Storyteller at heart, always was, and always will be. Been a character animator, visualizer, sketch artist, scriptwriter and a lot more besides.

Do you vape bro? 😂 Videographer: @yabhiali
Yes, I finally have it, Desire Rage is here, and yes, Vandy Vape's The Mesh RDA should only be used with a BF squonk mod. Never mind the plundering of your ejuice, the flavor and vapor production is awesome! Thanks to @shaeelsidd for giving me such a nice deal, and @vapingadvocate for...he knows what he did. 😂 #vandyvapemesh #desireragesquonkmod #colamanejuice #karachivaper #pakistanivapes
Vaio Tap11 check. 😂 Went to GreyGorillaVapeCo yesterday and got me these two. Both got a bit of a throat hit, but they are quite unique, for me at least, as being a fruity flavor lover they are a bit out of my comfort zone. Cola man is a cola flavor....duh, decent stuff with a bit of throat hitting menthol, while Humble's V.T.R is a citrusy, with a rainbow of sorbet flavors, a bit of sweet fruit candies AND a bit of menthol. Loving both. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #greygorillavapeco #humblevtrice #colaman #vapeyes #quitthedeathsticks
Finally got the #vmto in my hand! I've been looking for this for a long, long time, and then I saw a post on #PVC FB page that they got it from GreyGorilla Vape Co, well I was shook to say the least. 😂 Anyways, I got there at around 6 and found familiar faces. We had a blast I got 2 bottles of this, Sacred Games references were thrown around, people had their izzats made taar, taar, but all in good humour, nobody was triggered. 😂 I had so much fun, it reminded me of an old sitcom called 'Cheers'. Anyways, they have a lot of stuff to choose from, and are extremely friendly, so check them out if you haven't already. Oh and Vmto is awesome, light mint, and the vimto flavor doesn't orally violate you. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #greygorillavapeco #jusaateliquid #vmtoice
Inner beauty. Compulsory post 1500km tune-up time plus oil change. #gs150 #biketuning #oilchange #myride #innerbeauty
11.11 is almost upon us! #aliexpress
#inktober #inktober2018 Day-29: Twin. On the other side of me, lies another one of me.
Vaping on dual parallel coils build done by me, great vapor production. Vaping on SVRF Satifying 3mg. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #dualparallelcoils #qeekvapewires #geekvapeaegislegend #thedroprda #svrfsatisfying #chuckingclouds #coilsbyme
Parallel coil build with two types of wire: 1- Kanthal A1 24ga from Geek Vape 2- Caterpillar Track Wire 28ga*4 + 30ga Kanthal A1 also from Geek Vape It was fun building this but frustrating as well, because I couldn't use the jigs to build. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #parallelcoils #dualparallel #geekvapeaegislegend #geekvapewires #thedroprda
#inking #inktober #inktober2018 Day 17 - Swollen. Now there is a story behind this: After smoking for 21 plus years(and still struggling on and off, despite turning to vaping), cancer is a recurring nightmare. So for 'swollen', I delved into my imagination and came up with this.
Thanks for all the love @altunvapes
A match made in vaping heaven: The Drop RDA on The Aegis Legend! Plus the handmade coils from @karachivapers make it a perfect combo. I have both the Aegis', and imo @geekvapetech did a great job. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #aegislegend #droprda
Loving the Drop rda on Aegis Legend. Thanks to @faysalkhann from @karachivapers for the awesome coils! Resistance 0.08 ohms, vaping at 120 Watts. The vape is by no means too hot or too harsh, it's just perfect. #karachivaper #pakistanivapes #coilsbykarachivapers
Vape mail: The Drop is here, with 48 coils(8 sets of 6 coils each)! I saw in the app 3 days ago that it was held by customs, but it miraculously got to me Yesterday.
New e liquid! First time using this 120ml bottle of 'Antidote on ice' in 3mg nic from @ruthlessejuice bought from @karachivapers. It combines mango, blue raspberry, and menthol. I have a love hate relationship with menthol, sometimes I love it and others I hate it, but this is surprisingly not very harsh on the throat. Also most American e liquid makers don't seem to get the mango flavor right, but these guys have done it! The blue raspberry for me is kind of an earthy flavor, so not a huge fan of that. But overall a nice addition to the @ruthlessejuice collection. Also @karachivapers got me hooked up with all of that cool merchandise, plus two hand-wrapped coils that they make, for free! #ruthlessantidoteonice #ruthlessmerchandise #karachivaper #pakistanivapes
Value practice. Let's hope this gets better. #paintingpractice #digitalpaintingpractice
Pakistani meme. Those in production; accurate, isn't it?
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