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Oh! Summer days🌞 . . One more day left of summer, and I still need more beach days 🌊 I had a really good summer. I loved visiting New Orleans, and Alabama was so nice! Going to Charleston and knowing I need to go back for a complete stay, will keep me motivated to plan another trip soon✈️ . . I photographed so many different sessions this summer! It was exciting, and so much fun to meet so many fabulous people♥️ . . What have you enjoyed the most about this summer?!🌻
Neutrals surrounded by nature...✨ . . Model: @connorlwoods
This weekend I was at the @vintagemarketdaysmetroorlando and I had an amazing time ♥️ . . I met a lot of really nice people. Being the sponsor and photographer for the event made it lots of fun and I got the chance to photograph so many beautiful items (like this one!)😍 . . Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth and to all of you who have emailed me to reserve your photo session✨ . . Can’t wait to keep on capturing smiles and memories with a click📷
Hey, Orlando! 👋🏼 I’ll be at the Vintage Market Days of Orlando this weekend, and it starts TOMORROW!!! I am beyond excited ☺️ . . Be sure to stop by my booth and enjoy all the amazing things you’ll see from other vendors as well♥️ . . Where? @ohp_venues Osceola Heritage Park Time: 10am - 5pm Event: @vintagemarketdaysmetroorlando . . #orlandoevents . 📷: @clickbard
4 random facts about me that you might not know: . 1️⃣ I have a very bonded relationship with coffee☺️ 2️⃣ Other than my mom, my coffee partner is my 19yr old son! Yep...19! 3️⃣ I’m a food photographer for a food delivery company🙈 (I bet you would’ve never guessed this one😉) 4️⃣ Veggie tacos and I are besties🌮 . . . Tell me one random fact about you!! . . .#yndowntime #coffeeshop #coffeegram #foxtailcoffee #latteislife #coffeebreak #barista #latteartgram #coffeelife #randomfacts # #latte #baristadaily #cafelatte #coffeeoftheday #coffee_inst # #instacoffee #coffee_time # #coffeeshots #coffeeshopvibes # #cupsinframe #coffeemug # #cotd #momandsondate #qualitytime #makingmemories #livelovelaugh
New York City ♥️ Today my thoughts are with you. I haven’t been back since 2013, but hope to see you again, soon✨
These two❤️(+1!) I did their engagement photos, and their wedding, 5 years ago. This time around, I was blessed enough to do their maternity session in their home in North Carolina! The excitement is HUGE!! 😊
As much as I love 📷 flowers, it’s been quite a while since I’ve shared one of these lovelies💕 Hope these colors bring you joy this afternoon✨
Wooden basket, matte silver, white...😍🤗♥️
Labor Day basically means that Fall is closer than we think. So go out, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the last weeks of summer!🌞
What’s inspiring you? I’m Finding inspiration in a diversity of colors, all things abstract, and geometric forms✨
Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. - Maya Angelou ✨ . . Dancer: @taytayballet
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