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📣 The BEST way to SEE that it is possible is to surround yourself with people who ARE DOING IT. . 🦄 People who are currently living your dream life. . 👩‍💻 I was interviewed in the “Skyrocket Your Online Business” series along with 20 other BADASS entrepreneurs who are living their dream life and sharing with you our best SECRETS to help you build your DREAM business. . ⁉️ Have you signed up for it yet? . 🌟 It started on Monday but there’s still 19 days left! Plus you’ll get access to the replay of the days you’ve missed. . ❗️My interview comes out this week! . 👆👆👆SIGN UP NOW AT THE LINK IN MY BIO to get instant access! . 🎉 It’s FREE to sign up! . 🙋‍♀️ Saying YES to your dream begins with surrounding yourself with people who are doing it so that when you start having doubts, you can remind yourself that it IS ALL POSSIBLE FOR YOU! . ✨If it’s possible for me and for thousands if not millions of other people, it’s possible for you. . 🛑 Stop reading and sign up already! CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO NOW 👆👆👆 . Can’t wait for you to get all the goodies in my interview!! . . . #businesscoach #TheSkyrocketYourOnlineBusinessSeries
⁉️WHO are you being for the results that you’re getting? . 📍If you want to get different results, you need to BE different. . 💥HERE’S AN EXAMPLE💥 ➕ If you want to BE an Olympic athlete, you start training like an Olympic athlete. . ➕ You will hire a coach. The best coach no doubt. . ➕ You attend training camps (live events) . ➕ You go to requires events to qualify for the Olympic team. . ❌What you DON’T DO❌ ➖ You don’t sit on the couch and read about being an Olympic athlete because you’re out there TRAINING to be an Olympic athlete. . ➖ You don’t focus on all the reasons why you CAN’T be an Olympic athlete because you’re busy finding a way TO BE an Olympic athlete. . ➖ You don’t HOPE to be an Olympic athlete you WORK to be an Olympic athlete. . 🌟You must BECOME an Olympic athlete before you will be one. . ❓WHO DO YOU NEED TO BECOME TO BE ... Your definition of successful? ... Your definition of financially FREE? ... Your definition of a BOSS? ... Your definition of an EXPERT? . ❗️BECOME THAT PERSON NOW❗️ 🦄 Decide to be her now. 🦄 Decide to act like her now. 🦄 Decide to invest like her now. 🦄 Decide to speak like her now. 🦄 Decide to charge like her now. . 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️DECIDE YOU ARE WORTHY & ENOUGH NOW👑 And the rest will follow. . ⚠️Actions speak louder than words my dear #bossbabes . 💤Don’t wait. Waiting doesn’t change a damn thing! . 🔥For a LESS- filtered conversation (and yes I can have less of a filter than the above 🤭haha) JOIN my private FB group the Ladies Living Courageously for badass weekly live videos, business strategies, and daily inspo. . 👆👆CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO . . . #dailyinspiration #dailyinspo
#truthbomb . ❗️And it begins NOW. Your success can not wait! . Today I’m doing a 2019 goal setting workshop for my clients. . I’m going to be showing them a brand NEW way to think about where they want to go. To think BIGGER than they ever have before. . 💎 Because as entrepreneurs we OVER ESTIMATE what we can accomplish in a day but we UNDER ESTIMATE what we can accomplish in a year. . Part of achieving your big goals is DECLARING what you want. . If you don’t know WHERE you can to go you can’t take the necessary steps to achieve it. . When you break down those steps into itty bitty teeny tiny baby steps those big goals all of a sudden become VERY easy to achieve. . 🙋‍♀️ When you DREAM bigger you achieve bigger. . My clients know I don’t help people achieve small goals. . 👩‍💻 I personally realized that when I started to dream bigger and I actually achieved those big dreams. I had to create NEW bigger dreams. . So if you’re wondering why you’re not achieving more, start with looking at the goals you set for yourself. . ❓Are you setting REALISTIC GOALS? . 💥Realistic is a dirty word in my world. . QUIT making realistic goals. And start dreaming bigger for yourself. . 🔮 Then watch the Universe rise up to support you. . But you can’t just dream it, you’ve got to DO it as well. Invest in your dreams. Invest your TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY into those goals. . And see how much more you achieve in ONE YEAR. . 🚫 You can’t do it alone. So stop trying. No one got to the top alone. Literally NO ONE. . 🦄 Ask for help and watch how quickly you too have to DREAM even bigger than you once thought possible. . 📣 Learn more about how I help my clients achieve their BIG DREAMs at the links in my bio 👆👆👆 . 📲 Or DM me for the details 💗 . 💰 Let’s make your 2019 the year you make your dreams come true! . ⏰ There’s no time to wait! . 👆 Click the links in my bio now to learn more! . . .
