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Wine bottles are my selfies.

Soft garnet with a splash of cherry undertones. Plenty of chocolate, blueberry pie, and floral notes on the nose. I love cheap Bordeaux, it’s just so much fun. You don’t have to take it too seriously, you don’t have to worry about opening this 2015 too soon, just drink and enjoy. Medium bodied and honestly much more reminiscent of New World Cabs than classic Bordeaux. On the palate, there’s blue and black fruit, to go with the oak, dried herbs, black tea, and more chocolate. Warm spice and tobacco on the unexpectedly long finish. See if you can beat this for less than $30. #wine #bordeaux #margaux #cabernetsauvignon #lastbottle
Light purple with garnet undertones. Fruity nose of black and blue berries but there’s a good bit of floral notes, as well. This ain’t California Syrah or even Cotes du Rhône. It’s so much lighter and more fanciful than those. Lighter bodied with medium acidity. I really can’t state enough how different from the California Syrahs this is. There’s good balance but no real depth or complexity here. More dark fruit, minerlity, coffee, and oak in the mouth. Vanilla spice on the short to medium. Just a simple, pleasant wine. #syrah #wine #frenchwine #rhone
And this is how some people in my state chose to dress while voting. #mississippi
Deep, deep ruby. Wide brim with cherry accents. Beautiful aromatics of stewed plums, milk chocolate, cedar, and ripe red cherries. Yes, you can make the claim that this yet another Merlot that drinks like a Cab and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. For me, this is a quintessential Napa Merlot, big and bold with more than enough finesse to separate it from Cabs. Medium to full bodied with round tannins and medium acidity. Just enough fruit on the palate with black cherry, more plums, and cherries. The savory aspects come into play with forest floor, black olives, and oak. Wonderful length and spice on the finish. #wine #merlot #napavalley #wineporn
Light cherry color with a wide brim and cranberry accents. A rather lively nose of fresh raspberries, smoke, vanilla, and a little hint of spice to top it off. This is not Willamette Valley, not at all. And it’s also not one of these high octane, high alcohol Pinots out there nowadays. It’s as light as a ballet dancer and ultra feminine. Though not a fruit bomb, there’s a ton of red fruit on the palate. Cherries, cranberry sauce, and strawberry to go with the subtle mint and slight funk. Medium velvety finish with more spice. A really pleasant pour. #wine #pinotnoir #columbiarivergorge #wineporn #lastbottle
Dense ruby with light red accents. Really interesting nose of dusty cocoa, caramel, and vibrant red fruit. Upon opening, there’s no real spark to this wine at all. Nothing bad, just another well made, forgettable bottle. Lean almost to the point of sparse. After an hour or two, that changes. The mountain fruit takes over and shows it’s true colors. Soft, round tannins and low acidity lead to a silky mouthfeel. On the palate, there’s plenty more yummy red mountain fruit, along with Asian spices, fresh cut grass, and a bit of leather. Plenty of oak on the finish. Fun, fun stuff. #wine #cabernetsauvignon #lastbottle #diamondmountain
Medium garnet with thin edges and cherry undertones. Big jammy nose of rhubarb, blueberry, cranberry, and lavender. Ah, these heavily extracted blends. They’re everywhere these days and anyone that knows wine even a little could describe any of them to you so easily. This one does possess a little something extra however. Though big and bold, there’s also a restraint shown here not to overdo things. Not too much. A blend of five Rhône grapes, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Counoise, the Mourvèdre definitely takes charge on the palate. Black pepper, smoked meats, oak, blackberries, and herbs dominate. This is a good wine and different from the others of it’s ilk because of the structure and restraint. #wine #pasorobles #wineporn #winetasting
Dark purple with lilac accents. Big, expressive nose of cranberry, blackberry jam, roses, green vegetation, and oaky vanilla. This isn’t the French or Spanish version of Mourvèdre that I’m used to. It’s a bit cleaner and fresher to me and not nearly as extracted as other California bottles. Medium bodied with high acidity and even a good bit of that pleasant funk happening here. On the palate there’s stewed plums, more blackberries, cinnamon roll, and bright cherries. The funk makes a reappearance on the finish. Quality stuff here. #wine #mourvedre #wineporn #contracostacounty
It’s time for birthday wine. Always a fun time. I’ll do my best to resist making any musical puns. A pretty plum color with garnet hints and a wide brim. All the gorgeous red fruit you’ll ever need on the nose, to go with the smoked oak, mushrooms, and spice. Medium bodied, silky tannins, and plenty of acidity gives this precision and focus. Despite being Arietta’s entry level offering, there’s definitely an elegant mouthfeel. In the mouth, you get chocolate mousse, raspberries, blackberries, licorice, vanilla bean, and just a touch of oak. Cinnamon and more spice on the medium to long finish. A beautiful wine, especially considering it’s entry level status. #wine #napavalley #ariettawines #wineporn #birthdaywine
