Storyteller at heart, always was, and always will be. Been a character animator, visualizer, scriptwriter and a lot more besides.

Eid mubarak!
So what do you say #got fans? Has hazrat baba Will Shatner spoken the truth or what? #williamshatner #speakingthetruth 😂😂😂
At Kemari getting lobsters, prawn and fish bbq made. #seafood #bbqlobster #bbqprawns #bbqfish #seafoodlover
Split top coils built by me. Original creator @deedupdex. 6.5 wraps on on 2 mm, using 24g Kanthal A1 wire. Awesome flavor and great clouds! #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #vapelife #freshcoils #coilbuild
Oh no! The original 'Firestarter' is no more. RIP 😭😭😭 #ripkeithflint #thefirestarter #theprodigy #fucksuicide #fuckdepression
Oh man! #svrfvapor #satisfyingeliquid I just love this juice, my all time favourite! And thanks to @vapeonhai for getting me this in 15 minutes flat! You guys are awesome! The coils are wrapped by me, Demon Killer Alien Wire, on the drop rda. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #svrfvapor #thedroprda #aegislegend #vapeonfam #vapeonhai #smartestonlinevapestoreinpakistan
Haven't posted in a long time, @meosvapo so appreciative for all the love, thanks #vapefam #karachivaper #pakistanivapes
Bazooka Trpical Thunder Pineaple Peach, 'Straight outa Toronto'. 😂 Cousins came over from Canada and brought this along for me. I never told them I like fruity flavors, looks like affinity for fruity flavors runs in the family. Love the combination of peach and pineapple in this. Had this before but somehow this one tastes different, maybe better? #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #fruityeliquid #fruityejuice #geekvapeaegislegend
Awesome battery wraps courtesy of Muhammad Asif from VapeLab PK. My first wrappings too! #karachivaper #pakistanivapes
This.is.awesome! Dewberry Fruit, from the Kilo Fruit series is, well, suffice it to say I am beating myself up for not ever tasting this before! Saw this recommended on PVC from none other then Mirza Abeer sometime ago, and decided to give ot a shot. The heavy taste notes of the honeydew, coupled with the heavy aroma and subtle taste of strawberries makes it a juice that just needs to be tasted. This is going in my premi-yummy list for sure. Thanks to Muhammad Asif at VapeLab Pk for getting me this and battery wraps(yup, re-wrapped my first batteries). #karachivaper #pakistanivapes
Juusu by Yami Vapor is love! I love the crispness of apple, the playful hints of peach, and the elusively subtle hints of lychee, all coming together to make the taste...well, premi-yummy. 😂 Thanks to Waqas bro at E-lite Gulshan for holding on to it for me, it really was the last one in stock that day. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes
Do you vape bro? 😂 Videographer: @yabhiali
Yes, I finally have it, Desire Rage is here, and yes, Vandy Vape's The Mesh RDA should only be used with a BF squonk mod. Never mind the plundering of your ejuice, the flavor and vapor production is awesome! Thanks to @shaeelsidd for giving me such a nice deal, and @vapingadvocate for...he knows what he did. 😂 #vandyvapemesh #desireragesquonkmod #colamanejuice #karachivaper #pakistanivapes
Vaio Tap11 check. 😂 Went to GreyGorillaVapeCo yesterday and got me these two. Both got a bit of a throat hit, but they are quite unique, for me at least, as being a fruity flavor lover they are a bit out of my comfort zone. Cola man is a cola flavor....duh, decent stuff with a bit of throat hitting menthol, while Humble's V.T.R is a citrusy, with a rainbow of sorbet flavors, a bit of sweet fruit candies AND a bit of menthol. Loving both. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #greygorillavapeco #humblevtrice #colaman #vapeyes #quitthedeathsticks
Finally got the #vmto in my hand! I've been looking for this for a long, long time, and then I saw a post on #PVC FB page that they got it from GreyGorilla Vape Co, well I was shook to say the least. 😂 Anyways, I got there at around 6 and found familiar faces. We had a blast I got 2 bottles of this, Sacred Games references were thrown around, people had their izzats made taar, taar, but all in good humour, nobody was triggered. 😂 I had so much fun, it reminded me of an old sitcom called 'Cheers'. Anyways, they have a lot of stuff to choose from, and are extremely friendly, so check them out if you haven't already. Oh and Vmto is awesome, light mint, and the vimto flavor doesn't orally violate you. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #greygorillavapeco #jusaateliquid #vmtoice
Inner beauty. Compulsory post 1500km tune-up time plus oil change. #gs150 #biketuning #oilchange #myride #innerbeauty
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