Yellowstone National Park

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Springtime means bears 🐻 are starting to come out again. Spotting fresh tracks is a good reminder to travel in groups, makes noise, carry bear spray, and know how to use it. 👍🏽🐻💨 Thanks to @itsmekb_ for taking the #YellowstonePledge and encouraging others to do the same!
Headlamp ✅ Bear spray ✅ Star chart ✅ With summer on the way, clear nights and Milky Way views are on our minds as we celebrate International Dark Sky Week this week and Park Week starting tomorrow! Is the night sky on your Yellowstone must-do list for this summer yet? #findyourpark in the dark! #yellowstonetriptips #nightsky #internationaldarkskyweek #AfterDark #StarrySkies
The “red dog” reports keep coming in! For more shots of this mom and calf, head on over to @ynpforever. They’re our official nonprofit partner and also post great photos and videos of the park. Give ‘em a follow! 😍 #YellowstoneForever
We have some amazing #StarrySkies . Just ask Ed Stark: he enjoys a front row seat from his perch in the Mount Washburn Fire Lookout. 😍🤤💫✨🔥 #DarkSkyWeek #FindYourPark
How all of us feel after this long winter... It snowed again last night, it’s sunny today, and we might get more snow this weekend. Who else is looking forward to shedding their winter coat for warmer temps?!? Thanks to @pbauchmanphotography for taking the #YellowstonePledge and encouraging others to do the same!
Red Spouter which originated with the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake, exhibits the behavior of fumaroles, hot springs and mudpots. In the spring and early summer its pools splash muddy water that sometimes has a red tone, as seen here. Later in the summer and fall when the water table is lower, Red Spouter becomes a hissing fumarole. Thanks to @kevinlisota for taking the #YellowstonePledge and encouraging others to do the same!
It’s been long winter and with the recent snow we thought it was a great time for a summer #tbt . We are looking forward to the melt and the huge waterfalls that follow! What are you looking forward to this summer? Thanks to @brennan_kieran for taking the #YellowstonePledge and encouraging others to do the same!
While we have bare pavement in the Mammoth Hot Springs area at the moment, that isn’t the case for other areas of the park. 🌨❄️☃️ Crews are hard at work in the interior getting the roads ready for summer. Check our road status page for proposed opening dates. Link in our story highlights! #StillWinter #SummerIsComing
A classic spring day: snow squalls, raking sun, and animals on the move.
Happy World Water Day! Yellowstone contains some of the most significant, near-pristine aquatic ecosystems found in the United States: 1,000 rivers and streams and more than 600 lakes and ponds. Even the park’s hydrothermal features are fueled by water. Precipitation and groundwater are superheated by the Yellowstone Volcano and rise to the surface in the form of hot springs, geysers, mudpots, and fumaroles. The water that flows through Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) is a vital national resource. The headwaters of seven great rivers are located in the GYE, and flow from the Continental Divide through communities across the nation on their way to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of California, and the Gulf of Mexico. Precipitation (rain and snow) in the mountains and plateaus of the Northern Rockies flows through stream and river networks to provide essential moisture to much of the American West; and water resources provide recreational opportunities, plant and wildlife habitat, and scenic vistas. for more about this vital resource. #WorldWaterDay #Yellowstone #NationalParks #VitalResource #Water #NaturalResource
🔈🎧 We’re so ready for the sounds of spring: sharp trills of red-winged blackbirds, gentle croaking of boreal chorus frogs, and the distant echo of sandhill cranes. #soundsofyellowstone @csulisteninglab
Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Yellowstone! ☘️Today we are showing off our green with this beauty of a hot spring, Emerald Pool, located in Black Sand Basin. This photo may have been taken in July, but the vivid green of the pool and surrounding hillside sure does get us excited for the spring and summer months ahead. #happystpatricksday #Yellowstone #NationalParks #Hydrothermal #Hotsprings #Thermophiles #LivingRainbow
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