You get to decide what you can and can’t do👩‍💻 . 🦄 Its a choice you make. . Consider REMOVING the word can’t from your vocabulary. . 💎Replace can’t with “How can I? . 💞 “How can I?” Allows you to LOOK for the opportunity. . How CAN you make it happen? . 🚫 Can’t says “I give up” . ⁉️How can I? Says I can do something about this. . Either way, you can choose. . If you don’t want to do something, you can say, “I CHOOSE not to”. Or “I don’t want to.” . ❗️Your words are powerful. You are TELLING your brain what is or is not possible for you. . USE EMPOWERING language to create opportunity. . ❓What have you been saying, “I can’t” about? . ❓What’s possible for you when you ask, “How can I?” . ✨There’s always a way of you look for it! . 👆Click the link in my bio 👆 to sign up for the “Skyrocket Your Online Business” summit. . ✅ You’ll get 21 days of 21 experts [including ME] sharing their biggest tips, tricks, and mistakes to avoid to achieve your BIG hairy, audacious goals! . Achieving your 2019 goals begins in December. Start sewing those seeds NOW! . 👆Click the link in my bio to sign up now! . . . #wordsofencouragement #businesscoach
I know that you have big dreams for your business. ← who wouldn't? . ✅ You dream of impacting thousands and maybe millions of people. . ✅ You dream of making tons of money on autopilot. . ✅ You dream of having the freedom to do what's most important to you, like picking up your kids from school every day or travelling the world. . But sometimes the gap between where you are now and where you dream of being, just feels too big. Sometimes you have no idea what to do next! . 📣 That's why I'm inviting you to this VIRTUAL BIZ BUILDING EVENT "Skyrocket Your Online Business" [I'm one of the speakers, so you get EXCLUSIVE access] . 👆 CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO SIGN UP . The series goes live on December 10 for 21 DAYS. . Every day, you'll get a brand new episode full of online business strategies to help you SMASH your 2019 goals & quit your 9-5 job like I did in 2017! . Back then, I WISHED I COULD GET AN INSIDE SCOOP LIKE YOU'RE GETTING of what I needed to do to run a successful, multi 6-figure online business. . Specifically, I wanted to know how to WORK LESS & MAKE MORE [since I was still working full-time & had very limited time to work on my business.] . ❗️ You get it ALL in LESS TIME in this FREE EXCLUSIVE 21 DAY BUSINESS SHOW filled with 21 BADASS entrepreneurs who are already living the dream [including me] . 🦄 ALL 20 of these experts and ME - are sharing our BEST TIPS & MISTAKES TO AVOID to help YOU become a multi 6-figure / 7-figure business owner FASTER! . ⁉️ Can I get a HELL YEAH? . 👆 CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO SIGN UP NOW! . HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: . 💎 How to market from a place that's both genuine and persuasive . 💎 How to sell without being sleazy, slimy or gross , 💎 How to scale your business as you break into the next level . 💎 How to skyrocket your success - no matter where you are right now . 💎 How to set goals that inspire you every day . 💎 How to protect yourself and your business legally . The speaker list includes multiple bestselling authors, a former media executive who worked with PEOPLE, the CEO of an Inc. 5000 company, and many more. . SIGN UP NOW 👆 LINK IN MY BIO . #womenempoweringwomen
🎉 It’s the BEST day of the week for me. Every other Sunday is my LEAP programs group coaching call. . it’s also Football 🏈! But that certainly comes second to my LEAP call. . 👩‍💻The LEAP ladies are gearing up to end 2018 with a BANG! And begin 2019 with an even bigger bang to hit their 90 day goals with ease! . ⁉️What are you doing this Sunday? . ⁉️How will you be ending 2018? . ⁉️Are you going out with a BANG or a lull? . 👇Who else has started 2019 goal setting? Can I get a 🙋‍♀️👇 . . . ⠀⠀ #businessbydesign
