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Celebrate YOU. Shine bright 💫
I love it when I see the cutest little shops around small towns 💖 . What little gem have you found this week?!
A year ago today, the faculty and students of the school where my princess attends to, lived the worst nightmare of their lives. 💔 Dreams were shattered and lives were cut short way too soon. 💔 The thought of her being there gaves us the scariest, inexplicable feelings. 💔 This Valentine's Day, I unite in prayer for the families of the victims of the tragic Parkland shooting. 💔 Sending a bit of comfort through prayer. 💔
I loved going here! It's called Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island. 🗺 Later on, I learned that we have a similar beach in Florida, which means that I have to go!!😄 . Which place is in your bucket list right now?
Loving these photos from an impromptu shoot 📷 . Model: @yacabet
Urban vibes 🔥 . Model: @yacabet
Captivated by the simplicity of all the elements in this image. Sometimes the biggest inspiration is found in the most ordinary things ☺️
Catch me in the woods and feed me sunlight 🌞
Sandy toes and ocean breeze 🌊 . It's the time for winter beach sessions!! Contact me for info ☺️
Where to next?! 😌
I've been exploring more during my hikes and enjoying my time surrounded by nature. 🍃 It's a wonderful feeling when you spend time with yourself. To me, it's priceless! ♥️
After all, what matters the most is how well everything is with your soul ✨
🎊Happy Birthday Adam 🎉 . Dancer: @adamboreland @orlandoballet
My editing music playlist is up on the blog and it features photos from this casual photoshoot in Uptown Altamonte 📷 . {blog link in bio}
Discovered this beautiful mural art while walking around Kissimmee yesterday! I'm usually not around this area so this was completely new to me. Love finding cute little spots around 🤗
Stopped at my favorite beach for a quick re-charge. 🦶🏻 Also...I ditched the blonde 🙈 . Aahhh...the simple things in life 🥰
I'm still trying to figure all this first week of the year, new calendars, new scheduling habits kind of thing... 🤦🏻‍♀️ I've been working on my calendars and trying to get better at working upon a schedule. 🗓 But it's so much harder than what I usually think it is. 🙈 For the time being, I would like to think that what really matters is that I'm trying! 🤗 What part of planning and organization do you find the hardest to keep up with? 🤔
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