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🌈Happy MONDAY! The day of clearing energy that’s not serving you and prepping for a week of BADASSERY in your business! ⠀⠀ 🔥🔥🔥 Start by answering these questions to yourself or in a journal. ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ ⁉️At the end of THIS WEEK, what would you LOVE to be different in your life/business? #goalgetter ⠀⠀ 👆Go big here. Ask for what you want. Be specific. The universe doesn’t get subtle hints. The more specific you can be the better. ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ ⁉️What’s prevented you from having/achieving/being this in the past? ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ ⁉️What will be different this week? ⠀⠀ 👆Make a plan. Identify what can support you in achieving a different outcome this week. ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ ⁉️Why this week? Why is it IMPORTANT that it happens this week? ⠀⠀ 👆How will it impact your life? What will happen if you do nothing? How will you feel at the end of the week? ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ ⁉️What’s no longer serving you that you must leave behind in order to achieve your goals this week? ⠀⠀ 👆You cannot remain the same if you want to change your life and business. You must BE different. It begins with you. Get rid of anything that is draining and/or low frequency stuff. ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ ⁉️What can you do differently THIS week in your business (or your life) that will bring you one small step closer to what you want? ⠀⠀ 👆Manifesting is co-creating with the Universe which means that it works WITH YOU. ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ ⁉️Who can help and support you with this? ⠀⠀ 👆 We’ve been breed to believe that we can survive on our own. Independence is a desirable quality. We strive to be completely self-sufficient. But who are we really kidding. We are tribe animals. WE NEED EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE. ⠀⠀ 💎 When you ask for help, you HONOUR the person who you ask. They get the gift of feeling helpful. Which is a pretty incredible feeling, wouldn’t you agree?? ⠀⠀ —————————————- ⠀⠀ 📣 📣 I’d love to hear what your BIGGEST “ah-ha” or takeaway was from these questions. ⠀⠀ ⚠️What new awareness do you have? ⚠️What do you know now that you didn’t know before? ⚠️What’s shifted in you? ⚠️How do you feel? ⠀⠀ —————————————- #gogetter #bosslife #bosslifestyle
‼️You need to begin to be great‼️ . You need to learn to become a master. . You need to try a ton of things before landing on THE thing. . YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. . Too often I speak with amazing women who have been beat down by comments that they “never finish things” or that they “are really excited about something for a while and then they’re not” . F*ck that is life!!!! . Your tastes change. Your passions shift. . Your interests change. Your focus shifts. . You have experiences. Your expertise shifts. . ⁉️Why is it socially acceptable for our favourite food to change, our favourite restaurant to change, and our favourite outfit to change, but we’re not allowed to change our careers or our hobbies? . That makes ZERO sense to me🤷‍♀️ . You’re allowed to change. And when you do, you’re bound to be a beginner. . Learn. Grow. Achieve. Get bored. And then become a beginner again. . QUIT beating yourself up, give yourself the SPACE to learn, to grow, and to become a master. . And ENJOY THE PROCESS. . Want to speed up the process? <— that was me! Hire an expert to help you! Hiring a coach allowed me to make money real fast in my business and QUIT my 9-5 job. ⠀⠀ No Olympic athlete ever made it to the top without a coach, and neither will you. . 🔥THINK - How would it impact your life if you were able to shorten the time between feeling like a beginner and being a master? . ❓If you could become a master before the end of 2018 would it be worth it? . 🤯Look at the scary decision or overwhelming next step that you’ve been avoiding. . ❓What if you committed to taking one BIG BOLD COURAGEOUS ACTION today to bring you that much closer? . ⁉️Are you ready⁉️ If you’re feeling especially ready, share with me in the comments what you’re going to do and by when 👇👇👇 . #accountabilityiskey
🌈 Today I am grateful for my BADASS clients. . JUST THIS WEEK... . 🔥 One of my clients (who did my challenge last week) turned her o e of her group clients into a 1:1 client! #happyclients . 🔥 One of my clients launched a monthly membership site to bring in 5-figures of monthly RECURRING revenue. #extraincome . 🔥One of my clients started running Facebook & Instagram Ads to bring her a steady stream of NEW Dream clients. #lessworkmorelife . 🔥One of my clients started having DREAM clients reach out to HER asking if she had space to work with her. #nohustle . 💥Last week we talked about CLOSING calls. This week they’re closing clients. . 🙋‍♀️ This week I’m showing the ladies how to set up a self-study course to make money on auto-pilot every damn day! . ⚠️You can get into the LEAP program now for only $197 per month ( Regular $597 per month - ❗️SAVE $1,218) . My clients have... ✅ Made $100K in less than 5 months ✅ Made $10K in one day. ✅ Sold out their group program within ONE WEEK of working with me. ✅ Quit their 9-5 job. ✅ Made $42K in 6 weeks of working with me. ✅ Made $5K in 30 minutes on a $79 product on a webinar (later to bring in $20K) . And that’s just a snippet! . 🦄YOU CAN TOO! With my support, guidance, and accountability. . ‼️BUT you can ONLY get that STEAL OF A DEAL price of $197 per month until the end of day Thursday! . Then the price goes back up to $597 per month! . 👆Click the link in my bio to LEARN MORE . Times a ticking ⏰ . ⁉️Have questions? Shoot me a DM now! . . .
