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🌈 What you see on someone’s social media feed isn’t real life. It’s the highlights. . 🌈 What you see on someone’s website ain’t them. It’s their supped up success story. . 🌈 Followers don’t equal clients. Please don’t get this twisted! . What you see on the outside is only the very tip of the iceberg 🗻 . Keep your nose in your business and out of anyone else’s business. . ⚠️Comparison is the death of creativity, creation, and authenticity. . Buzz words aside - we’re all making it up as we live, learn, fail and do new things. . And you could too if you stop focusing on what your business and life SHOULD look like and start creating what you WANT it to look like. . ❗️Manifesting isn’t a one sided game. It only works if you work it. . Sorry you can’t skip ahead. You can’t collect $200💰 until you’ve gone through the steps. . And NO ONE does it alone. . You CAN have your dream business and your dream life. So long as you hold onto the vision, ask for help, and take ACTION. . ‼️Sunday is the perfect day to start today! . . . #businesscoach #growyourbusiness
I had this conversation with my coach today... . Sometimes you gotta put on your big girl pants and ❗️BE THE BOSS. ❗️BE THE CEO. ❗️BE THE LEADER. . Being the CEO doesn’t come naturally to me. . I never want to feel like I’m being bossy. I never wanted to manage a team. I wanted to transform people’s lives with my coaching. . With my team I strive to give them the MOST autonomy possible and never micromanage they. . But what I’m learning (through all the growing pains) is that I MUST be THE BOSS . 💕Wholehearted Business Coaching is successful because of me. For the last year and a half I grew it all by myself. . Now that I’m building a team to make it even better, I still need to take the lead. I need to manage the team if I want the business to scale up and make a bigger impact. . But managing a team is COMPLETELY outside my comfort zone so it feels uncomfortable AF. . 🦄I MUST sit with that discomfort even though I would rather RUN AWAY. . ⭐️It’s really helping me to remember my WHY⭐️ . ➖➖I’m going through all these growing pains in service of all the people out there who NEED my help to grow their business and make an incredible impact with their gifts. . ‼️Calling all my boss friends - Who else has felt or currently feels uncomfortable being THE BOSS? ⬅️ put an emoji in the comments to remind me I’m not alone. . Building a BADASS business is not always easy but it IS always worth it🙏 . . . #bossbabe #bosslady
❗️Eye see you! . That’s what I do. I see into your fears, your gifts, your potential - and show you how to fill the gaps between what you’re currently doing that is and isn’t working and what you WANT to be doing. . 🦄 Today I’m running this workshop in my LEAP group that will transform the way they see each other and the way they see themselves. . 💡A workshop where they SHARE THEIR VULNERABLE STORIES. . Why❓Vulnerability is what connects us all. Our stories are similar and different in this beautifully connected way. . ✅ We are the same. ✅ We are completely unique. . ⚠️As are their dream clients⚠️ . We connect through storytelling and FEELINGS not tips, tricks, or knowledge. . ‼️Remember that. We connect to stories and FEELINGs. . And then look at your posts, videos, emails. Are they focused on a tip or a feeling? . . . #vulnerability #vulnerable #storytelling
💃🏼 On my way to London Town 🚂 for a bit of fun with friends that I have spoken to for 3 years and never met in REAL LIFE. . Now ⬆️ THAT ⬆️ is the power of social media and group coaching programs. . ✅ These ladies have been in my life since before I had my first ever client. ✅ They were there when I launched my first group program, ✅ When I launched my first podcast episode, ✅ When I had my first BIG knock down, ✅ And when I quit my job. . ✖️✖️✖️ You can’t do it alone. Nor should you want to. It’s no fun. . Fun is when you have a tribe of women 💃🏼 who will celebrate you and help you get back up from any knock down or knock out. . ➕➕➕ Plus then you’ll have friends all over the world. . ‼️At the beginning of 2018 I decided I’d like to travel EVERY SINGLE MONTH for the entire year. And London is August. . ❓How often are you travelling this year? . Travel was one of my BIG whys when I started my business and that dream has come true over and over and over in 2018. . Share with me ⤵️ where you’d like to travel to in 2018 ✈️ . . . #digitalnomad #londontown #londoncalling #nomadlife #laptoplifestyle #internetmarketing