⁉️Who else gets sidetracked, feels inadequate, or questions WHY someone would come to YOU instead of this other “more successful” person who does what you do⁉️ . 🙋‍♀️ Can I get a show of 🙋‍♀️? . Because I have this conversation ALL the time. I don’t follow any “influencers” in my industry because it takes me too much time to recover from “comparisonitis” . I don’t have time to question if what I have to offer is GOOD ENOUGH or BETTER THAN someone else in the industry. . The truth is that even if I do the EXACT same thing as someone else we’ll never do it the EXACT same way. . ❄️ We are all snowflakes❄️ So no one will ever do what you do the same way you do it. . ❓Did you get all that❓ . So if you’re playing the comparison game and falling short, then not promoting, closing, and serving your clients, you’re doing the world a disservice. . 🎁 The world NEEDS your gifts. That’s why you have them in the first place. . 💎 As I like to say, “don’t masturbate your gifts.” Use them to serve and help people. . ✨Unfollow. Unsubscribe. And leave the Facebook Groups that are not serving you. . Yes I realize you might unfollow me to. But I’m not HELPING your business if my posts are hurting you more than helping you. . Only stay if you’re going to LEARN and feel motivated to be a BADASS in your business. If these posts are hurting your business, you have no business being a follower🙏 . My posts are for the people that need a swift kick in the butt to get going. . 💡Focus on YOUR LANE and your lane only so that can grow your business by helping more people. . 💗 Believe that you are enough. That you have enough experience. That your program/course really does help people. . ❗️Focus on your own business rather than looking at the highlight reel of someone else’s reel . There’s always someone who’s a couple of steps behind you that NEEDS you. . Once I had a client that said she was looking for a coach for 4 YEARS before hiring me. . ❗️Focus on the people who are out there right now, searching for YOU, not resonating with anyone else out there, and not wanting to search for 4 YEARS! . . . . #businessbydesign #businesscoach #bossladymindset #bossquotes #mindsetquotes #mindsetcoach
🚘 Have you ever gotten in your car without any idea where you were heading? . Highly unlikely. When you get in the car you are heading SOMEWHERE pretty specific. . You know what direction you’re going. . Where you’d like to end up. . You have a loose plan on how you’ll get there - even if there’s an accident or heavy traffic and you need to make a detour. . The point - you have a plan. You have a destination. . Question is... are you flying without a plan in your business? ❗️Do you have a specific destination? ❗️Do you have a map? A guide? A gps? . Are you driving alone or bringing some buddies along for the ride? . Point being - you need a destination, otherwise you’re just driving around wasting gas, running out of steam, energy and daylight. . START SMALL 👇 ❓What do you want to achieve TODAY? ❓How do you want to feel at the end of today? ❓What will you do to get there? . Then go for a bit longer - create a plan for your week. ❓How do you want to feel at the end of the week? ❓What do you want to achieve? ❓How will you get there? . Set deadlines. And let me know how much FASTER you get to your desired destination 💕 ⠀⠀ #businesscoach