Raspberries and cherries burst from nose with vanilla and floral accents. Deep, dark ruby with a full body and round tannins. I won’t say Burgundian, I just won’t, but this is definitely much more of an Old World Pinot. This is easily one of the most varietally correct Pinots I’ve tasted in a long while. More red fruits on the palate to go with the toasted oak, forest floor, roses, and dried herbs. After some air, five-spice comes alive. A Pinot’s Pinot, this is easily one of my favorites of the year. #wine #pinotnoir #sonomacoast #lastbottle #wineporn
Bright cherry red in the glass with a wide brim. Floral notes abound on the nose along with red fruits, orange peel, and fresh herbs. The first thing that jumps out to you is the innate cleanness of this wine. I usually like my Pinots with a bit of funk but this is just the opposite and brilliant. Subtle, delicate flavor profile on the palate with raspberry, cherry cola, clove cigarettes, baking spices, and tea. I could gush about this wine all day. It strikes an almost perfect balance between Sonoma and Burgundy. #sonoma #wine #pinotnoir #wineporn
Big, staining ruby with lighter purple accents. Mint, black tea, cherries, and boysenberry on the nose. Also, heat. Lots of heat. That 15.6 definitely shows throughout and leaves an impression but that’s what the people want, it seems. This wine is exactly what it seems, well made but loud and designed to appeal to literally everyone. Full bodied with high acidity, this is a bit of a bruiser. Nothing dainty going on here. Big, fat dark fruit and Newport menthols on the palate. Spice on the shortish finish. This is fine for what it is, it’s just not for me. #napavalley #wine #wineporn
Bright purple with lilac tones throughout and a thin rim. Interesting nose featuring Spanish spices, cherries, blackberries, and earth. I had no clue what to expect from this bottle from the Ronda region of Spain, but I can sum it up as an absolute crowd pleaser with actual complexity. Medium body with nice, round tannins and a bone dry mouthfeel. Amazingly dry. More red and black fruits on the palate with new leather, dusty earth, and some outstanding funk going on. This is probably one of the most fun wines I’ve had in a while. #wine #spanishwine #winetasting #winegasm
Floral and fruity aromatics with cranberries, violets, fresh mint, and plenty of cherry. Sometimes California does Grenache just right. You wouldn’t confuse this for a Rhône version but it is a pretty good imitation. Medium bodied with earthy notes and mild acidity throughout, there’s a warmth and fullness on the tongue. Cocoa dust, cherry pie, black cherry, and a good bit of licorice on the palate, with oak showcased on the back end. Drinking almost perfectly right now. #wine #mendocinocounty #winetasting #grenache
Medium ruby with garnet hints. Plenty of black currant, blue and black berry, and roasted oak on the nose. I’ve had a luck with Calistoga wines as they always seem to possess exceptional structure and this is another example of that. This is about as standard of a Napa Cab as you can get but there is that added structure and balance going on. It’s not mass produced or overly bloated, it’s just a straight, simple Cab. On the palate there’s lively red fruits, well integrated oak, vanilla spice, and fresh herbs. Moderately long finish with more fruit. A very good, simple, enjoyable wine. #wine #calistoga #cabernetsauvignon #wineporn
I love my easy drinking Cabs. Not every bottle is supposed to be, or can be, a special experience. Most are just for dranking. Big fruit up front with cherries, blackberries, and prunes on the nose. Not overly complex, but with soft tannins and a full body, this is amazingly approachable and smooth on your tongue. Along with the fruit, there’s considerable oak and spice on the palate. Dark chocolate, dried herbs, and a touch of vanilla. Simple and pleasant, hard to beat that. #wine #cabernetsauvignon #pasorobles #wineporn
What better way to start a staycation than with bubbles? A very pretty pale gold in the glass with a wide brim. Varietally correct nose of toasted brioche, green apples, pineapple, and lemons. Tangy, citrus acidity in this Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunière blend. Packed with stone minerality, there is definite weight and structure on the mid-palate. On the palate, more toasted bread, red apples, tangerine, fresh cherry, baking spice, lemon, and lime. Medium sized bubbles with a pleasantly long finish, this is a wonderful champagne. #wine #champagne #frenchwine #wineporn
I really can’t remember the last time that I’ve had a majority Pinot blend. Mostly Pinot Noir with Merlot, Grenache, and Syrah rounding it out. Light garnet with thin red edges. Very expressive nose of strawberries hits up front, followed by cherry, oak, and rhubarb. Light as a feather, there’s absolutely nothing heavy going on here. Really soft tannins and a slightly lush mouthfeel lend to the fun. A ton of strawberries on the palate, with toasted wood, hints of mushrooms, and spice. Short finish but that doesn’t slow down the party. This bottle is all about having a good time and I certainly did. #wine #pinotnoir #californiawine #winepics
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