Jimmy Xayyabanha

Tattooer at Gypsy Rose Tattoo in Jacksonville NC. Always looking for travel and guest spots.

Diver helmet. Had to cut this one short last time. Fresh color on healed black. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Client sent me a healed photo of this koi from a while back. Thanks Oliver! #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Always an honor to tattoo someone’s hand. Thanks for making the drive @kooziekusz 🤙🏽 #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Fun dog portrait from today. Couldn’t decide which photo I liked better. Very hard to photograph due to wrapping. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Big ol’ one shot today. Tough dude.
Heart locket for her 3 kids. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Healed police badge from a while back.
Wet dorito #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Some walk ins from today. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Healed guy from a while back. Done at Glenn’s Tattoo Service.
Death head moth walk in to start the day off
Flamingo and tiny lotus’s
Can never go wrong with a rose for you’re first tattoo. 🤙🏽
One from today. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Fun seahorse to end the night. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc @gypsyrosetattoo_nc
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