❗️You can do it. ❗️You can get help. ❗️You can make it work. ❗️You can find the money. ❗️You can make the money. ❗️You can be that kind of girl. . ⚠️You can⚠️ . And I 🙋‍♀️ can help you. . 🌈 Every day I help my clients make their unrealistic dreams come true. . ✨It’s a bit of strategy. ✨A bit of support. ⚡️And a BIG why. . If you’ve got the why and the drive, I’ve got the strategy and support to get you there girl. . 🔥🔥🔥 And right now for the next 48 hours, I’m offering a FLASH FALL SALE to join my leap program for only $197 per month. . 👆Click the link in my bio for all the details. . ⁉️Got questions? I’ve got answers. DM me. Let’s chat girl. . *** very limited spots available. . ⏰ This sale won’t last long. So get it while you can girl and let’s make your unrealistic dreams come true before the end of 2018! . 🦄🦄 BECAUSE YOU CAN 🦄🦄 . . . #wordsofencouragement
Mmmmmmm Friday. The day when the rest of the world chooses to take rest. . ⚡️Side-hustlers are just getting revved up for their week ahead. . ⚡️Full-time entrepreneurs are working while TRYING to commit to taking rest but are struggling to SLOW DOWN. . 🔮 Saturday became a rest day for me last year when I was close to burning out. . My “punishment” I used to call it. . But when you have automation systems working over time for you, you can afford to take time off. . You can let... ✅ your funnels, ✅ your content, ✅ your courses, ✅ your automated webinars, ✅ your ads, ... do the heavy lifting for you! . ⁉️ Whose doing the heavy lifting for you when you’re not working? . ONLY YOU is not sustainable. . 💥It’s burn out or build up💥 . Build a system or a team that’s working for you, getting you clients, when you’re not working. . ❓Do you have a system or a team? . ‼️ Put a “1” in the comments if you have a system that’s bringing you clients while you rest. . ‼️ Put a “2” in the comments of you have a team that’s bringing in clients while you rest. . 👇👇👇 Tell me what you’re doing for the weekend! . I’m off to the mountains. Stay tuned for IG stories of my adventure 💃🏼 . #weekendgetaway
🚨 Being in debt SUCKS! It's plain ol' bad for your ENERGY, your attitude, and your health. Your debt stress is likely making it even HARDER for you to make money. . How F*CKED is that? It's this vicious cycle. With seemingly no way out. . ❗️BUT HAVE NO FEAR! I have a solution for you tonight, live @ 5pm PST | 8pm EST. . I'll be sharing 4 ways to eliminate debt stress so you can get back to making an impact, making money, and living a BADASS life! . JOIN ME - LIVE TONIGHT - @ 5pm PST | 8pm EST . 👆LINK IN MY BIO👆 . ✅ You'll get specific strategies you can implement immediately to reduce your debt stress. . 📲 Join me live @ 5pm PST | 8pm EST for DAY 8 . 👆LINK IN MY BIO👆 .