❓When was the last time you CELEBRATED a win in your business? . ❓Do you tell anyone when something amazing in your business happens? . ✖️No? It’s likely because you don’t have anyone who will understand OR you don’t want to brag. . In my LEAP into Ladypreneurship Program I encourage bragging! . ❓Why? Because why the hell not? Why have we been taught that bragging is bad? . ⁉️Why isn’t it celebrating? Why do we celebrate graduations and promotions but not high end clients and 6-figure launches? . 🦄 When you join Leap you get a place to celebrate your wins (and there will be many) AND everyone else will celebrate you too! . 💭Imagine what would change about how you feel, your business, how you show up, and how you go to bed at the end of the day if you were celebrating ALL the wins big and small. . ❓What if you were surrounded by badass women entrepreneurs who were doing it too? . There’s always a celebration🎉, which means you’re surrounded by people doing incredible things. . IT RUBS OFF ON YOU💃🏼 and then you start having all these amazing things to celebrate too! . ❗️KEY TAKEAWAY❗️ Celebrate your wins. And get a group of people who WANT to celebrate your success along with you. . 🚫NOT who make you feel like you need to downplay the incredible things you’re doing. . ‼️ Come celebrate with us in LEAP. Get all the details at 👉http://bit.ly/LEAPBusinessAcademy . . . #wednesdaywisdom #businesscoach
‼️ If you haven’t listened to episode 092 of the 🎧 How We Hustle Podcast you’re seriously missing out! . When you listen (because you’d be darn stupid not to) you’ll hear... . 💥THE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES CALLS💥 . Selling takes practice, and the more you do it, the better you'll get at it. . The more mileage you get working with potential clients, the better you'll get at being comfortable being bold. . Because the BOLD get hired 💰 . If you’re not being bold and you’re not getting hired, 🎙 Episode 092 on the 🎧 How We Hustle Podcast is 💯 for you! . ✅  Why no-sale calls are helpful. ✅  How to use a "doctor" frame in sales. ✅  Why providing half-solutions doesn't serve anybody. . And so much more... . 🎧 Listen now on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts. . . . @howwehustlepodcast @peacockbooks . . . #howwehustlepodcast
🌈 Will your week open doors of opportunity or keep them closed? . You can either plan for success or plan to fail. . NOT planning at all IS by default planning to fail. . Look real hard at how you’re starting your week. . ❓Have you spoken with your team? ❓Have you planned out your income goals for the week? ❓Have you scheduled your social media posts? ❓Have you scheduled any emails to your list? ❓What are you promoting this week? . 📝 Sunday is for goal setting. 💎 Monday is for manifesting. . This week, take a couple minutes to create ✅ income goals, ✅ marketing goals, and ✅ team goals (even if your team is you, yourself, and Irene). . Share your goals for THIS WEEK with me in the comments below ⬇️ . ‼️And then put it in your calendar to join me LIVE on Tuesday (IG & FB) for #truthbomb with Tanya where I’ll be talking about the power of planning when it comes to manifesting and achieving your “unrealistic” goals. . . . #goaldigger #goalsetting
🌈 When I started my business I figured it would take around 5 years to have everything together, to start making money, to transition to full time. . 🤷‍♀️But a couple months passed and I started to impatient. I didn’t want it to take 5 years. . So then I thought maybe if I get some help, I can do it in 3 years 🙋‍♀️ . 🎉 Well 6 months later I was making 3 times what I was making me in my 9-5 job every month and after 2 more months of consistently making over $20K a month in my business . ➕PLUS➕ I was doing it in all in just 8-10 hours a week. . It became apparent that I could NO LONGER AFFORD to go to my 9-5 job. . Every minute I was there was a minute I could be helping someone. . 💥I could be creating content that helped someone, . 💥I could be selling someone into one of my programs that would change their life, . 💥I could be making money from helping someone, which could allow me to hire a team so that I could help EVEN MORE PEOPLE. . 🚫 So I could no longer afford to ignore that every minute I was still in my 9-5 job was a day that someone who needed my help wouldn’t be able to get it. . I was afraid to quit, I was afraid to invest in help. I was afraid to get visible on video. . ‼️ BUT my dreams came true when I had the courage to LEAP BEFORE I FELT READY. . When you LEAP instead of tip toe your dreams come true far faster than you can ever imagine 🦄 . ❓ What are you afraid to leap into? ❓What could happen if you do? ❓What if ALL of your dreams could come true in 6 months or less if you did? . ⁉️Would it be worth it? . Tell me in the comments ⬇️ . .
