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2019 New Year’s Resolution: Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the dumpster fire that was 2018 🔥 #mentalhealthwarrior #rebelbabe #entrepreneurlife
When the nicest place you have to wear an outfit is your company’s IG page 😂 I love this dress though- debating on if I’ll need it for NYE in Colombia but let’s be real I’ll probably just be eating room service in my sweats 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ #rebelbabe #entrepreneurlife #puttingontheglitz #girlswholift
“Who I am with you, is who I really want to be, you’re so good for me”🎶 Happy 3rd Anniversary to my hubs @jeffcordero_ You have made this whole marriage thing a breeze and I love you more than I ever thought was even possible to love a human. I love the life we built together, thank you for not only letting me be who I am but pushing me to grow and supporting me in chasing my dreams. 300 more years wouldn’t be enough. 🖤 And Happy Anniversary to the eleventy billion couples in NASCAR who share the date 😂
Going to a restaurant tonight that makes me want to be fed their bread all day while lying in a pile of warm laundry 🤤
YA’LL. So I generally SUCK at girling but I have committed to making 2019 the year I stop defaulting to “troll” and put some effort in. I bought @thebeachwaver during cyber weekend in hopes it would help me in my quest and 😱 omg. I haven’t curled my own hair in well over a year, but when I have it looked awful. This thing curls your hair for you in the right direction!!!!! Ahhhh!! There was a slight learning curve and it took me a bit longer than I would like but I know it will get better with practice. This is totally not an ad I just wanted to share this with any of you babes who struggle as much as I do at regular girl things 😂🙌🏼 #rebelbabe #girlingishard #beachwaver #transformationtuesday
If you have been keeping up on my Self Love Sunday posts then you would know that my guts are currently spilled all over the Internet. Some have called it “airing my dirty laundry.” I like to think of it as intentional, authentic sharing in order to possibly help others who might be in the same spot, feel less alone. #yousaypotato #isayfuckoff #rebelbabe #selflovesunday #mentalhealthwarrior 📸: @isil.dohnke.photography
Me up until 2 days ago 🐷🙈 Hey @jackie585 looks like we are officially on the #BOMS diet again 😂
Thankful ♥️
Being married to someone in NASCAR takes sacrifice. Being married to an entrepreneur takes sacrifice. Neither one of us chose easy career paths for ourselves let alone for a partner to deal with, yet we’re here, doing the damn thing. We have both worked our asses off to result in a career year for each of us. We aren’t perfect (he’s pretty close though) but we love & support each other so damn hard and are quick to address & correct our mistakes. I know I’ve been gushing about my marriage a lot lately but this time of year is filled with so many important dates and milestones I just have to shout from the rooftops. Also, if this isn’t the most badass picture I’ve ever taken I’m not sure what is. #ManCrushEveryday #marriedAF
Every. Week. 😩
Started from the bottom now we’re here 🙌🏼 Throwback to Homestead 6 years ago, flirting with my future hubs in the real early stages of his professional career. Now we’re back in Miami and this time he is going for a championship. SO. DAMN. PROUD. Of this man and everything he has overcome to get here. Let’s win this damn thing baby!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁
My page in the @knowtribe KNOW Book. I have to say I was beyond honored to be featured in this book alongside such incredible women doing amazing things. Not to mention at both events I felt so comfortable talking to each of them. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this movement. Shoutout to @erinmaynardphotography for stepping outside her box and making me look fab 🖤 A lil about KNOW: The KNOW BOOK is a publication featuring 100+ dynamic women from virtually every industry. Every woman featured in KNOW has been vetted through peer-review. The mission is to showcase the best and brightest. The women featured are a compilation of proven leaders, high producers, and rising stars. Those published in the KNOW book are also considered trendsetters, influencers, and women to watch. The KNOW book also delivers readers a vetted list of local female-run businesses that’s full of 100+ dynamic women you should KNOW and do business with!
In case you need a pep talk like I do today 🖤
When I was 16 everything I owned besides the clothes on my back were sent to Goodwill. While this was a consequence of my actions, it didn’t make it any easier to accept I owned nothing. It didn’t make sleeping with a borrowed blanket easier. It didn’t make having to borrow money to buy commissary underwear so that I would have enough pairs to make it to laundry day easier either. So if you are curious as to why I seem to suddenly care about those affected by the California fires it’s because I know what it’s like to lose everything you own but I can’t fathom the feeling those people must have losing everything to something so far beyond their control. I was fortunate to have a roof (even one I hated), over my head but these humans may not. If I can help just one person or just one family start to rebuild what they have lost it would mean more to me than I can explain, which is why I’ve decided to donate 100% of the profits from everything in my store with the Rebellia logo on it. Please consider making a purchase and/or sharing to help me with this ♥️ link to collection in bio
FUNDRAISER! As a former resident of California, these fires are weighing on my soul. As a small business owner there isn’t a lot I can do, so I’m going to do what I can and donate 100% of the profits of all the sales with the Rebellia logo on it. Tanks, sweatshirts, shirts for dudes, hats shaker cups EVERYTHING. Link is in my bio, please help me do what I can to make an impact in helping ♥️ #rebelbabe #rebelbabewithacause #giveback #entrepreneurlife #californiawildfires
The holidays are coming and the best food of the year is just around the corner 🙌🏼
Just over here getting comfortable with being uncomfortable 🤷🏼‍♀️ The dress helps 😂 #rebelbabe #mentalhealthwarrior #entrepreneurlife #thickthighssavelives
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