⁉️How often do you promote what a BADASS you are? . ⁉️Are you afraid that people will think your conceited? Or bragging? Or full of yourself? . 💥We’ve been taught not to promote our achievements but I’m calling BULLSh*T on that! . 🙋‍♀️I’m a f*cking badass at helping my clients make money and FAST! By SERVING people in a powerful way that makes them WANT to pay you the big bucks. . ⚡️Plus using tech and automation to make you more money with LESS work. . 🔮I help my clients see that their dreams aren’t big enough that they are limiting themselves. They increase them then crush them. . ‼️Just last week I had a client that signed on with me, but wanted to give up on her program launch. I said ABSOLUTELY NOT! You can fill it! You’ve got a whole week left! . 🙀Within 7 days she had completely filled her program and made back her $10K investment! . Bam 💥 . ‼️That’s the power of working with me! . ❓Did that sound conceited? Full of myself? Bragging? . ❓Or did it inspire you to be a BADASS at what you do and TELL the world about it? . 🤳Tell me what you’re a BADASS at? What happens when someone works with you? 👇👇👇👇👇 . #youareabadass
You can’t put off your dreams any longer. . Today on ✨DAY ONE✨ of my 30 days of lives I’ll be talking about taking action. How to start making your BIG UNREALISTIC DREAMS come true. . But you’ll need to be in my “Ladies Living Courageously” Private Facebook Group to see it. . 👆👆👆 LINK IN MY BIO . Because you can’t afford to wait any longer. You’ve waited long enough. . You CAN change your life before we hit 2019. . ❓ Don’t believe me? Join me LIVE today in my private Facebook group to find out how! . CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO JOIN NOW⬆️⬆️⬆️ . . . #motivationalmonday
#Truth - If you want different results in your business . I’m talking: ✅ Making more MONEY, ✅ Attracting DREAM clients, ✅ Speaking at LIVE events, ✅ Published a BOOK, ✅ Starting a PODCAST, ✅ Selling out your PROGRAM, ✅ Growing your FB group, ✅ Hiring a badass TEAM . ❗️It starts WITH YOU❗️ . More times than I can count I spoke with clients and potential clients who are doing the EXACT SAME THING they’ve always done, and yielding the same disappointing results. . 🔥You MUST do something different if you want to get different results. . And it all starts with YOU BEING DIFFERENT. . ⚠️ When you’ve identified as struggling, or just starting out, or new at something WHO THE F*CK is going to want to hire you? . ⚡️You must level up⚡️ . You can’t remain the exact same person and attract different things. . 🦄 You attract what you believe you are. 🦄 What you believe you deserve. . Until you level up your own identity, your own life, your offerings, your presence, your message, your worthiness, you wont be able to level up your business. . ❗️It starts with YOU.❗️ . 🙅‍♀️ And you can’t be out of alignment. . 🤦‍♀️ Don’t expect someone else to invest in working with you when you haven’t invested in your business yet. . Look at where you might be out of alignment with what you’re preaching. . Are you living it❓Are you investing in yourself❓ . Because if not - there’s your answer. . 🚨 Look to your daily/weekly actions for clues on what actions are not getting you results. And do something different to get different results. . ⁉️ Not sure where you could be going wrong? Shoot me a message and I’d be happy to chat with you about it 💕 . . . #Financialgoals
❓Do you look for opportunities? . ❓Are you ASKING for what you want? . ❓Are you being SPECIFIC with your requests? . If you don’t know EXACTLY what you want, the Universe CANNOT provide it. . ❌ No one can. ❌ . Because you don’t know WHAT you’re looking for. So you won’t know when you get it. . ⚡️Specific requests manifest specific results. ⠀⠀ 🔥If you want something - write it, speak it, ask for it. . And watch it all materialize before your eyes. . ❗️But ONLY if you believe wholeheartedly that ALL that you desire is on its way to you right now! . *** Start HERE *** Share 1 SPECIFIC desire you have in the comments below 👇👇👇 . #Financialgoals
