Jimmy Xayyabanha

Tattooer at Gypsy Rose Tattoo in Jacksonville NC. Always looking for travel and guest spots.

Deer antler cover up from today
Elbow web from today. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Finished up this PUBG sheet. All designs I would love to tattoo. #pubg #playersunkownbattlegrounds
My babies.
Momma and babies from today. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
First painting I’ve completed in a couple years. Feels good to be back on it. I think I’ll send this one to @willie_ir since I owe you one. Sorry it took so long man! Shoot me a message buddy!
Done with this project. Thanks Anthony. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Neck rose from today. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Police badge #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Walk in. Wanted a matching tattoo that his brother has. Tweaked it a little but same concept. #gypsyrosetattoo_nc
Some filler flowers and background shading. This lower arm is a wrap, bringing it up next session. Glad to be back at @gypsyrosetattoo_nc
@gypsyrosetattoo_nc will finally re-open tomorrow at 12:00pm. If you had an appointment with me that got moved or would like to set one up please come by or contact the shop. Thanks for your patience!
Fun walk in to cap off the weekend. Thanks for having me @nicolasfoxtattooer @glennstattoo @edgeted always a fun time.
Based of client reference. His first tattoo. Done at #glennstattooservice
One fresh one healed, done at @thunderingshrimptattoo on Emerald Isle.
Hey guys I will be tattooing on Emerald Isle Friday. Then Wilmington Saturday and Sunday. DM me if you would like to get some work done.
Fresh butterfly’s from today. Done at @thunderingshrimptattoo on Emerald Isle. DM if you would like to get tattooed this week.
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