Jason Tan Xian Guang 陈显光

LEGO MARVEL DC COMICS GUNDAM MOVIE Basically I post my interests. Uses photos to save memories📸 @x3photos 02/08/2002🎂♌

LONG CAPTION I COMING BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? JUST READ IT. (Ignore the 360p quality of photo, Ryan doesn't know how to take😂😅) . 4 years of secondary school life is over and I did went through a lot. I've met people whom hated me and dislike me for who I am but also met people whom enjoy my personality and won't judge me because of what I do or what I like. Yes they might make jokes and tease me about it but I'm the end they were still by my side whenever I needed them. I've met awesome new friends which I'm sure the friendship will lasts and really really happy to have them. Knowing they have my back really is comforting. . On the other hand, toxic people. Yes I know some of them. 24/7 will always be toxic towards you. I just want to say this. If I ever offended you I'm really sorry. 🙏🏻 But if you want to just keep bullying me for who I am/what I like, shame on you. Yes I am not a perfect person, nobody is. (I stammer a lot / talk to quickly FYI). . I guess overall my secondary school life is great. Despite the negative vibes/atmosphere I faced often, I still survive, becoming tougher and stronger so thanks to them for "training" me(legit, I'm seriously, I'm somehow grateful for them😂) I've met some amazing people whom I'll never forget and definitely will keep in touch and will also never forget the people whom make me tougher and stronger. Thank you all whom I had met, it's really a pleasure to meet and know you guys. Of course thank you to all my teachers whom were there for me. . (PS FOR THISE WHO DIDN'T TAKE PHOTO WITH ME WE CAN DO IT AFTER WE COLLECT OUR CERT IF YOU WANT)
This is not a gang/ There is no gang(unofficial group description from @darling.xe , thanks a lot!😂)
Pika Pika! That's all I need to say. JK JK Shirlyn! Really really glad to have this friendship with you. Sometimes we would just geek about Pikachu in our chats and you really really make excellent pikachu sounds. Of course really grateful for you answering my silly questions(don't tell anyone 😂) about things that I don't understand. Do keep in touch after graduation!
Still remember during Sec 1 MLA where our class (1E3 and 1T1) were arguing we both were like just chill trying to make peace over a game of Frisbee. Really a nice friend. Do keep in touch!
Mr Goh! My Ex Math teacher during Sec 2 who only teach half a year,but still really really happy to know this teacher. Always have my back and would try to make out math lessons fun. On top of it he was also my HOM teacher. Really pleasant to know him.
Just a fun photo of the two Facility Managers with our Ex-CoForm Teacher. 😄
"Love Hate Relationship" with this fellow here. Always very unpredictable. Sometimes mean but sometimes nice. Yet at the same time I really enjoy our friendship that we have. Really really happy to know you. Do keep in touch Cal!
He's the guy that puts me back on track whenever I'm lost,puzzled or confused. Really really grateful for this amazing buddy. Now here we are, after 4 yrs of friendship, graduated 🎓. Here's to another 4yrs🥂
Bros for life👊🏻 AND @_gigizzz WE DIDN'T BETRAY YOU OK?
@a2h4rjj89 , best lab tech ever. Always very approachable, nice and friendly. Thanks for doing an awesome job!
Mr Yazid! Physics teacher for 1/2 a year😐 Still appreciate of his teaching for that limited time. (Yeah!)
(Second picture) Mr Thong: Do ugly shot Me: Yeah Sure Later, Mr Thong : that's your ugly shot? 😂 But seriously, thanks Mr Thong for teaching me HOM during lower sec and being an awesome CCA teacher. Will always miss the jokes you crack and your sense of humour
Meme tribute, unknown source #marvel #stanlee #ripstanlee #toystory
He's half correct lolz😂 #pikachu
Favourite biscuit in the whole world 在全世界最喜欢的饼干就是这个!
Social Studies and EL graduating class. Definitely will miss this bunch of people. The laughter they brought to the class and the joy of being part of it. Thank you for the past 2 years! Good luck for O Levels! Last one is Mr @waikit.owyeong singing for us a song so enjoy!
Venom movie review(usual spoiler free) Did it live up to the hype? Yes it did. Did critics got it wrong? Yes they did. Should @rottentomatoes be revamped? Yes they should. This film definitely does NOT deserve the 33% score(when writing this) on the Web page. I enjoy the movie. It does have it's flaws I'll admit. Some undeveloped potential which could be touched upon. It really should have been rated R(SG M18) but they changed it to PG so some good scenes are being cut out. The story intro was paced quickly(POV) and really escalated quickly. Tom Hardy acting performance 💯. The movie really gave the Eddie/Venom relationship some depth. Love interest in this film surprising have more things to do than a typical love interest. CGI in my opinion was quite decent. But you guys should really stay for the two post credit scenes(it is lit 🔥). I really have a great time enjing this movie. Hope the sequel will be rated R(PLS PLS PLS @toddmcfarlane. It needs to be R. Venom will shine best with a R rating). Overall7/10 #txgatthemovies #venom #venommovie #moviereview #spoilerfreereview #tomhardy #marvel
Graduating HCL Class 2018(NO MORE MT CLASS NOOOOO) Definitely will miss them, after all, four years we have been together. Good luck for O Level!
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