You are exactly where you are supposed to be. . The struggle, the disappointment, the failures, they’re all happening at the exact right time, in the exact right way, to lead you where you need to be. . Trust that the Universe is working for you. Not against you. . You are reading this because this is your reminder that you’re being guided, that you’re doing exactly what you need to do to be successful. . A lot of trust and a little guidance will help you weather the storms of the #entrepreneurlife . Ask for a sign. Ask for help. Ask for guidance. Ask for support. . And then follow the next right step. . Download my 6- Step guide to a BADASS business at the link in my bio to find your way, your next right step, your path to success. . And then share with me what you discover 💕 . It’s an honour to support you in your badass entrepreneurial journey. . #namaste
🌈 Your posts, your emails, your videos ALL need to have purpose. . ❓Where are you directing them? ❓What’s their next step? . You don’t have one⁉️ That needs to change IMMEDIATELY. . 🙋‍♀️ Join the 5-Day Rapid Conversions Challenge {👆 Link in my bio} before it’s over (this Friday) to get the secrets to RAPID CONVERSIONS OF dream clients to make more money and impact in your business NOW NOW NOW. . You snooze you loose. . The challenge is free and it were giving away thousands of dollars in daily prizes! . 👆👆👆Click the link in my bio to join now. . There’s only two days left. Plus at the end you’ll be getting a prize worth $1500. . Catch up. Engage. Get clients. Make money. . Easy as pie <— whatever that saying means lol . . . #Financialgoals #goalgetter
So excited to be talking with MARKETING EXPERT Denise Walsh! She shares her experience building a BADASS Network Marketing Business and leading a huge team to success. . This episode is jam packed FULL of BOSS LADY tips, YOU'LL HEAR... . ⚡️ What the 1% do DIFFERENTLY that makes them SUCCESSFUL . ⚡️ How Denise LEARNED to be a successful ladypreneur when she didn't have a business bone in her body . ⚡️ The POWER of community & celebrating WINS . ⚡️ How to CHANGE your 💰💰💰 mindset so you start earning what you DESERVE . ⚡️ How to MAKE MONEY from your phone . ⚡️... AND SO MUCH MORE . 🎧 Listen now in iTunes, the Stitcher App, Spotify, iHeart radio, and YouTube ❤️ . LINKS IN BIO 👆👆👆 . Don’t forget to hit subscribe so you never miss an episode 🙏 . . . @peacockagency @wholeheartedbusinesscoach @thedenisewalsh #podcasts #businesscoach
‼️Be a pink grapefruit in a sea of lemons 🍋 . What does that mean? . Stand out. Don’t follow what you see everyone else doing (ie. making lemonade from lemons) and have a SPECIFIC way to stand out from the crowd. . 🦄 That’s why I’ve created the 5-Day Rapid Conversion challenge. . 👆👆👆 CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to sign up now❗️ . Not to give you more lemons to work with but give you a system that will ALWAYS help you stand out without even trying. . ⭐️ You’ll get the secret to using what you already have to attract and book DREAM clients with EASE. . ✖️ DO NOT BELIEVE PEOPLE WHO SAY - ‘you have to work hard to make money.’ It’s not true! . 👩‍💻What you need is to work smart! . A system that gives you back your time while it works on autopilot to make you money💰 and make an impact all at once🙋‍♀️ . ⁉️Sound like a dream? Sign up for the 5-Day Rapid Conversions Challenge to get the secrets. . ➕PLUS - there will be engagement prizes every day that are worth thousands of dollars 💵 . It’s a NO BRAINER! . 👆👆👆 CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to sign up now❗️ . ***Challenge starts on Monday July 16th. . . . #entrepreneurlifestyle #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneurmindset
