Zarnish Khan

I'm a bird of passage | Valiant & Valorous | Music Freak | SM Collaboration: PR@zarnishkhan.com Hashtag: #Zarnishkhan

Come up with interesting questions, will answer 10 out of all! 🤗
No matter how caught up you are with work, just takeout 5 minutes for yourself to recharge your glitched up system, quickly close your eyes and go to your happy place (In your living room, off from work maybe playing Xbox and munching or imagine yourself in disney world). lol I bet when you open your eyes you will be in a much better state of mind to continue the day from where you had left off!
19 questions with @homelovelifestyle Checkout the link below 19 Questions With Zarnish Khan https://homelovelifestyle.com/2018/09/22/19-questions-with-zarnish-khan/
When you're too sleepy to eat! 😒
Seems like I'm the villain! 😂 @faizankhawaja_ @sonia.nazir
Pack upppp!! Stay tuned for updates
Sleep deprived as always...
Few people in your life can never be replaced or substituted! 💕 #FromTheDaysInIslamabad
Cutie pie!! @nimrakhan_official
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