Yellowstone National Park

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MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, WY – In response to the lapse in federal appropriations, Yellowstone National Park is implementing its plan for a government shutdown: Yellowstone will remain open, however, all government-run operations and facilities are closed. Entrance stations will not be staffed. The road from the park’s North Entrance at Gardiner, Montana, through Mammoth Hot Springs to the Northeast Entrance at Cooke City, Montana, is open to wheeled vehicle travel. Visitors can access all the commercial services along this route (including commercial services in Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower). Visitors can also access commercial services in the interior of the park via oversnow travel (e.g. at Old Faithful). Concessioners are currently providing funding for road grooming so that oversnow access to the interior is possible. Guided snowmobile and snowcoach trips with commercial operators will be allowed. Non-commercially guided snowmobile trips will also be allowed. If conditions become unsafe at any time, roads and/or developed areas in the park may be closed. Park staff will provide emergency services and law enforcement. All park regulations, including those regarding oversnow travel, are in effect as normal. The park website and social media sites will not be maintained. All administrative offices, including the public affairs office, will be closed until the government reopens.
Today marks the winter solstice--the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. Even before recorded history, humans all over the world have marked this astronomical phenomenon with diverse celebrations and traditions. In our modern era of electric lights, weekends, and even space travel; it can be easy to let a day with just a few seconds less daylight than the day before it, slip by unobserved. A plunge into the natural world in Yellowstone helps visitors connect to these shared experiences on our planet. Observations of wild Yellowstone can help us to share part of our ancestors' lives, and even get to know the experiences of people around the earth. #wintersolstice #longestnight #midwinter
A bison crosses the Firehole River at sunset. One of the many beautiful views along the Artemisia Geyser Trail. 😍❄️⛄️⛷
Bald eagles 🦅 are often seen fishing 🎣 along the Gardner River year round. In the summer it’s a great place to look for osprey too!
Our spectacular sunrises and sunsets have been making up for our lack of snow lately. Yesterday’s sunrise was at 7:58 am and #wintersolstice is this Friday. More daylight is just around the corner! 🌄
Boardwalks lead you to amazing places 😍 and keep you safe from dangerous hot springs. Protect yourself and the park: stay on trails and boardwalks when exploring thermal areas. 👍🏽 You might want to bring your snowshoes or ice cleats too! #YellowstonePledge
If you’re visiting the park this winter with the hopes of getting some great wildlife photos (like this fishing coyote), remember to give them room and use your zoom! Keep 25 yards from all animals and 100 yards from bears and wolves. 🙌🏻 #YellowstonePledge
Another beautiful sunset over Electric Peak yesterday. ⚡️🔥⚡️ Does anyone’s weekend plans involve @yellowstonenps ? 🐺🦊⛄️⛷
Why does this bison have a snowy nose? ❄️👃🏿 A bison’s hump is full of muscle. 💪🏾 It allows them to use their head as a plow to find food under the snow in the winter! #TheMoreYouKnow . Bonus: What’s the other animal in the park that has a hump used for digging?
The drive from the North Entrance to Cooke City (52 miles) is open year-round, but the road can be icy in winter. Keep an eye out for animals and use pullouts when you want to stop to allow other cars to pass. 🥶❄️⛄️ #YellowstonePledge
Round 2: Can you name the animal that made these tracks? What clues did you look for to make your guess? Hint: the track is about 4” wide. . Remember to keep 100 yards from bears and wolves and 25 yards from everything else. 💯🐻🐺#YellowstonePledge
On Saturday at 1:07 am, Steamboat Geyser erupted for the 30th time in 2018. This broke the previous record of 29 documented eruptions set in 1964. Check out our new IGTV story to see some of the sights and sounds from the world’s tallest active geyser! . Photo from the 19th eruption on 9.17.18.
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