‼️Calling ALL Female Online Entrepreneurs. . Learn how to ACCELERATE the process of nurturing your NEW FOLLOWERS/Leads into PAYING CLIENTS in my 5-Day Rapid Conversion Challenge. . 🌈 Starting THIS MONDAY, July 16th . ✔️Sign up now at the #linkinbio . . . ❓WHO IS THIS CHALLENGE SPECIFICALLY FOR❓ . ➡️➡️➡️ 1. Online, service-based, entrepreneurs who want to accelerate the process of nurturing new subscribers or leads into DREAM paying clients. . ➡️➡️➡️ 2. Content Creators who already have a business. Who are super busy, feel overwhelmed, and are on the verge BURNOUT. . ➡️➡️➡️ 3. BADASS business owners whose content is disconnected and doesn't have ONE CLEAR PATH. Freebie → low-end offer →high-end offer . ✔️CLICK THE #linkinbio NOW TO SIGN UP . The challenge will help you turn conversions into clients from the WORK YOU’RE ALREADY DOING! . Dream come the? Just wait for what’s included each day in the pop up Facebook group. . Daily prizes worth thousands of dollars a piece will be won! #linkinbio . . . #giveaways #challengeyourself #challenges
‼️WHO ARE YOU BEING? . Who you be is a coaching term that describes how you’re caring yourself. . How you carry yourself tells people how to treat you. . ❓Are you showing up like Oprah? Beyoncé? Ellen? . What I mean by that is NOT you trying to be like someone else but rather ACTING AS IF you’ve already made it. . Like you’ve already become the big time, household name that need to be to make the IMPACT you desire to make. . Are you cheaping our? Or are you investing as if you’re already making 7-figures? . ❓What would you be doing differently if you were already the household name? . ❓What would you be saying? . ❓Who would you have on your team? . ❓What would you be charging? . ❓What would you invest in? . Tonight is the NEW MOON. An opportunity to MANIFEST anything you desire. . ➕Ask for what you want. ➕Ask for the “unrealistic” things you want. . 😮 Do it now. Step into that person today. Act, speak, do what you desire “down the road” NOW. . Happy NEW MOON Manifesting 🦄 . If you’re feeling bold, share it with the world in the comments below 👇 . . . #Financialgoals #goalgetter #truewords
🙋‍♀️ Me to a capital T . #truth - I got into the habit when I was working full time, of working in the evening and not working on my business during the day. . It’s been a habit I’ve yet to break🤷‍♀️ . 👩‍💻 Right now I’m sitting here in my bed, writing this post, with one more “to-do” to do. . 🙏 THANK THE UNIVERSE for having a team. . One in particular I can’t live or run my business without @SamGioia and who will stay up with me bringing both of our visions to life no matter what it takes! . All in service of YOU - BADASS women entrepreneurs who know in your hearts, souls, and ambition that being a badass entrepreneur who will change the world IS possible for you! . 〰️If you only knew HOW!〰️ . All we do is in service of making that dream easier. . ✖️But it doesn’t come without work. ✖️It doesn’t come from journaling about it in a book. ✖️And it doesn’t come from wishing or hoping for it to happen. . ✔️ It comes from making it happen. ✔️ From barring down and putting in the time, sweat, energy, and work into it. . ❌ None of this would be possible alone. Zip. Zero. Nothing. So to all the entrepreneurs who are hustling right now - I feel you. . I got here from long nights and waiting for the day I’d have a team. . ❗️Get the team now. There’s more than enough to go around. And I can tell you, I feed them before I feed myself. . You can make more money 💰 when you have a team. . You can’t do more without one. . 💋 Thank you to the many amazing people who are on mine. I’d sleep a whole lot less without you. . 🦄 @contentsupply 🦄 @interviewconnections 🦄 @samgioia 🦄 @peacockbooks 🦄 @cnnoli 🦄 @allgravy.io 🦄 @kellyroach13 . . . #businesscoach #entrepreneurquotes #successquote
