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Behind the scenes of this photo: me, performing a balancing act on a chair, in front of a window, in my bra. Had to get to get that natural light and I was lacking flatlay props so off went the @joanieclothing sweater I was wearing 😂 - Anyhoooo I’ve just checked into a hotel at Manchester Airport ready for my press trip to Spain tomorrow with @jet2pics 😁 I’m still forcing myself to read books by authors from the countries I’m travelling to so this time it’s The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron! So many people have recommended this one to me so I hope it lives up to expectations 🤞How many of you read books in translation too? #whatshotbooks - p.s. you can shop the sweater via whatshotblog.com/shop/ (link in bio) ✨
#ad | I am so so glad I decided to take some time off from studying to travel this year 🙏 I’ve managed to explore so many places on my bucket list, which I know will be hard to do once I start work in the city next year! Where would you escape to if you could right now? - Obviously France is one of my fave destinations having studied French for over half my life and it being only a short stretch across the ocean 😍 Perfect for a cheap last min getaway and @Tandem_money launching their new Journey Card is saving me fees while spending abroad! 24.9% APR representative, variable #bankingintandem #wheretonext #summersnotover
Trying to get back into the habit of using @headspace when I wake up and when I go to sleep to destress 💆‍♀️ It’s my fave mindfulness and meditation app (and I’ve tried pretty much every one of them 🙈) and it’s completely free if you’ve got Spotify student premium!! Of course I only found this out after I paid the yearly subscription 🙃 But thankfully they gave me a refund 😂 Anyway my student friends always seem surprised when I tell them it’s free if you have Spotify so I figured I’d spread the news for any students looking for a great meditation app for 0 extra 💰 What mindfulness apps do you have? I’d love to know your faves! - p.s. You can shop this planner via whatshotblog.com/shop/ 🤗
Home to the dreary skies Britain is known for and very much missing the Italian sun ☹️ This is my absolute fave photo taken from my recent travels and I’m holding Facial Justice by L P Hartley on the island of Capri. Not a book I would’ve picked up if the author and I didn’t share a surname but it’s a dystopian that’s v similar to 1984 and I am loving it! What are you reading? ✨
Today was my last day in Italy and I’ll be off home tomorrow morning! Very excited to sleep in my own bed for two nights but then I’m off on a press trip to Spain 🇪🇸 💃 Fingers crossed for some October sun there too! 🤞 What have you got planned for the week?
Slowly collecting every item from Honeyduke’s for my own collection at home 🍬 What magical food would you choose? A chocolate frog, a pumpkin pasty, fudge flies or Dumbledore’s fave, a sherbet lemon? - Read about 20 magical things you can do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at @unistudios in Hollywood on whatshotblog.com (link in bio) ⚡️
It’s Friyaaay!! What are your plans for the weekend? I am pretty pooped after being on the go since the beginning of September so looking forward to a day at home at the beginning of next week. I love love travelling but sometimes you just wanna curl up in your own bed yknow? 🙈 It’s also easy to forget how to take care of both mental and physical wellbeing when you’re away from home so today I want to know - What are your favourite reads for self-care and mindfulness? Send all your recommendations my way! One of my faves is The Anxiety Solution by @chloebrotheridge , which I reviewed on my blog a while ago. Check out the review at whatshotblog.com (link in bio) ✨🎈
Been able to read much more on this holiday than I did in America, which I’m quite pleased about 📖 So far I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale and This is Going to Hurt, which were both amazing!!! Now I’m reading The Power but not sure how I feel about it yet 🧐 What have you read so far this month?
New post on the blog all about visiting Alcatraz prison near San Francisco! The island was home to some of the USA’s most troublesome criminals but it is now a national heritage site ⛓ I’ve included some essential info as well as some cool facts about the prison, check it out at whatshotblog.com! (link in bio)🎈Have you ever been to Alcatraz? What did you think of it? If not, would you want to visit? 😝 - p.s. Those fortune cookies are from the original fortune cookie factory in San Fran!
