Will Smith

New playground. Same kid from West Philly

I was going through my phone & found this video... . Today is the 4 year anniversary of @c.syresmith getting his first taste of business ownership! Proud of what you’ve built with @JUST , Sun.
Behind the scenes, Creating some Sauce for the Gram. @johnny_fpv is a Beast with that Drone! . 📹: @westbrook @feenpizza @aidan @jas
@steart__ That is HILARIOUS!! Hahaha
Y’all Have Fun out there Tonight... But DON’T BE THIS GUY! . 📹: @westbrook @aidan @vannucci_fy
Somebody asked me the other day How did I define Love? I didn’t have a good answer. I thought about it a little... Here’s my first attempt. :-) . How do Y’all define Love? . 🎞: @westbrook @pursuethedelicious 📹: @fotolanthropy @chrisanorton16 @emilysummersnorton @mccluretwins @jkmcclure @just_aminat @jerseytayomcclure @mrcedrickdevon @jessica.laure_l @tamara_jemma_taven @wecarrykevan @timsbigheart @marcymayer @beehivehomesnm @karynsandiford @thebaxterboys @ourrorystory @justrl @wayne_luv22 @shanebarbera Joey Resto Sonia & Anita (@bluechalkmedia ) Tiffany Johnson
Laugh like no one’s listening. But... we listenin’...
Why do I have to keep finding out on Instagram that my own son is dropping new videos?? This joint is FIRE!! Jaden, you’re on punishment @c.syresmith #goku
My dude @therealtarzann just texted me this... A while back I sent him a bunch of Fresh Prince stuff. Then he sends me this vid from South Africa of him payin’ it forward to a local leader whose tribe has been helping stop poachers from killing rhinos. . This is why I Love U, Man! :-) Leading by Example. #HESGOTTHEGRAPES
It has not always been like this between Trey & I. We STRUGGLED FOR YEARS after my Divorce from his Mother. He felt betrayed & abandoned. It is a Wild Blessing to recover & restore a Loving Relationship with My Beautiful Son! @treysmith0011
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