🌈 You are a unicorn. Act like it! . 🦋Today the start of a brand new week. How will you act differently so you get a different result this week? . Be intentional about how you BE as they say in coaching. . Be a unicorn 🦄 Know that you’re magical. You can do incredible things. . ⚠️Don’t look to others to confirm it. Own it. Know it. Act like it. . ❗️Be magical. . ‼️Make sh*t happen. . ❌ Stop at nothing. . . . #mindsetmonday #mondayvibes #mondaymantra #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday
Entrepreneurs by definition take the path less traveled. . They build their own paths. . ❗️You will hit road blocks. ❗️You will take detours. ❗️You will feel lost. . ✖️But you don’t need to go through it alone because you CAN NOT GIVE UP. EVER EVER EVER! . One of my brand new clients joined the LEAP program and within two weeks... ⭐️ Made $18K, ⭐️ Booked out her 1:1 program, ⭐️ and is now launching her first group program! . How did she do it so quickly⁉️ The road didn’t change but now she has a map. . You will take the rocky road. That’s a given. But when you have a map 🗺 it gets a whole lot easier. . THINK about how much more you’d be able to do with a road map! . ✅ You can fill your programs with badass dream clients, . ✅ You can put systems in place to automate the sales process (since everyone hates being ‘salesy’), . ✅ and you can get ridiculously visible so much so that people keep coming up to you saying “I see you everywhere!” . 💥Now that’s what I call “success”💥 . 👆👆👆When people start seeing you everywhere, recognizing who you are, and knowing about your BADASS services. . 👇👇👇 If you’re business feels HARD right now shoot me a DM and let’s chat about making it work for you like a well oiled machine. . You’ve got to get back to using your gifts to make a difference in the world and less on endlessly searching for new badass clients. . ‼️You can be my next success story! . . . #riseandgrind #liveyourdreams #smallbusinesssaturday #smallbusinesslove #wordsoftheday #femalemotivation #womeninspiringwomen #inspiringwomen #thatauthenticfeeling #darlingdaily #businesschicks #womenwhohustle #bosswoman #goalgetter #gogetter #goaldigger #goalcrusher #buildyourempire #girlbosses #womeninbiz #contentcreator #creativepreneur #thoughtoftheday #inspiringquotes #freedomlifestyle #savvybusinessowner #risingtidesociety #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurmotivation #growyourbusiness
What does your short week look like? . Did you set big bold badass goals? . Why do I ask that? Because if you set SMALL goals that’s what you will achieve. SMALL THINGS. . Small goals don’t get anyone excited. . Not to take action. Not to achieve. . I’ve had clients who achieved their small goals and after said, “it doesn’t even feel like I’ve achieved anything” . So this short week, set yourself a BIG BOLD BADASS goal. . And then I’d love to hear what it is! . ➕➕➕ TELLING someone your goals adds a layer of accountability and powerful manifesting. . Win-win-win. . Share below 👇👇👇 and then head over to my Ladies Living Courageously for ongoing accountability, exclusive videos, and challenges. . . . #wordsofencouragement #businesscoaching #growyourbusiness #buildyourempire #youareabadass #successquotes #entrepreneurquotes #manifesting #motivationalwords #inspiremyinstagram #motivationalspeaker #motivationalquote #successmindset #onlinecoach #lawofsuccess #dreamlife #positivemindset #positivequote #dreambigger #gogetter #believeinyourdreams #dreamsdocometrue #yourvibeattractsyourtribe
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