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I just went crazy for these walls—celery or celadon and bisque color blocked with white moldings in the Hemingway Suite @thegrittipalace. Each patron suite is different and more fabulous than the next and every year they look just as fresh as when @chuck.chewning designed them. #venice
Over the past year, thirteen creatives including @lindseyadelman @fueguia1833 @kravetinc @julianbedel @emilythompsonflowers @pophamdesign @drawbertson @simonjhaas @tommyhaasofficial @jenniferrubell @fernandogarciam1205 @tokibunbun created unique pieces just for @elledecor featured on our coveted editorial back page, “Not for Sale.” These items (which are literally priceless!) go up live for auction with @paddle8 NOW! Proceeds from the sale will benefit the charity of each makers choice. So proud of this exciting ELLE DECOR initiative merging the worlds of art and design—all for a good cause. Auction ends on 2/5. Link in bio to bid! #EDNotForSale
If you’re not following the brilliant journalist who happens to be @elledecor ’s very own Executive Editor @ingridabram (seen here in Paris for Deco-Off last week), it’s time you did. Not only will her posts enlighten, inspire, inform and educate you about all things design (and the 🌎 of journalism, in part thanks to her bril husband the author Joel Simon), they’re also wickedly funny. Take my word for it: I’ve created a social monster! #elledecor
Another foggy winter January day in Venice! Headed home (in that gondola, natch)! #venice
Love a bit of 🌈 glass on the way home. Night, Venice! #venice
Wrap dinner at Taverna al Fenice. Ed note: we only had four but the table next to us was too hard to resist. #venice
Playing stand in for #jamesmerrell . #onset #bts #venice
Three things I love: Design, Dogs, and Diamonds. Thank you @stellenevolandes for this forever connection! @elledecor #theo #venice
Now for something totally different but equally fabulous—a little sneak peak at what we’re working on for an upcoming issue @elledecor. More to be revealed soon. #venice #italy
Reunited with the one and only #jamesmerrell , who I’ve been shooting with for @housebeautiful @townandcountrymag @elledecor for more than a decade! I’ve gotten him everywhere from Istanbul to Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle), the North Shore (with @sengamortimer ) to the Grand Canale. But I still can’t get him on Insta. 😂 #venice
I woke up like this (I’m thinking of you, TS!) @elledecor
Rumor has it local Burano fishermen coloured their homes so to match their boats: if something happened to a boat, its hue would indicate which home would be notified. Then I saw this! #venice
Literally the most beautiful (and tasty! It’s Italy people!) king scallops with purple radicchio at Gatto Nero. #burano
Scared locals and tourists alike by running around the island of Burano like a madman taking a thousand photos of the 🌈 -colored fisherman’s cottages. Obsessed. #venice
First time on the island of Burano, known for its brightly colored fisherman’s houses. #venice
Speaking of pink (and rose and peach and sherbet and sorbet and every other shade that makes your skin look amazing), I’m obsessed with these dinner plate-sized garden roses. Anyone know the varietal? #venice
Not enough interior walls are painted pink (or rose)! Let’s change that!!! #venice
After an amazing time at Deco Off with our @elledecor team, arrived in Venice to shoot one of my favorite people in the world (we’ve talked about it for years). Given the off season, the theme was supposed to be foggy dreamy fabulous “Death in Venice.” Given global warming, it’s turning out more like “Death in Venice, California.” 😂😎 #venice
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