🤩 Help more people and you’ll make more money. . 💡 Increase your rates to increase the transformation your clients get. . ⭐️ Many of my clients come to me believing that they can’t increase their rates because they haven’t booked anyone in at their current rate. . Thats when I tell them this story... . In the summer of 2017 my cat 🐈 got very sick. I had just quit my job and her vet bills were racking up tens of thousands of dollars. . 🤑 I had no choice but to increase my rates to pay for her vet bills. But something CRAZY happened. . At the time I was charging $7,500 to work with me 1:1. And I hadn’t booked A SINGLE CLIENT in at that rate. . 🔥 But I increased my rates to $10K anyways. . ❗️AND I COMPLETE BOOKED OUT MY 1:1 SERVICES in a matter of days! . Why? . ✖️ Because people weren’t looking for a coach for $7,500 they were looking for one at $10K and above. . Since increasing my 1:1 services to $10K and above I’ve never had a problem booking 1:1 clients. . ✅ BUT EVEN BETTER THAN THAT - my clients starting getting WAY bigger, faster results. . 🥳 The clients I booked at $10K, $15K, and $20K made back their money in a matter of days to 6 weeks. ALL OF IT. Some of them even made as much as $42K within 6 weeks of working with me. . Why? . 💸 Because when they invested more money, they were willing to do things they’d never before been willing to do. . They were thinking “SH*T I just dropped so much money I HAVE to get results” and they did. . 💰A year and a half later, my 1:1 clients make back their investment within DAYS of working with me. . When you show up differently, when you charge differently, you attract a different level of clients, who put in the work to get bigger, faster, results. . 👩‍💻 Focus on what will help your clients have a bigger transformation and your bank account will change. . ⁉️ Interested in how I can help you start making $40k months? DM me now! . 💎 When you invest in yourself, when you get help, the seemingly impossible becomes possible in much less time. . 🦄 DM ME for the details! . . . . #businesscoach #businesscoaching #ladypreneur #successtips #successcoach #successquote #keytosuccess #businesssuccess #businessquotes
💵 Make money while you sleep or you’ll work until you die. . #truthbomb - said with love🥰 . 🌤It’s a wake up call that we’re living longer, keeping healthier, which means you need to be making money for longer. . 💰What I help my clients implement is a system that runs without them. That makes SALES without them. That attracts DREAM clients without them. . So that they can be living the high life, travelling, relaxing, and doing the pleasurable things 😉🤫🤭 . Take that one however you’d like because it’s all part of living a well lived life. . Nothing is off limits in my LEAP program. . 💎 This week I’m hosting a workshop I do every month called, “Share your story” where we meet to open up and provide support for the NON-Business related “stuff” . #truthbetold I don’t believe you can coach the business without coaching the person running the business. . Even with automation systems, your energy is impacting your business. . ⁉️Do you make passive income ? . ⁉️What are you doing right now to STOP TRADING TIME FOR MONEY? . Share with me in the comments below 👇 . . . . .
❗️November is always a BIG month for me because a lot changed for me November 2016. . I took off my stubborn pants and put on my scared-shitless pants and GOT HELP! . ⭐️ I did my first LIVE video ⭐️ We launched The 🎙 How We Hustle Podcast. ⭐️ I launched the LEAP program for the very first time! . A LOT can change in a VERY short time when you GET HELP. . I don’t regularly talk about it because I don’t want to rub it in, but TODAY you need to hear it so you KNOW it IS REAL. . 📆 SINCE NOVEMBER 2016 📆 . ◾️ I quit my 9-5 job and made multi 6-FIGURES in the first year after quitting my 9-5. . ◾️ I golfed every single day of spring, summer, and fall. . ◾️ I work when I want, for as long as I want. . ◾️ I don’t commute, I work in my PJs, without a bra most days, and I don’t have to wear stupid pantyhose– I HATE pantyhose! . ◾️ I've travelled somewhere every single month since January 2018 [sometimes 2x a month] . "As entrepreneurs, we overestimate how much we can get done in a day, but we UNDERESTIMATE how much we can accomplish in a YEAR!" . 