WotDogLikeGo is a collective of directors, photographers and journalists based out of Honolulu, HI.

@nocoastraps came through with the hot 10 pack of #LostWusic , a compilation album with appearances by #wotdoglikego regulars @errbodyknows @esemrc @kellybetz @reverse_live_ and such
Hit up the @botzbattles patreon for early exclusive content from the live event this weekend, including the @errbodyknows VS @agent_dank_nebula bar pong rematch. 40s vs shitty gas station whiskey and more.
I got my @officialbarqs with no problem so maybe it's poisoned.
Random #hostel finds. Eventually the owner of this will come to the desk to get it back but it's too late, we've immortalized him.
New music video up featuring @errbodyknows and @esemrc go getchu some. #thototune
STRAIGHT OFF THE SALMON BRRROAT. Some wonderful stitching courtesy of @pixxxie_00 and it's amazing.
Journalism #goals 💯 hit that goddamn Patreon! Wait whoops I didn't post that one yet.
Coming Soon: an anthology of short stories by @st_abbe_busoni aka Clifford Runsthemouth. @shermanalexie would be proud.
New EP of #Hawaiian covers with questionable pronunciation. Mixed and tracked by @thedjzone. Check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/everybodytheknows/sets/eiji-kwan-gurlutasteliketheeggonmyface
Also peep correspondent @esemrc destroying international competition courtesy of the #VDM5 free stream courtesy of @nocoastraps and @ruinyourdaynow. It's a good weekend to Go.
Shouts out to @ryne_209 for doing the most today. Braving a battle with @sasquatchjosh for @chamberbattles #GasChamber event while recording an episode of #WOTDOGAFTERDARK . Throw a follow to all parties involved and cop that VOD!
Sometimes the person that makes your shift meal will take distraught Portlandians to the airport. #snowday
#JAMESBARRIE of #losfeo and @heytommychong out hea in the world. #CHONGINGWITHCHONG
AND YA DONT STOOOOOP #hostel letters part 2, probably not the last by a long shot. Letters written by crazy people, sometimes they're guests this time they're not. #customerservice
Probably my best material from my battle vs Rahney, all in one neat little IG vid. Get that got damn VOD from @botzbattles today!
Notes found at work. #Hostel
#BOTZ9 was meta. Day 2 started off by new champ Sam Kolt facing off against a Champion of yore.
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