Phase one of my Italian adventure is over and I’ve left the Northern lakes for Tuscany! We visited Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore and all three had their own charms ✨ This snap is from Limone sul Garda, our first stop. What’s your favourite kind of holiday? City break, escape to nature, thrills or..?
Finished The Handmaid’s Tale so now I can get stuck into This Is Going to Hurt 💉 The narration is super funny but the stories can be really gross and what it says about our healthcare system is a little worrying... What are you reading at the moment? #whatshotbooks
#ad | Spotlight’s on me ✨ My head is always full of stories but today it’s Stories by Nina Raine that’s on my mind. Her play explores female identity, modern motherhood and the stories we tell ourselves 👯 These are all themes I wrote on for my dissertation so I’m super excited for this modern play! - As Anna sets off to start a family of her own, she discovers that hers is a story filled with many chapters, curious plot twists and unexpected characters – from ex-boyfriends to sperm donors! 🎭 Stories is playing at @nationaltheatre from Oct - Nov and you can buy tickets at nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/stories. Not one to miss if you’re in London! - Who are some of your favourite female writers and dramatists?
Visited Villa Balbianello on Lake Como today which was ultimate #housegoals (a girl can dream) 😍 This library has a secret door on one side that was used for escapes when a military man lived here! Totally need one of them for my future library 😂 What does your dream library look like?
Always got a bag full of books and snacks teehee ✨ These protein packed Fridge Raiders are a great snack to take on the road so I’ve got a little pick me up when I’m busy travelling ✈️ What snack would you take on a road trip? @FridgeRaidersUK #GetATasteForPower #FridgeRaiders #ad
I’m on the road again! In Italy this time, not sunny California 🇮🇹 I’m going round the Lakes in Northern Italy, then going down to Tuscany, then further down to Naples! If you have any tips or recommendations let me know 😀 I’ve already had pizza, pasta and tiramisu and I plan on having these three on rotation 😋 What’s have you got going on this week?
AD | Had a slow morning perusing Lateral Cooking by Niki Segnit with my breakfast 🍳 This enormous tome is no ordinary recipe book - alongside each recipe are several pages of explanation about each ingredient - where it comes from, its history, what it’s typically used for, which cultures favour it and more. This isn’t a reference book, it’s an engrossing read for foodies. One thing that made me chuckle was this line about white chocolate: “If you’re over the age of six, you’ll probably want to offset the sweetness with something bitter or sour” - well not me! So I guess I have the palate of a 6 year old.. What’s your fave thing to cook? - Lateral Cooking by Niki Segnit is published by @bloomsburypublishing and available to buy now.
My first blog post about my travels in the US is up 🎉 As requested it is Potter related 😉 Read about 20 magical things you can do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on whatshotblog.com now (link in bio) 👩‍💻 Of course butterbeer is on the list 🍻 What thing from the magical world do you most wish existed in real life? I think I’d like a little Felix Felicis ✨
Ad & Giveaway | I’m seeing so many more diverse reads and films on Instagram lately and it makes me so happy! ✌🏼 If you’re London-based and want to support Asian authors, pop along to the literature festival hosted by Asia House from September through to November! I’d never heard of this festival before @asiahouseuk got in touch, which is shocking because they feature so many authors that I know and love! They’ve already hosted Nikesh Shukla (The One Who Wrote Destiny) and Nikita Gill (Fierce Fairytales) with an upcoming conversation between Jeffrey Archer and Abir Mukerjee (Sam Wyndham series)! Have you read any of their works? Most of my favourite reads by Asian authors are in translation from Japanese and if you haven’t read The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa then you NEED to! 🐱 I’m missing lots of the talks whilst I’m away on my travels but I hope to pop by when I’m back in London. In the meantime I’ve got two tickets to give away to an event of your choice! You can check out all the options on asiahousearts.org ✨ All you have to do is: * Follow @whatshotblog and @asiahouseuk * Comment your fave Asian read or Asian author! Giveaway closes at midnight Sunday 30th Sept. GOOD LUCK!
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