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. 'I like looking at geniuses and listening to beautiful people' (O.W) . @Bardadim 🖤 @Bardadim.Studios 🧐 . NYC🌃

Late night exercises in beauty with Helena and Stefania (what a names! Like I’m dancing with nymphs) Model - @peachpity Style - @chekalinastefania
Tête-à-tête with Sharnee. My favorite kind of work. Maybe I’m missing the team work effect, but the magic definitely loves quietness.
🌊🌊🌊 Incredible Lyn 🌊🌊🌊 @iconaccidental shot this summer at my space @bardadim.studios together with @carolinholzhuber @chekalinastefania wearing @danielgregorynatale
One more drop in the ocean of digital whirlpool ... not even a drop, actually, a water molecule, h2o... positive and negative charged atoms which attracts each other and pushback in the same time ... total yin and yang ☯️ that’s why I hate and love the pictures we’ve shot for @stylezeitgeist together with @katelyn.royster @takeohair @mizumakeup Patrick and Eugene🖤 at my @bardadim.studios
When you shoot at the first day of NY fashion week you have to go with the flow. Lucky to have these amazing people as a team: StyleZeitgeist Magazine. Model: @katelyn.royster @OneManagement Style: Eugene Rabkin @stylezeitgeist Hair: @TakeoHair MakeUp: @MizuMakeup Location: @Bardadim.Studios Assistant: Patrick LaDuke
The biggest challenge for me in photography (or even in life) to meet and build relationship with new people (typical introvert) and when you have to do it in minutes and not with one person but with seven👀... I should have chosen another job😂🤪 On the other hand it is rewarding to see the result and having new people in your life🖤 Thank you @tttism magazine for connecting and inspiring 🖤🙌 All the beautiful people I worked with for @tttism issue 3 are tagged above (except a few I wasn’t able to find, if you see yourself not tagged let me know:)
Cover story for @tttism magazine (every tattoo shop must have!!) starring @derekandrewwong & @kylepatrickwong it was fun! Shot at @bardadim.studios with set design by @bardadim and text (get the magazine and read!) by @haxan.tapes
One more portrait of Lyn which makes me feel like I still have a reason to do what I do📸 @iconaccidental @carolinholzhuber @chekalinastefania @danielgregorynatale #carolinholzhuber #lynslater #accidentalicon #iconaccidental #yanabardadim
Do you also have this thing when you REALLY like just one shot from all the set? And usually you know this moment when you shoot. This is the one for me. Fascinated by this woman🖤 Lyn Slater @iconaccidental wearing @danielgregorynatale @carolinholzhuber styled by @chekalinastefania and all this happened thanks to Nini @carolinholzhuber 🖤 . #accidentalicon #lynslater #iconaccidental #carolinholzhuber #icon #yanabardadim #bnwportrait
Something I really wanna do: capture real amazing people like Lyn ♥️ @iconaccidental , styled in amazing designs by truly talented designers like @carolinholzhuber @danielgregorynatale @chekalina by @chekalinastefania .. And afterwards drink nice tea and talk about art, politics and Lars von Trier
We’ve made so many fun shots with @kylepatrickwong and @derekandrewwong for @tttism and I can’t wait to share all the spread!!! But for now only the cover. Thank you all beautiful and talented people! (Tagged above) Btw my husband @bardadim helped with the new backdrop, since that moment he’s my set designer! Shot at @tattooculture_nyc
Good old days I miss.
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