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@theironshriek asked me what 9 albums I think are flawless. I was recently working on a top 10 list with @mykectown , so I’ll just borrow from that... but there are so many more that should probably be on here. Let’s see what @xjordanx and @taco_sunday come up with.
My grandfather before shipping off to the Pacific. #usnavy #greatestgeneration
Today we said goodbye to my grandfather, who I am named after. He was a 91 year old WWII veteran, legendary race photographer, and someone who always lived life the way he wanted to. While I am sad to say goodbye, I feel fortunate to have spent 44 years with him. Thank you for always leading by example, demonstrating how incredibly important family is, and always inspiring me to be the best person I can be. I love you.
Not a bad week of trading. Here’s a few goodies I picked up at the Florida Garrison Swag Trade last weekend plus a few other trades with friends. Thanks to @taco_sunday for hooking me up with one of my most wanted patches! #501stlegion #501st #patchcollector #swagtrade
I'll try to keep my cool, but you better understand.
Kingsley Plantation #florida #nps #nationalpark #travel
Because I can’t get enough #vegan chicken and waffles.
Tasty vegan lunch in Miami. #vegan
Had some delicious #vegan Jamaican and Haitian food for dinner.
I have visited Everglades National Park more times than I could ever count and have never seen a saltwater crocodile... today we saw three. #evergladesnationalpark #nps #nationalpark #crocodile
I see a shell. #sanibelisland #florida #beach
501st Legion swag trade tonight at Disney Springs! #501stlegion #501st #swagtrade
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