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Happy birthday, keep a friendly eye on us! 💙
It’s a bit sad that I have to write it but I guess it’s necessary... Please ignore the many, many names of potential players who would, may, could have already, should, will or what ever - joined us. The moment the club made a decision you’ll be informed. What you experience on the social media right now is nothing more than rumors, lies... nothing more than clickbait 💙🤝
You sent me so many questions these days, I’ll try to answer a few: We expected to travel to Qatar and we were very surprised that we finally traveled to Turkey. The weather is not as sunny and warm as in Qatar, but for sure warmer than Tehran. Not too warm, not too cold, actually not bad for intense training. No, we don’t meet any celebrities, you have to go to Qatar for that, but we’re in the camp for training anyway 😉 Yes, we prepare as good as possible. Yes, the club still tries to attract a new player. Our players work hard and beside some minor health issues, everybody is fit. Little update —> whole day no rain 💙 Thank you 💙🤝
Thank you to the best staff in 30 years 💙 🤝 🙏
Today we had our first training and we’re all happy to be back on the pitch. The mood was very good, the team is motivated and the team spirit was positive. I’m very, very happy because today Daryoush, Mohsen and Aghakhan were with us and can join our training now 100%. Ali Karimi recovers very well and will join our training in 3 days. Big thank you to Dr Norouzi and his amazing team @esteghlal_clinic @kaveh_sd We’re happy and thankful that you’re with us, you’re a friend 💙🤝
Over the last weeks I didn’t gave an interview. I felt it is better to give the club the time to find a solution. Now I’m very confident that the most urgent problem will be solved in this week. The situation isn’t good. We planned to start our preparation on the 3rd of January. That didn’t happen because the players decided to strike. The reason is obvious to everybody. We lost valuable time, you the fans are anxious, but I understand the players position. I know that president Fathi and Mr Mobasheri work very hard to solve our problem. I was in touch with them frequently and I can assure the fans that both of them worked long hours to find a solution. I understand the players because I know them. They work very hard, they give week for week 100% under the eyes of millions. I know they hear every week ‘you have to win!’ from the club, their families, their friends, the fans. I know they love Esteghlal. The team don’t ask for anything special. They ask to be treated with respect and they ask to get what was contractually agreed. Please don’t forget, we want real men in our team. Fighter who stand up for their team. Men with a spine. So I for sure will not protest when they make as a team the decision to stand up for each other. This is the spirit you need to be victorious. One thing is for sure - I talked to the captains and I expect exactly this team spirit from every single player for the rest of the season. The team stands now strong together - when the problem is solved and we’re back in training I expect exactly the same spirit. A player who puts his own interest above the teams interest? He’s out. A player who doesn’t give 100% for the team? He’s out. A player who doesn’t work hard to improve? He’s out. The president and I agreed to look for possible additional players. I gave him a few names, he suggested a few names and I expect the club to contact at the end of the day the players I confirm. I don’t know the player who’s name I read now in the social media and the explanation the club gave regarding this player surprised me. I’ll talk to the president about this issue after we’re back in training. Only together 💙🤝
Happy birthday 💙
Happy birthday 💙
Happy birthday Captain 💙
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