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Lydia enjoys our delish Women's Best Amino & Energy on a sunday walk with her cute πŸ‘Ά - πŸ“Έ by @itslydboss - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #fitmom
πŸ”₯ HIIT session that can be done at home or the gym! Fancy drinks our yummy Women’s Best Aminos during this workout to keep her body hydrated πŸ’¦ - Full routine: β€’ 50 reps of jumping jacks β€’ 10 burpees β€’ 15 mountain climbers β€’ 20 high knees β€’ 15 toe, hip touches, then jump β€’ 10 crawling pushups β€’ 30 Russian twist β€’ 20 straight leg toe touches β€’ 10 seconds plank πŸ‘‰ little to no rest between exercises, 2-4 minutes rest between rounds, go for 2-3 rounds - πŸŽ₯ by @fancy85fit_ - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #strength #conditioning #endurance #hiit
Sophie enjoys one of the last warm days of the year on her way to the gym while sipping on delish Women’s Best Amino & Energy. β˜€οΈ Can you still wear crop tops or is it already hoody season for you? πŸ‚ - Click the link in our bio @womensbest to shop high quality sports nutrition & more! - πŸ“Έ by @gainsbybrains - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #abs #fitspo #motivation
Running low on time, but you still want to get in a good workout? Then this glute circuit is for you! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ”₯ Take some Women's Best pre workout booster and GO: β€’ resistance band abductions - 3 sets of 15 reps - 30secs-1min rest in between β€’ kettle bell swings - 3 sets 10-15 reps - 1 min rest between sets β€’ wide stance kettle bell jumps - 3 sets 8-10 reps - 1 min rest between sets β€’ split squats - 3 sets 10-12 reps - 1 min rest between sets β€’ banded hip thrusts - 3 sets 20-30 reps - 1 min rest between sets - πŸŽ₯ by @beth_fitnessuk - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #workoutvideo #glute #workout
Buy 1, get 1 FREE 🎁 For a short time you can get our best selling Slim Body Shake 50% off πŸ‘‰πŸΌ click the link in our bio @womensbest to shop! Which one is your favorite flavor/which one are you trying? Comment below πŸ‘‡ - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #slimbodyshake #buy1get1free - Winners: @misskris & @gabbiefortunato Congratulations! We will contact you via DM 😘
HIIT tights workout πŸ‘πŸ”₯ 1️⃣ Box jumping lunges 2️⃣ Squat jump into sumo walk 3️⃣ Side to side lunges 4️⃣ 3s lowering phase goblet squats 3-4 rounds of 30sec ON, 1-2min rest between rounds. - Hanna refuels with a Women’s Best FitWhey protein shake afterwards to supply her muscle with quick & easy protein. Click the link in our bio @womensbest to shop! - πŸŽ₯ by @hannaoeberg - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #hiit #workout #gym
Do you travel often or commute to work every day and need a yummy protein snack on the go? πŸ€” Then our delicious Women’s Best protein bars are exactly what you need! 😍😍 The bars are stuffed with protein & fibre and are low on sugar & fat. You can get them in 3 sensational flavors: chocolate hazelnut crunch, coconut crunch & strawberry crunch πŸ˜‹ What are you waiting for? Click the link in our bio @womensbest and step up your snack game! - πŸ“Έ by @krissycela - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #proteinbar #protein #snack #travel
Fruity French toast with Women’s Best cookies & cream protein spread 😍😍 What’s your favorite sweet treat? πŸ˜‹ Click the link in our bio @womensbest to shop healthy cooking ingredients, superfoods & more! - πŸ“Έ by @tabithaschr - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #frenchtoast #fruit #food
Ely enjoys our delicious chocolate FitWhey protein shake after an outdoor workout session 🍫πŸ’ͺ Today is the last day of our free shipping offer! Click the link in our bio @womensbest to shop und use discount code FREE when checking out to save $$. - πŸ“Έ by @ely_fitness - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #fitspo #motivation
This core circuit will make your abs cry πŸ”₯πŸ’¦ 30 sec per exercise, 15 sec rest in between, 2 min rest after each round. How many rounds can you go? Tag a friend to challenge her! πŸ‘Š - Click the link in our bio @womensbest and shop finest sports nutrition to support your fitness journey and don’t forget: we are currently offering free shipping with discount code FREE (less then 48h to go before this offer expires, so don’t miss it!) - πŸŽ₯ by @fit.with.iulia - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #core #workoutvideo
ABS workout powered by Women’s Best Amino & Energy πŸ’ͺ 4 rounds, 15 reps of each exercise with 30sec rest after every one. Tag a friend and let’s go! πŸ‘ - πŸŽ₯ by @lisafiitt - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #abs #workout #fitspo
Vegan chocolate protein cake with raspberries 😍😍 Who want’s a piece? πŸ™‹πŸΌβ™€οΈ πŸ‘‰ Ingredients & recipe: β€’ 45g buckwheat flour β€’ 20g Women’s Best vegan protein vanilla β€’ 1 mashed banana β€’ 50g unsweetened apple sauce β€’ 30g almond milk β€’ 10g cocoa powder β€’ 8g Women’s Best coconut oil β€’ 30ml almond milk β€’ some Women’s Best vanilla flavor drops β€’ 1 tsp apple cider vinegar β€’ 1 tsp baking powder πŸ‘‰ combine all ingredients with some sparkling water (50ml) πŸ‘‰ bake for about 30 min at 175℃/350℉ πŸ‘‰ Enjoy! - Click the link in our bio @womensbest to shop finest sports nutrition and healthy cooking ingredients and for a short time get free shipping with code FREE. - πŸ“Έ by @dani_fitlifestyle - #womensbest #enjoythedifference #food #cake #vegan
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