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Appreciating all the love from the previous post. • What do you guys think about this piece ? Leave me a comment down below and tag a friend who you think would want a piece like this 👏
BIGGEST GIVEAWAY TO DATE !!!!!! • We just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys, our PLAYHOUSE FAMILY, for all your love and support over these last 2 years. We as a shop can not be more thankful for all the love we have gotten. To start of the 2019 year right we want to give back to the community. I will be tattooing 24 LUCKY WINNERS! This will be 1 of many initiatives Playhouse will do to give back to the community, supporters and future friends and family to come. We could not be the shop we are without you. • • In order to win, all you have to do it: - Like this video - Comment what you would like to get tattooed and tag a friend (****the more people you tag the more entries you will have, 1 tag per comment ****) - Follow all accounts tagged and repeat steps 1 & 2 • We will be contacting winners over the next week or so to book you in for your tattoo with ME . BEST OF LUCK !!! • • *****conditions***** • - all steps must be followed in order for you to be entered (** we will be checking **) - you and I will make a completely custom 1 of a kind tattoo maximum size of 5” x 5” - the design session will be conducted before the tattoo on the same day - the free tattoo will be scheduled either on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the month of February - all tattoos will be black and grey - if for some reason you can not make the tattoo session, we can do 1 reschedule otherwise the tattoo will be cancelled.
📸 @8two4_
The little Yi in me never believe I would look so much like my dad... 📸 @8two4_
Who can explain to me the concept of quantum physics in one sentence?
Twisted 🌪
I got money for Balenciagas but I rather take care of you
Being politically correct all the time sucks the life out of fun
Lately I’ve been revisiting a lot of old memories I have. Lots of great times and good people that are no longer here in my life. It’s a very strange feeling, a little bit of sadness and a lot of fulfillment plus a hint of empty. Sometimes looots of empty
@playhousetattoos At @browns_harley Event!!! It’s always important to keep your team close and do team shit, especially when your team is close and loves doing team shit! - wisdom 📸 @markgallardo_
This is one of those pictures that will imply a totally inaccurate perception of my life. My Reality is a consistent struggle with who I want to be and who I actually am. Life actually sucks sometimes and everyone I know is just trying to get through it. Either way, I can’t be happier when I got my dream car I’ve been waiting for 5 years (and thanks @andiefield for making it very convenient for me to spent ALL of my money)....... Never give up guysss! 📸: @_instapham
Before adding the white
When a dog bites a man, a man can not return the favor and bite the dog. - social rules
I’ve noticed something about love. It’s fake... Lol just joking, it’s important. Without love none of this would have happened. Making a living out of what you love is necessary, because if you don’t love it, you probably suck at it. And you ain’t gonna achieve much if you suck at it. 👩‍🚀
My inconsistency in posting is really helping me with being more mysterious
It’s all about the improvement rate! Comparing to the old Yi 2 Years ago, im happy 😃
Just couldn’t wait, so here it is, an unfinished sleeve. I really like it tho
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