New York City. Guitarist + Singer of Dear Ears

fell in love with #theumbrellaacademy
wow, im smokin’ apparently
happy galentines day!
fun facts of the day; i drink chamomile tea to lower my energy in the morning, i had a dream the lead singer from wallows wanted to date me, and my outfit cost me in total $16
mornin’ nyack
these photos are twelve years old. think about it.
gonna do some ice boarding!
wow, a throwback
what year is it?
2014; first full year working at @popfuzznyc and meeting some of my favorite voice actors
long day at work; band work
2013 filled with my gabs. friendship circa 2007.
not safe for work
2012; might be my favorite summer (chrys this is payback for all the times you laughed)
got dem bed time blues
2011 traveler of oregon
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