🍍 Be a Pineapple 👑 Wear a crown. 👸 Be the BEST YOU, you can be. . Stand tall. Know that you know what you know. . ⭐️You are ENOUGH. ⭐️You know ENOUGH. ⭐️You are educated ENOUGH. ⭐️You can help ENOUGH. ⭐️You are strong ENOUGH. ⭐️You are smart ENOUGH. ⭐️You are pretty ENOUGH. . ‼️You are worthy of abundance, wealth, happiness, success, and freedom. . Too often I hear that people will start “WHEN” I’m this or that, I have this or that, and the timing is perfect. . Those are **EXCUSES** that are keeping you small. That are keeping you from stepping into your power, your gifts, your purpose. . ⚠️ And the worst part is that there are people out there right now who are searching for you and they can’t find you because you’re over there thinking it’s not the right time, you aren’t ready, and you don’t have ENOUGH to give YET. . 🚨That’s ALL BULLSHIT! . It’s irresponsible and frankly rude of you to sit back and watch people struggle. It’s selfish and unnecessary. . ❗️You don’t need to be perfect. You need to be real. . ❗️You don’t need to have a certification. You need to serve. . ❗️You don’t need a billion hours a week you need one. . ✅ Start with one person, one hour a week, one offer at a time. . 💕 Get up. 💕 Stand up. 💕 Speak up. 💕 And RISE UP. . We need you💃🏼Yes YOU! And only YOU! . . . #mondaymotivation
⁉️How often are you meeting people IN PERSON⁉️ . As much as social media has connected us - it has also made us feel like were always connected so we don’t actually have to meet people IN REAL LIFE. . 👆 FaceTime - WhatsApp - Snapchat - Skype - Zoom - we can pretty much FEEL like we are live, in real life, without having to fly or even leave our house. . 🚫Instead of CONNECTING US it’s actually DISCONNECTING us in some ways as well. . ❓HOW OFTEN DO YOU FLY TO MEET UP❓ . ❓How WILLING are you to fly to meet up❓ . #Truth I have always had social anxiety (despite what everyone believes about me🙃) my closest friends KNOW it to be true. . Meeting someone in REAL LIFE is a challenge for me a lot of the time🤷‍♀️ . 🙋‍♀️I’d MUCH rather hide behind my computer screen💻 . But when you meet someone in REAL LIFE you will, without a doubt, feel more connected to them🦄👈 plain old energy people! . 👥 Meeting in REAL LIFE deepens your connection and FAST. So if you or I stay stuck behind that screen our impact will NEVER be as deep or as widespread as it can be by meeting people in real life. . 🌈 Ain’t nobody got time for robbing people of your support, your gifts, or your guidance <— least of all me. . . ⁉️How can you PUSH yourself to get outside your comfort zone and MEET PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE? . ✅ LIVE EVENTS! ✅ VIP DAYS! ✅ MEET UPS! ✅ CONFERENCES! ✅ SUMMITS! . The possibilities are endless! . ⚠️Look for opportunities and you will find them. . ‼️ I will be hosting a live event in 2019 . +++ I’m opening up 2 VIP DAYS❗️ . ⭐️ Interested? DM ME 📲 for the details💕 . . . #womenwithambition
What’s on your agenda for the weekend❓ . 🙋‍♀️ When I was working my 9-5 job I couldn’t WAIT for the weekends to work on my business. . Now as a full time entrepreneur I’ve had to give myself a limit of NOT working on the weekends🤷‍♀️ . ‼️THIS weekend I’m fulfilling a long time dream / fear of mine and speaking at a LIVE EVENT - the Life Intentionally Summit hosted by @sarahswain_ - will you be there ?? . ⁉️What will you be doing to move your business forward this weekend? . 📲 Share with me in the comments 👇 . . . #weekendwarrior
❓Who are you online? . ❓Who are you behind the computer / phone screen? . ❓What’s the difference? Is there one? . ❓What are you hiding? . ❓What makes you think you need to hide it? . ⭐️ Every single time I am vulnerable online and share something that makes me feel uncomfortable, unworthy, disliked, unloved, inadequate, not enough - I get the most loving reactions 💕 . +PLUS+ the added bonus of REAL DEEP MEANINGFUL connections. . 🤩💭 “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort - but you cannot choose both” - Brene Brown . ❓Would you rather be comfortable and unknown? Or courage and connection? . 📲 Type “Courage” or “Comfort” in the comments below 👇 . . .
