchange them but save all others for Christmas 🤗 - These were the first gifts I received this year and they were kindly sent by @harpercollinsuk ! I didn’t open them for a few days so I could take pics but I did stare intently at the paper trying to decipher the book titles and was pretty successful 😂 Anyone else do this? Swipe to find out which books are inside! - Thank you @harpercollinsuk 😘
Surrounded by books, v tall chai latte in hand - is this heaven? 😇 Check out my guide to Copenhagen for book lovers on whatshotblog.com now for more hygge spots like this 😋 (link in bio)
#ad | Refuelling after a long morning of edits with a new @grazedotcom oat millionaire bar 😋 There are three to choose from but the peanut butter one is my fave by far! What snack do you reach for when you’re working? #grazesnacks
A latergram from my fave cafe in Copenhagen - the book cafe 😋 There were a surprising number of bookish spots in the Danish capital so I’ve written up a city guide for book lovers. It’ll be published either later this eve or tomorrow so keep your eyes out! 😘 What have you got planned for the evening? - p.s. Copenhagen does weirdly good chai lattes? In London they’re fairly hit and miss but every single one I had in Copenhagen was AMAAZING 🙈😍 Would recommend this city purely based on the 12/10 chai.
AD | Guess which muppet forgot her gloves on her recent trip to Copenhagen 🙄 Wandering Christmas markets is fun and all but freezing temperatures can put a slight damper on the evening. I’ve learnt my lesson and will be keeping myself warm tonight at Winterland with Hot Hands hand warmers! They're small enough to slip into your pockets or gloves and stay warm for up to a whopping 10 hours at a time! 🔥 They make for a great (and inexpensive) stocking filler too this Christmas and I can assure you the recipient will be v v thankful to you this winter! You can get 10 pairs for less than £8 this year via Amazon (link in bio). What are your top tips for staying warm this winter? ☃️ #HotHands
My first stop in Copenhagen last week (after some food 😋) was, of course, the library! I went on a guided tour of the Danish Royal Library which is this curious mish mash of old and new. The exterior is an enormous glass, black diamond-shaped structure but inside the old part is this beautiful storage room 😍 There are some original Hans Christian Andersen manuscripts and correspondence tucked away somewhere... Do you know of other beautiful libraries in the world? p.s New blog post live on whatshotblog.com with my top tips for reducing screen time! If you’re addicted to your phone (and unfortunately most of us are) then this is for you! (Link in bio) ✨
#ad | It’s time for a Christmas giveaway! You could win an iPhone 7 and have your phone contract paid for a whole year with @yboouk ✨ yboo is a free app that monitors your data, texts, minutes and signal strength to match you to the best deal from UK network operators. You won’t have to wander around your house with your phone in the air searching for the spot with the best signal anymore (it’s ALWAYS a cold corner isn’t it?!) Yboo have launched their programme #givethegiftofconnectivity  this Christmas, in which 10% of every switch goes towards gifting children with internet connection. Did you know 1 in 10 families don’t have access to the internet in the UK? yboo will be gifting schools with laptops and devices to help children stay connected to online educational resources 🌞 In celebration of the launch, they’ll be giving away an iPhone and a year’s phone contract 📱 To enter: - Download the app so you can be matched to the exact sim you need with the best signal strength in your area (link in bio). - Head over to @yboouk  and comment on their post with your favourite Christmas memory. - For extra entries, nominate someone you think deserves this present. T&C's Without the app, yboo won't know your usage or signal strength, therefore, they can't accept entrants that haven't downloaded the yboo app.  Competition opens December 3rd and closes on the 30th. UK entrants only aged 16 and over. Winner announced on the 3rd of Jan 2019. Prize to a max of £25 a month.
I discovered a beautiful book cafe in Copenhagen on my last day there and I so wish I could go back again! Lots of books, good food, comfy seating & shelter from the rain = perfection 😍 What have you been up to this weekend?
#ad | Tried my hand at chicken korma with the help of @feastboxuk ! They send everything to you in the right portions so it’s super easy to prepare (even for me 🙈). It’s perfect for a lazy winter day at home and a great way to try a new dish! 😋 Bonus points for being tastier aaand healthier than a takeaway 👍 What’s your favourite cuisine? - Follow @feastboxuk for more recipes and get 40% off your first box with 40FEAST ✨ #cookwithoutlimits
It rained a lot today so I took shelter in the Palm House 🌱 Doesn’t it remind you of Kew Gardens in London? - I’m currently reading Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales but they’re a lot darker than Disney would have you believe! There’s a brilliant retelling of The Little Mermaid called Drown by Esther Dalseno, which is based off the original, and I’ll link my review in my bio - it’s seriously disturbing 😱 What are your favourite retellings?
A very hyggelig breakfast in Copenhagen 🥰 Do you savour your breakfast in the morning or do you run out the door with a coffee in hand? Personally I’ll never forgo an opportunity for food 😅
Today’s mission: search for the best smørrebrød in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 (That’s an open sandwich 😋) - I haven’t posted anything from my trip yet buuut I have been doing lots of things and taking lots of pics, which will eventually make their way into the online sphere... For now I am busy freezing my nips off irl 🙃 - What have you got planned for the week?
If I stare at it for long enough, maybe it’ll take me away... 🚂 #HogwartsInTheSnow - Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? I’m off to Copenhagen very early tomorrow morning but I’m super excited 😅 Thanks for all your tips so far on my IG story, if you have any more recommendations for things to do and places to eat, let me know ⬇️😇
I’m a self-confessed Francophile and dreaaam of moving back to Paris aka the land of fine wine and cheap baguettes 😍 Since I have no plans to travel there again in the near future, I’ve written a list of the 28 best books set in Paris so you can travel there through the pages of a book instead. Check it out at whatshotblog.com (link in bio) ✨ Do you have any books set in Paris to recommend? #whatshotbooks
Looking back, Duomo how I managed all those stairs to get up here! 😅 #punz - I’ve just finished three super heavy books: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The Children Act and Never Let Me Go. So tell me something that makes you happy so my spirits might be lifted 🙃 Bubble tea always makes me happy hehe 🥰
He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice... ✨ #ad | This weekend I’ve been shopping at @houseoffraser to scout out some lovely gift ideas for my friends this year 🎁 I’m a lil obsessed with red accents for Christmas so some of these may end up on my own Christmas wishlist hehe 🙈 Spot anything you might like? #OverToOurs
I seem determined to read books that send your brain into overdrive with all the questions posed as I’ve got both Never Let Me Go and The Children Act on the go atm 🧠 Have you read either of these? - Brain now off to have an amazing time at Hogwarts in the Snow hosted by @wbtourLondon i.e. my fave event of the season ⚡️🎄 Follow along via IG stories to see all the magic behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films! #whatshotbooks - p.s. New post on the blog about bookish Black Friday sales! Link in bio ✨
A simple photo, but I love it ✨ What are you reading at the moment? I’m listening to The Children Act by Ian McEwan on audiobook and it’s about a 17 year old boy who refuses a life-saving blood transfusion because his family are Jehovah’s witnesses. It’s written from the POV of the judge and every time a real judge or case that I know comes up I get excited 😂 #nerd 🤓
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