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.Braunschweig📌, Germany🇩🇪 . 🖇️ @jesso__x 🔒🌹 ~ for me there is only you 🕊1️⃣1️⃣/1️⃣7️⃣ . NOH8 . 🏳️‍🌈|♋,89|

🌠🌛„Liebe ist Leidenschaft, Hingabe - jemand, ohne den man nicht leben kann. Such dir jemanden, nach dem du verrückt bist und der dich ebenso liebt, wie du ihn. Wie man so jemanden findet? Vergiss den Verstand und hör nur auf dein Herz.“ (Rendezvous mit Joe Black, 1998)☄️ @jesso__x 👑💕
🍃I like me better when i`m with you🍂@jesso__x 🏳️‍🌈
🌸Es gibt tausend gute Gründe hier zu bleiben. Ich werd noch tausend Liebeslieder für dich schreiben.🌸 . . @jesso__x
Don't you ever leave me, don't you ever go I've seen it on TV, I know how it goes 📺🥀
🌹Your presence is critical.. Movin' my soul, yeah you're spiritual!🌹
You might hate my words, but you know that i'm right__✏
✖ Marry someone who laughs with you when the joke died like 20 minutes ago. ❌
🍃"I wish I could explain your eyes, and how the sound of your voice gives me butterflies. How your smile makes my heart skip a beat and how every time I’m with you, I feel so complete." 🍃🔐 @jesso__x 🌹
Hold on, darling This body is yours, This body is yours and mine Well hold on, my darling This mess was yours, Now your mess is mine.🌹
Happiness is, planning a trip to somewhere new, with someone you love 🏞🌹@jesso__x ⚢ Anzeige Werbung
When all we see is bad blood and mistakes All we hear are sad songs 'bout heartbreaks And no matter how long it takes We're not gonna give up. - We can do better! 🌹
And I hope I never see the day, that you move on and be happy without me. 🌈☄@jesso__x 🌹
⚪Hold my breath as you're moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin - When the time comes, baby don't run, just kiss me slowly.🔵
Am i allowed to look at you like that? Or is it embarrassing for you? Please don't be angry at me - your nature has triggered something undreamed of in me. 🕊
Well i don't really wanna wake up to no one. - No one but you. 🕊
'I see you lightin' up your cigarette. Does it burn you like you burn me?' 🔥
It was only a smile but my heart it went wild.🕊
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