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✨25 years of experience ✨ ✨Customer Service ✨ ✨ Reaching your real estate goals ✨ ✨Expertise, Knowledge, Trust, Guidance✨ 💫#winwithwilsons 💫

We’ve been getting some rain in #sandiego . My child is very excited when there’s something other than ☀️ #rainydayfun #wearespoiled #bringbackthesun
💪🏻 🥜 🏡
Stress is just a state of mind, right? 🤪
Happy 9 year anniversary to my everything. You are my brightest light, my biggest fan and my happily ever after. ❤️
Wait, what’s today?
For my 🐶 lovers
How’s your vision doing?
Wait, I gotta go back to work tomorrow after my week long vacation?
Whole Life Properties has been a little quiet this week as we are enjoying a thanksgiving family vacation in Cabo! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy your many blessings today. I know we are!
Everything on #hgtv is 💯 accurate 🤣
The market is shifting, interest rates are rising. Talk to a professional before hitting the streets looking for your next #foreverhome or #investment
They steal my phone and this happens 🤪#twinsies
💫OPEN HOUSE 💫 come see your favorite Wilson’s Saturday 12-3 at the most charming detached 3 bed 2 bath you will find in #vista under 400k!
We don’t work normal work weeks. Weekends are busy for us. Evening can be busy, too. Then you throw in day light savings and I’m really lost! 🤪#wouldnothaveitanyotherway
How am I looking, guys?
Anyone else stealing their kids Halloween candy on the reg?
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