🚨SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 I have 3 SPOTS opening for 1:1 business coaching starting on Sept 19th. . 🔥 Working with me 1:1 is a RARE opportunity, like NO OTHER person you've ever worked with before. . ❓WHY❓ Because not only do I coach you, I help you IMPLEMENT. . 👩‍💻 Back in the day, I too was seriously struggling to learn all the TECH SYSTEMS, the marketing techniques, and sales strategies. It is a lot to learn after all! . When I was struggling, I wished EVERY DAMN DAY for someone to help me implement. . Which is WHY I've included ⭐️IMPLEMENTATION⭐️ with my 1:1 clients. Not only do I coach them, mentor them, and consult for them, I ALSO HELP THEM IMPLEMENT❗️← against all of my coaches wishes haha #rebel . Examples of what I help you IMPLEMENT... ✅ A high converting sales funnel. ✅ Launching a profitable program. ✅ Facebook/Instagram Ads. ✅ Building your team. ✅ Creating video content that leads to paid clients. ✅ Growing your social media following. ✅ Designing beautifully branded graphics. ✅ Getting visible with video. ✅ Launching a podcast + Being a sought after podcast guest. ✅ Setting up automation systems that give you more freedom. ✅ Using a webinar to sell your programs. . ‼️I do it ALL WITH YOU‼️ . PLUS YOU GET ✳️ Weekly sessions, which are always recorded, ✳️ Lifetime access to the membership area which has new content every month! ✳️ 6-Months of LIVE access to my signature LEAP into Ladypreneurship Group Coaching Program. . And swipe files for email sequences, funnel pages, launch plans, and a membership area. . ❌ALL of this is ONLY $9,997 (paid in full) or $1,997 per month for 6 months❌ . 🦄 In 6 months my 1:1 clients have… 💲 Earned $5K in 30 minutes on a $79 product! [$30K in 1 week] 💲 Earned $42K within 6 weeks of working with me! 💲 Made $10K in ONE DAY! 💲 Earned $100K in 5 Months! 💲 Set up passive income streams! . 💖💖 DM ME NOW to schedule a call with me to discuss your custom coaching+implementation plan. ⠀⠀ ⚠️⚠️ These spots will go fast and I probably will not have another opening until 2019. . ❌ No more struggle, indecision, confusion or information overload-gone FOREVER. Starting now-hit reply.
Not everyone is going to understand your dreams. Not everyone is going to believe in you. . But your belief that it IS possible is a KEY ingredient in your road to success. . ❌No amount of content. ‼️ No amount of information. Experience. Or actions. Can out weigh an underlying doubt that you CAN AND WILL. . 🦄When you believe it IS going to happen you fight for it to happen. . ❗️You make moves to make it happen. ❗️You call in clients, financial abundance, speaking engagements, the works. . Because you are fully in alignment with what you’re offering and you’re taking the necessary actions to get there. . Your dream business isn’t going to fall out of the sky 🌈 and into your lap. . Wish all you want 🔮 but that’s not going to make YOUR dream business fall into your lap anytime soon. . ❓What are you DOING to achieve our goals? ❓What have you been AVOIDING doing? ❓What’s step #1 ? . ⭐️ Find out the EXACT steps to follow to turn your struggling side hustle into a booming BADASS BUSINESS. . ➡️ Join us inside the inside the LEAP into Ladypreneurship Business academy at this link 👇 http://bit.ly/SMEM-Challenge-Special . . . #Financialgoals #goalgetter
It IS your job to be different from the rest. . ❌Copycats not required❌ . ⚠️We don’t need more of the same. ⚠️We need more with a different spin. . Whether you’re a personal trainer. 〰️ Or a coach. 〰️ Or a network marketer. 〰️ Or direct seller. 〰️ Or a dentist. 〰️ Or a chiropractor. 〰️ Or a nutritionist. 〰️ Or a Virtual assistant. 〰️ Or a marketing agency. 〰️ Or a business consultant. 〰️ Or a designer. 〰️ Or an author. . 🚫 It isn’t your job to be like anyone else because we need you to be different so we can CHOOSE you over the rest. . 🔥 People buy from people they connect with, people they like, people who they resonate with. . ⚡️Your job is to be visible, sell, and serve. . And regularly. . ⭐️That’s how you book DREAM clients. NOT by being all things to all people. . 📲 DM me to ASK HOW I help my clients attract and book dream clients on Auto-Pilot. . . . #beyourownboss #beyoutiful
🌪 You can’t know WHY something is happening. . 💥 Some of the WORST experiences have lead to my BEST experiences. . And it doesn’t end at experiences - that includes relationships, business situations, my old 9-5 job, my BEST friends. . 🌈 It may feel like everything is falling apart but know that the Universe has a better plan for you. . This has been my mantra for years... “The Universe has a better plan for me, than I had for myself.” . 🦄 When you look for the opportunity in every situation you will find it. . Another staple question I use with my clients and myself is... “What’s the gift/opportunity in this?” . 💎 Look and you will find it. . 💎 Trust and you’ll be guided. . 💎 Ask for help. . Everything is easier with support. . ‼️Tonight in my Serve More to Earn More Challenge I’m talking about ATTRACTING CLIENTS rather than SEARCHING for clients. . Join us at 6pm PST | 9pm EST LIVE 👆 #linkinmybio . . . #soulpreneur
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