💎 WHAT'S INCLUDED 💎 . ➕ 12 Months of LIVE Group Coaching Calls (bi-weekly) . ➕ 12 Modules for a Profitable Online Business with swipe files, fillable workbooks, audios, training videos . ➕ Monthly Workshops & Tech Training Sessions to help you IMPLEMENT . ➕ Sales Workshops and coaching practice sessions with feedback . ➕ Monthly Guest Experts for things like Web Design, Being a BADASS at Sales, Becoming a Best-Selling Author on Amazon, and many more! . ➕ Private Facebook Group for Group Accountability and Support. . ➕ Business Tools Library with Training Videos and Coaching Guides, templates, and more! . ➕ Lifetime-Access to the Membership Area with NEW & UPDATED content every month! . 👆CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO JOIN & SAVE $2400 TODAY . 🔥 Get started with One-on-One Private Coaching TODAY for only 💲997 per month! [PRICE DOUBLES AFTER BLACK FRIDAY] . OR . 🔥 Join LEAP Today and get 1 YEAR OF SUPPORT for only 💲297 per month [Price goes up to 💲997 per month after Friday] . LINK IN MY BIO👆
🙋‍♀️Just wanted to wish you and yours a VERY Happy Thanksgiving. . In honour of Thanksgiving🦃 Here 👇are a couple of journal prompts to help you reflect on how far you've come and where you'd like to go in the future! . [Which can double as some FULL MOON 🌕 reflections for those of us who are having a #fullmoonparty tonight] . Grab a journal 📓 a pen 🖊 light some sage, and FREE WRITE your answers to the following: . 1️⃣ - What do you love MOST about yourself? . 2️⃣ - Who are you grateful for? . 3️⃣ - What risk are you most grateful for having taken this year? . 4️⃣ - What do you desire MOST in your life right now? . 5️⃣ - What accomplishment are you most proud of? . 6️⃣ - What challenge/obstacle are you most grateful for? What lesson did it teach you? . 7️⃣ - What FEAR have you overcome this year? . 8️⃣ - What FEAR are you currently experiencing? . 9️⃣ - What's your TOP goal? . 1️⃣0️⃣ - What a list of the top things you'd like to manifest AS IF you already have them! . 💕💓💕 I am so very grateful for you! . 💝And to say THANK YOU look out for a very special gift to end 2018 and begin 2019 with a BADASS BANG . 📣 STAY TUNED for tomorrow’s announcement ! . Tomorrow my BLACK FRIDAY gift 🎁 will you reach your business goals FASTER! . CAN’T wait! Happy 🇺🇸Thanksgiving! . . . #thanksgiving2018 #happythanksgivingyall
🙋‍♀️ My job is to help my clients make MONEY. . Along with many other things but I help create multiple streams of income💰 so that they reach their financial and business goals💸 . 🌈 Today was the LEAP group coaching call and IMMEDIATELY after - I mean hours after the call - my clients made high-ticket sales 💃🏼 . Which is actually a regular occurrence for my clients and me. . ❗️ONE PHONE CALL leads to closing DREAM CLIENTS that same day! No patience necessary💤 . Isn’t TODAY as good a day as any for you to MAKE MONEY & BOOK DREAM CLIENTS⁉️ . 🚫No one likes being salesy. ❌No one enjoys feeling SOLD to. . ⭐️ But there IS a formula to CLOSING dream clients ON THE SPOT! . It begins with YOU. SELLING IS SERVING. If you’re not SELLING you’re not SERVING 💓 . 🗣Translation ::: if you’re not making money- you’re not helping anyone. . ➕ It’s easy to learn. ✖️But you don’t know what you don’t know and it ain’t getting you ANYWHERE FAST! . 🙏 Think about all the people out there WHO NEED YOU! . There are approx. 7-Billion people in this world and NOT ENOUGH people to help them. . The longer it takes you to learn how to SELL effectively, the longer those people struggle. . 🦄 In my LEAP program and my 1:1 coaching program you get the formula for crafting a custom sales script 📄 that makes selling your services EASY and immediate! . 📣My rates are going up for both my 1:1 and for my LEAP program. . 💎 ONLY 3 SPOTS AVAILABLE for private coaching. DM ME for the details. . 🔮 Raise your vibration. Feel good about receiving. Every day is a good day for making money. . If you’re business isn’t making money, than you’re running a hobby not a business. . 📲 DM ME NOW TO LEAP INTO 1 of the 3 spots! . . . #raiseyourvibration #highvibrations #highvibes #positivevibe #moneygram #moneymotivated #moneymakers #moneymoneymoney #goodvibrations #abundancemindset #growthmindset #mindsetiseverything
