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omg, my face
doodle bugs
this lady turned five this past sunday
happy times with @jhinen
(psst, look at my natural red highlights) 📸: @jhinen
making online friends circa 2003
experiments with camera
they call this the whitney spot
#transformationtuesday coincidentally, i used pictures from each year i cut my hair short. anywho, for the longest time, being under weight haunted me and the route I chose to put on pounds definitely was not a healthy one. not only did i want to be a “normal american” where junk food held honor, but i wanted people to stop reminding me how stick-like i was. luckily, as you can see from the photos, i never became shameful of my body image. i began eating healthier and exercising due to my gallbladder stones + anxiety. weirdly enough, i’m thankful for them. i’ll always love my bodys appearance, but now i’m loving my insides 💛
a rare whitney spotted underground
rhinebeck has been good to me
miss my english boys
📸: @jhinen
*waits for a kiss* 📸: @jhinen
pinball heaven 📸: @jhinen
*plays theme song from the movie hitch* 📸: @jhinen
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