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Hi, how’s it going? Are you having a good day? I hope you are! Sorry for the lack of consistent posting lately, I just haven’t had content to post! I have had a lot of new content on my photography page though! I’d love for you guys to go check it out! @runacreativeco That was a lot of explanation points haha have you heard of this explanation point anxiety? Like if you don’t use them people think you’re mad or not interested in the conversation. It’s ridiculous, but so true! • • • #photography #unionstation #nashville #runacreativeco
A little slice of heaven 🌙 With a couple birds on the side 🦅 (they really need some better bird emojis, where’s the raven at?? ) • • • #photography #birds #moon #runacreativeco #nashville
My current work station. It’s typically a lot messier than it looks here, you also can’t see the boxes and laundry baskets behind me that are full of clothes I’m trying to sell 😅 #reallife • • • #photographer #graphicdesigner #workspace #decor #lifestyle #workfromhome
I’m sooo ready for a good hike this weekend!! Anyone else getting outside?? • • • #hiking #outdoors #weekendplans #getoutside #nature
Sometimes I think I should slow down with the amount of coffee I’m consuming. Then I laugh and keep on drinking ☕️ I’ve had so much coffee this week already, I just keep sipping on it while I’m working! Speaking of work; working as a freelancer is hard and sometimes frustrating. I’m not giving up though, gonna keep on trekking. Any other freelancers here?? How do you stay sane while trying to get new clients?? • • • #photography #blogger #freelancer #runacreativeco #coffee #photographer #graphicdesigner #selfportrait
With yesterdays sad news about my baby kitty, which hit me harder than I thought it would, other people I know passing away, and worries about work, I’m ready to disconnect from the world for a bit even more. I’m hoping camping this week will calm and recharge my soul, ease all my worries and anxiety (placing it all in God’s hands), and just be a refreshingly quiet time. How do you like to recharge your soul? • • • #photography #nature #rechargeyoursoul #horses
My fierce little hunter and sweet fur baby, even with one goopy eye you were the cutest. Thank you for being my night time foot warmer, spider killer, snuggle buddy (only when you wanted to of course), and best first pet a girl could ask for. You cheated death way more than 9 times in the past 14 years, I guess it was time for you to rest. I’ll miss you so much Pep 🖤
Was up at 4am this morning for a sunrise photoshoot. Surprisingly not dead yet, but in a cleaning mood. My room smells so clean 🙌🏻 Photo from my lake self portrait shoot last week Side note: have you seen my new blogpost?? Link in my bio :) • • • #photography #selfportrait #moody #blogger #nashville #musiccity
Did a little rebranding on my blog! I’m ready to get back into blogging this fall. I know a lot of you guys who follow me are also bloggers or run your own businesses. So if you’re needing any branding work done, I’d love to work with you! www.runacreativeco.com • • • #graphicdesigner #blogger #rebranding #wistfulandwandering #photographer #creative
With running my own business now and being in control of my time my creativity is really starting to pick up again. Praise Jesus 🙏🏻🙏🏻 My camera is my bestie again and I can’t wait to grow as a photographer this fall. I’ve got a styled shoot on Saturday which I’m super pumped about. So stay tuned for that. And I’m starting to work on really finding my own editing style and not being dependent on any presets for coloring. Just really focusing on improving my skills! And I finally had time to go out to the lake for some self portraits! I hadn’t been out there since last fall to do that! • • • #photography #selfportraits #nashville #growing #fallgoals #runacreativeco
Remnants of overnight rain 🌧 • • • #photography #nature #foliage #nashville #raindrops
From my lovely morning at the lake. Spent some time taking pictures and journaling. Yes I’m reposting this 😅 I didn’t like the edit I did on the first go. • • • #photography #selfportrait #nashville #percypriestlake #runacreativeco
Switching over to decaf for the rest of the day because I’m an old lady in a 24 year old body ☕️👵🏻🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • #photography #coffee #laborday #bookstagram #candles #succulent
I made a little friend this morning while I was hiking 🌿 • • • #photography #hiking #babydeer #nature #radnorlake
Happy hump day to ya 🐪 • • • #photography #flowers
Basking in the sun just tempting it to burn me ☀️ #palegirlproblems #scandinavianskin #photography
A baby moon during blue hour 🌙 • • • #photography #moon #runacreativeco #nature #photographer
It’s almost the weekend 🙏🏻 which means my last week of working full time for someone else is almost over! Next week I start workin full time for myself doing photography and graphic design ( @runacreativeco ) So if you’re needing pictures, logos, branding, website, or any of that kind of stuff please hit me up! Your girls gotta pay rent 😅 • • • #photography #selfportrait #blackandwhitephotography #nashville #runacreativeco #photographer #musiccity
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