🎉 Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of the first LIVE video I ever did. . It’s CRINGEWORTHY 🤦‍♀️to watch back now because I was SO awkward. . I shared how terrified I was of doing live videos 🤯 . I tried for months 🗓 to work up the courage to do it. Every week I would tell myself that this was the week. And every week I wouldn’t do it🚫 . 💎 It took BABY STEPS 👣 to get there. . 1. I started a podcast - the @howwehustlepodcast with @peacockbooks to get used to speaking. . 2. I practiced it to myself “Live” but set to “only me.” . And then I asked myself the question that I’ve now asked many other entrepreneurs, including all the ladies in my recent “Live Videos That Convert” Challenge... . 3. “Are you willing to be judged by 10 people if you can help ONE PERSON who is struggling” . ⭐️ The answer on November 16th 2016 was finally YES! . It was cringeworthy to me - but all I got was great feedback from it. . People I hadn’t seen in years stopped me downtown and told me they had seen it and how GREAT it was. . 📣You’ve got to begin to be great. . THAT Live video was the catalyst to my business taking off 🚀 . ✅ I sold out ALL my private coaching spots . ✅ I launched and filled my LEAP group coaching program 🦄- which has now been running for coming up on 2 years! . ✅ We grew the 🎧 How We Hustle Podcast to over 11 THOUSAND listeners . ✅ I quit my 9-5 job to be a full-time #Ladypreneur 👩‍💻 . ✅ I’ve made multi 6-figures in my business💸 . ✅ I’ve attracted the most BADASS Ladypreneur clients 💃🏼 that I get to help build their DREAM business . ✅ I get to play golf 🏌️‍♀️ every single day . ✅ I’ve traveled ✈️ every month for a year . ➕THE MORAL OF THE STORY➕ The thing I was MOST AFRAID to do ended up being the thing that gave me everything I wanted. ✔️ It gave me purpose. ✔️ It gave me freedom. ✔️ It gave me a new life that’s better than my dreams! . ⁉️ What if overcoming your BIGGEST fear would give you everything you’ve ever wanted? . ⁉️ What if overcoming YOUR fear HELPS SOMEONE? . ⁉️ Would it be worth it? . ⚠️ TODAY could be the beginning of all your dreams coming true of you have the courage to face your fears and DO IT ANYWAYS! . . . #goalgetter
Not to be mean or anything but rather to PUSH YOU... . 💡You’ve got to begin to be great. 💡You’ve got to be a beginner to be a professional! . 🔥Every moment you wait is a moment longer before you’ll get there. . 🌈 Today in the 3-Day “Live Videos that Convert” Challenge I’m sharing the tools and strategies to cast a wider net and be seen by a bigger audience. . 📣 If you want to help MORE PEOPLE <— which I obvs know you do! - then you needed more REACH more IMPRESSIONS. . After all that’s the joy of social media. That we can connect with people all around the world who are LIKE us or NEED us. . ❓Do you have the hacks [ie. the shortcuts] to grow your audience RAPIDLY? Without all the hustle ? . It isn’t too late to join my 🆓 CHALLENGE and get all the hacks TODAY @11am PST | 2pm EST | 7pm GMT . 👆👆👆 LINK IS IN MY BIO . Join me live or watch the replay to get my PROMOTION hacks for your Live Videos. . To turn your viewers into paying clients join my 3-DAY 🆓 CHALLENGE now! . 👆👆👆 LINK IS IN MY BIO . And for DAY 4 - the BONUS day I’m sharing how to use PAID ads to super-charge your efforts for as little as $10! . Don’t wait. Get in now! . 👆👆👆 LINK IS IN MY BIO. . . . #businesscoach
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