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Mom of 2, Yogi, Traveler. Vancouver 🇨🇦

“Mommy, I want to help you with your poses”. . . . Day 4 #newyearbalances is eagle pose. Hosts: @milena.moon @sdharamr @stephaniekicksbutt @charlottesyoga_ @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves
The prettiest clouds ☁️ . . . Day 3 #newyearbalances is one legged wheel pose ❤️ Hosts: @milena.moon @sdharamr @stephaniekicksbutt @charlottesyoga_ @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves
Feeling a little like a marionette here. Side plank in the sand was hard for me! I kept on slipping all over the place 🤣 . . . Day 2 #newyearbalances is side plank. Hosts: @sdharamr @stephaniekicksbutt @charlottesyoga_ @milena.moon @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves
Trying to be super careful not to step on any tiny crabs in their shells. There were thousands crawling around everywhere. . . Kicking off day 1 #newyearbalances with tree pose! Hosts: @stephaniekicksbutt @sdharamr @charlottesyoga_ @milena.moon @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves
Happy start of the week! Kids are back in school, and I’m excited to get back on a schedule. I’m such a creature of habit - I love my routine. Can anyone relate?
I’m always there to lift him up. And him stepping on me all sandy made for a great body scrub 😜
Home!! I just spent the last 11 hours lying in my bed. The best!
New Challenge Announcement! #NewYearBalances 💫January 15-24 Start the new year off with 10 days of balancing poses that are sure to twist out the old, stretch you to your limit, and help you stay grounded as we enter this new year! 1 Treepose 2 side plank 3 one legged wheel 4 eagle 5 headstand 6 pincha 7 half moon 8 extended hand to big toe pose 9 Warrior 3 10 yogis choice Hosts: @sdharamr @milena.moon @stephaniekicksbutt @charlottesyoga_ @yoga_mami Sponsor: @aloyoga @alo.moves To play: - follow and tag all hosts and sponsors - repost this flyer, tagging a friend or two - post daily using the hashtag #NewYearBalances - have fun!
Travel day 1 of 2, and this perfectly depicts how I’m currently feeling.
When the ocean looks totally calm, but hubby gets doused by a wave just before this shot - can you see all the sand on him? 😝
Double rainbowing it today. A few more days of paradise before we head back to reality.
No filter needed. No longer caring what people think. . . I am 37, a mama of two amazing boys, I have stretch marks, dimples, and am proud of my sandy butt!
I’m just the prop for little dude. Happy Saturday, everyone! . . . Creative director and photographer: my 13 year old 😜
The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. - Jacques Cousteau
Completely losing track of time over here. And that’s ok.
Happy 2019! Decided to kick off this year with a few pics of what our partner poses look like 99% of the time. Mostly that means me looking up at little dude, making sure he’s ok, and him not having a care in the world ❤️ Hope everyone had a fabulous start to the New Year.
Just praying he doesn’t let go 😜 . Heading to St. Kitts tomorrow to ring in the New Year. What are your plans?
Living my happy crab life over here. On a side note - I am obsessed with all these shells 😍
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