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Wine bottles are my selfies.

Deep crimson with a purple accents and a wide brim. Cocoa, blackberries, and menthol on the nose. Love it or hate it, we all know what California Zinfandel has been for a while now. This is far more rustic and lighter than a lot of other Zins out there right now. Definitely not overripe and highly extracted. Silky smooth texture, wonderful balance, and it resists the urge to develop into a fruit bomb. Plenty of earth and blue fruits on the palate to go along with cedar, smoke, and floral notes. Medium to long finish with spice. #wine #calistoga #zinfandel #wineporn
A pretty light ruby in the glass with a wide brim. This nose. So outrageously good. Hints of tar, rose petals, and some funky earth. I love this wine. I’m always so reluctant to use this term but yes this is definitely Burgundian. And not in a pretentious way, more in a slightly dirty, funky fun way. Medium bodied and certainly not overripe or too dense on the tongue and the structure and balance are out of this world. In the mouth there’s a wonderful Pinot profile of cherries, cranberries, and earth. There’s also a smoky quality and just the right amount of oak going on. This is an absolutely gorgeous Pinot. Who’s making stuff like this as their entry level bottlings? #pinotnoir #sonomacoast #wine #lapitchoune
Dark cherry in the glass with a wide brim. Cherry, cranberry, and a good dose of smoke on the nose. Plush mouthfeel but dry, oh so dry. With almost half Mourvedre, you’re expecting a heavier and more full bodied wine but this is light on its toes. The fruit hits on the palate initially but earth and more savory elements quickly take over. Olives, oak, wet earth, and spices are predominate. This is one of those wines I could drink for any occasion and all day long. I love everything David Ramey touches and this is no exception. #wine #redwoodvalley #rhoneblend #wineporn
A slightly hazy shade of cherry in the glass with a strikingly pretty nose of rich earth, black cherries, wild berries, and herbs. Who doesn’t love Anderson Valley fruit? This is such a delightfully delicious and well made Pinot. Medium bodied with more of a lush mouthfeel and medium acidity. And there’s funk. On the palate there’s a good bit of dried earth, big red fruits, and mushrooms. Clove cigarettes, spice, and leather round it out. This is so pretty and so fun. Could easily go for a few more years, but why wait? #pinotnoir #wine #wineporn
Juicy and fruity bouquet of rhubarb and dried strawberries, with white pepper. This is a Grenache that takes itself seriously but maybe you shouldn’t. There’s a promising core of complexity and depth that never quite reaches its potential, instead developing into a simple and delicious wine. Fruit forward on the palate with stewed plums, black cherry, and cranberry. Licorice, dry earth, and tobacco round things out. This is a wonderful Grenache, just don’t think too much about it. #wine #grenache #drycreekvalley #sonoma #winewednesday
Been waiting for this day. Couldn’t come soon enough. #twelthnight #nola #kingcake #neworleans #mardigras #mardigras2019
A deep golden hue with honey, peaches, and floral notes on the nose. This is a decidedly standard Sauternes, which is to say it’s wonderful. Sweet, almost to the point of excess but not quite, with something of an elegant mouthfeel. A little spice on the mid palate. Oranges, peach cobbler, apricots, white pepper, and honey. Long finish with even more sweetness. Not the most complex Sauternes I’ve ever had but who cares, this is too much fun to drink. #wine #graves #sauternes #wineporn
Oh Mississippi, can’t you just cut it out? #mississippi
An exceedingly pretty soft pink color with an abundance of tiny bubbles. Is this Rosé? Brut? Blanc? What is it? It’s a Blanc de Noirs consisting of 78% Pinot and the rest Chardonnay is what it is and it’s simply delicious. Citrus fruits with orange peel leading the way and freshly baked buttery bread. Very creamy mouthfeel and dry. Not bone dry but more than dry enough. Raspberries, grapefruit, peaches, and cinnamon on the palate. I wanted to know why this was so popular and now I know. #wine #sparklingwine #newyears #happyholidays
Dark plum with light ruby accents. Five Spice, black fruits, and menthol on the nose. I drink a good bit of Bordeaux, especially Cru Bourgeois. I don’t typically remark upon them because so many of them are so similar, medium bodied with decent fruit and limited complexity. This is a tad different. And better. Full bodied, dense tannins, and very nicely structured. Charred oak, blueberries, licorice, and vanilla on the palate. More Five Spice, forest floor, and tobacco follow. Longish finish with spice and a bit of sweetness. Unexpectedly fantastic, this is drinking so well right now. #wine #wineporn #bordeaux #hautmedoc
Deep purple with wide lavender edges. Intriguing nose of red cherries, black cherries, toasted oak, and dried herbs going on. This is a bit of a hard one to put a finger on. Certainly not an old school Tempranillo, nothing austere here but also not a strictly Americanized, homogeneous bottle either. A bit tight initially but soon blossoms into something very nice. Plenty of coffee, spice, and smoked tobacco on the palate. Dark fruit, oak, and menthol, also. Middle to long finish with even more pleasant spice. #wine #spain #tempranillo #wineporn
Still just a baby. Opaque purple in the glass with violet undertones. Big Syrah nose of blackberry, figs, and smoke. About as California of a Syrah as there can be. Definitely needs plenty of air and time to open up. High acid and a good bit of heat that blows off in time. On the second day, this is so much more balanced and restrained. Very traditional California Syrah palate of dust earth, black olives, dark fruits, and Marlboros. Very refined and well made. Sit on this for a few years and it’ll pay off for you. #wine #syrah #napavalley #wineporn
Golden wheat color with plenty of exceedingly small bubbles. Pretty standard champagne nose of tart apples, lemon, line, and brioche. 100% Chardonnay and so incredibly clean and focused. Not muddled or overwrought at all. Super crisp but still maintains a refreshing nature. On the palate, toast to the front with the fruit supporting it. All the apples and zest you could want, with apricots making an appearance. Long finish with nuttiness and more lime. I’ve always been more of a Blanc de Noirs man but this may convince me otherwise. A very pretty Champagne. #wine #champagne #christmas #wineporn
It’s Christmas Eve #socks #christmas #merrychristmas
Probably the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten from Last Bottle. And that’s saying a lot. Dark, dark ruby with a slightly orangish rim. Minimal to no bricking. Cedar, forest, chocolate mousse, and tart cherry on the nose. A 23 year old Baga hitting it’s peak right now? Sign me up chief. This actually is slightly reminiscent of Nebbiolo with the structure and leathery influences on the palate. Smooth tannins along with high acidity compliment the full body. On the palate there’s enough fruit left, though it is subtle at this point. Notes of dry leather, coffee, wildflowers, and tons of earthy funk. Super interesting wine that’s in a beautiful place right now. #wine #portugal #lastbottle #wineporn
Super, super dark. Easily one of the darkest wines I’ve ever had. Intense smoke, blueberries, dark chocolate, and plums on the nose. From Georgia, but Paso grown. This is a big wine, a huge wine. And even at 15.5 the balance and structure keep it focused and tight instead of flabby. Half Petit Verdot and Petite Sirah, there’s medium plus acidity and very dry. Plenty of oak, but not overoaked, on the palate with more deep dark fruit. Grilled meats, black pepper, and leather finish her off. #wine #petitesirah #petitverdot #wineporn
Black Santa and Lil’ Mama (Mrs. Claus) know how to throw down. #wine #christmas #santa #mrsclaus
Wait, they sell this in Mississippi now? Impressive. #craftbeer #beer #beerporn
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