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amber janΓ©e outlaw 🌼 blasian | daughter | lover | friend | beauty blogger πŸ’„@_beautybySuki πŸ’› D.M.V ✌🏽

I had the MOST amazing birthday ❀️
IT’S YOUR FUC*ING BIRTHDAY *singing in my Drake voice* I’m 27 today guys πŸ’› #chapter27
imagine if I never met the broski ❀️
Left you on read, apologies never said...
I don't know how imma make it out of here clean...can't even keep track of who plays for the other team πŸ–€
I’ll be posting carnival pics and videos all week long 😩
C A R N I V A L πŸ’œπŸ’™
When your job throws a party πŸŽ‰
Blessings, you ni**as stressin
Just waiting on my hair to grow back like 😩
Imma just leave this here....
Clearly I’m still in vacation mode 😩 am I a cute mouse 🐭
Make that ***** slip and slide like you from the 305
That's a real one in your reflection, without a follow...without a mention.
Type to double up, you know I ain’t gon fu*k the budget up 😜 #throwbackthursday
#MCM goes out to big brother @aladdindaprince ! SO so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!!! You go bro!!! Love you!!
Saturday 🌸 hair by: @rmbeautybar_ ❀️
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