Yasin Kashubeck

šŸ”µDHSšŸ”µ If you drink half of a 5 hour energy, would you get 2 and a half hours of energy, or would you get less energy for 5 hours - Lyndon B Johnson

So much clout
Pretty sweet season
Happy birthday to me šŸŽ‰
Seasons End
Gun saftey is a real issue in America. Remember to unload on these gentlemen
I messed up on the wall
Happy New Years
Fun game but we lost
Summers end
Best movie of 2017
Fun times
Had a fun year with these people. See you later on... yeah nevermind, that crap sucked
Season over
Track was fun (I'm pissed it got called off)
What a beast. Thnx for coming to teach @mosikmusic
New phone. DM me numbers
Welp šŸ˜•
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