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The little Yi in me never believe I would look so much like my dad... 📸 @8two4_
Who can explain to me the concept of quantum physics in one sentence?
Twisted 🌪
I got money for Balenciagas but I rather take care of you
Being politically correct all the time sucks the life out of fun
Lately I’ve been revisiting a lot of old memories I have. Lots of great times and good people that are no longer here in my life. It’s a very strange feeling, a little bit of sadness and a lot of fulfillment plus a hint of empty. Sometimes looots of empty
@playhousetattoos At @browns_harley Event!!! It’s always important to keep your team close and do team shit, especially when your team is close and loves doing team shit! - wisdom 📸 @markgallardo_
This is one of those pictures that will imply a totally inaccurate perception of my life. My Reality is a consistent struggle with who I want to be and who I actually am. Life actually sucks sometimes and everyone I know is just trying to get through it. Either way, I can’t be happier when I got my dream car I’ve been waiting for 5 years (and thanks @andiefield for making it very convenient for me to spent ALL of my money)....... Never give up guysss! 📸: @_instapham
Before adding the white
When a dog bites a man, a man can not return the favor and bite the dog. - social rules
I’ve noticed something about love. It’s fake... Lol just joking, it’s important. Without love none of this would have happened. Making a living out of what you love is necessary, because if you don’t love it, you probably suck at it. And you ain’t gonna achieve much if you suck at it. 👩‍🚀
My inconsistency in posting is really helping me with being more mysterious
It’s all about the improvement rate! Comparing to the old Yi 2 Years ago, im happy 😃
Just couldn’t wait, so here it is, an unfinished sleeve. I really like it tho
stop trying to “find the meaning of life”. There ain’t none. Just go do things you like. And, if you are too scared....stop being a pussy then go do the things you like.
Our Playhouse wasn’t designed to be just a tattoo shop. Our city needs culture. It’s something that us, as the new generation, can find meaning in. And that is why we built playhouse. It’s gonna be the parties, the music, the entrepreneurs, the dreams and then there’s the tattooing that describes all of that into our skin.
Another one ☝️
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