🦇 hailey 🦇

🕸beautiful but cold🕸 🖤🍋5.30.17🍋🖤

this look reminds me of a lil fruit bat 🦇🖤 it makes me happy
🦇 lazy lil bat 🦇 ft. jackson
✖️🌱revival🌱✖️ 🖤happy mother’s day!🖤 how are you spending today? personally i was gardening for a lot of it and it feels pretty good! 🌿🖤
i apologize for being so MIA over the past month, but im back now and feeling really inspired🖤 we moved into a new house and its so great! im so excited to create new looks for y’all but for now here’s some older makeup that i really liked 🖤 hope you’re all having a good day too 🦇
🦕i’ve been feeling a little blue lately 🦕
"i'm elissabat the first, not because i was the first queen to have that name but because i was the first to choose self-imposed exile over the throne." 🦇💜inspired by elissabat stoker from monster high💜🦇
🌀your eyes stole all my words away 🌀
swipe for some pictures from my vacation to disney! 🖤 i had a really great time and am very grateful to have been able to go. it was super nice being able to just focus on myself for a little while, and it really gave me the opportunity to become more self-confident! anyway, i also really liked these pictures that got taken during my trip! 🖤
🖤🦎“you make me feel like every day is saturday my friend go to sleep, wake up it’s saturday again“🦎🖤
🖤🐀“i've often said that my rats have taught me much more than i've taught them”🐀🖤 this is corduroy, she’s one of my eleven rat babies and i love her a lot 🖤
🖤💫the only time that i’d hit on you is with a motherfucking baseball bat💫🖤
⚰️“when we're dead, they'll know just who we are”⚰️ 🖤💉 another vampire inspired look💉🖤
🦋all we do is think about the feelings that we hide 🦋
“hi, i'm sam. i don't believe i caught your name. i suggest you shout it out loud, along with your motive.” 👻 🖤💜inspired by sam manson from danny phantom💜🖤
“listen to them, the children of the night. what music they make!” 🖤🦇
#tb with my baby jackson🐱🖤 being a goth with 3 all white cats is difficult at times, but they’re definitely worth it 🖤
“it’s showtime.” 👻⚰️ 🖤💚inspired by betelgeuse💚🖤
🖤💘dark lil dolly 💘🖤
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