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Vancouver - I’m coming for you! Although I’m not looking forward to all the smoke in the air from the wildfires.
The boys have 2 weeks left of summer vacation and we’re trying to enjoy this time before the routine takes over again. The kids get 10 weeks off, and honestly - I absolutely love it! I love going exploring with them, staying active, spending time as a family. We are a pretty tight knit unit. My older son turns 13 soon, and I know I don’t have a lot of summers left with him before he heads out on his own.
On days when I struggle about whether I should stay on social media or not, I look back to the friendships I have made on this little app. This woman is pure magic. She will drive from Arizona to LA, just to hang out for a few days. When I texted her to tell her I was going to Whistler for @wanderlustfest she immediately texted back “I’m coming and bringing the family”. Magic! Miss you, @sdharamr ❤️❤️ Have you made any connections on here that you are grateful for?
I would love some suggestions for new accounts to follow for inspiration. Who do you love? Let me know! Please and thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
How has your summer been so far? I’ve been fairly quiet on here, posting wise. Just enjoying these summer months with my boys. I know that in a few weeks time, we’ll all be crazy busy again.
Backbends and open shoulders have never come easy to me. Still don’t. My body takes a long time to open up and soften. There is 4 years between these pictures. FOUR! That’s a long time coming. I sometimes look at Instagram and get quite discouraged by all these amazing, bendy, strong, inspiring yogis. That’s just not me. It has never been a competition for me though - I don’t practice as regularly as I would want to, and that’s ok. I still love stepping on my mat whenever I get the chance. Even if that picture on the left would still be me today, I’d be perfectly happy. And that mindset has also been a long time coming ❤️
See that building on the very top? That’s where we started our “little” hike. So gorgeous, it felt unreal.
Currently at the airport waiting for our flight. We’ve been traveling so much this year, I’ve lost count how many flights we’ve been on. It’s not always smooth sailing (missed connections/cancelations), but we always have fun and have lots of stories to tell afterwards.
That summer cold got me. Trying not to get it to drag me down. Tomorrow - Los Angeles! . . . Mat: @mysugarmat
For someone who is afraid of heights, I spend a lot of time on mountain tops 😜 Gotta conquer that fear! What are you afraid of? . Another amazing weekend in the books and I’m still flying high.
“Mom, your hair tickles and tastes funny” 😝😆 I haven’t been posting a lot on here lately. No reason - I’m simply enjoying the summer with my family. We’re still up at @wanderlustfest Whistler. I am crazy good sore right now (thanks to too many of @noahmaze and @dharmayogacenter amazing classes). Meeting old and new friends, making connections. Hubby and kids are rockstars for keeping up with me. Two more days of magic!
Every morning and evening I close eyes for a moment and check in with myself. See what emotions are coming up. See if I’m happy. Try it now! It is quite eye-opening and a wonderful way to start and end the day. 💜 . . Thank you to everyone who participated in #FindTheLightToday ❤️ Reading all of your captions and how you captured positivity every day really brought a huge smile to my face. Hosts: @alexzandrapeters @yogiaubrey @marta.theyogi @the_bohemian_introvert @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @infinitystrap
Today I am very grateful for this body of mine - carrying me up and down mountains, stretching, allowing me to do all the fabulous things that my mind is set on. I used to take it all for granted, but watching people close to me go through injury after injury, being in constant pain, I appreciate this body so much more. . . . Day 11 #FindTheLightToday with hosts: @yogiaubrey @the_bohemian_introvert @alexzandrapeters @marta.theyogi @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @infinitystrap
Countdown to @wanderlustfest Whistler has begun! This year, all my men are joining me and I’m so excited! 😀 If you see us, come say hi! . . . . . #Wanderlust #wanderlustwhistler #findyourtruenorth
I love where I grew up. I didn’t always appreciate it as a kid/teenager - I remember longing to move to a big city as soon as I could. Now, whenever I make it back to my home town, I try to take as much advantage of being there as I possibly can. . . Day 9 #FindTheLightToday with hosts @alexzandrapeters @the_bohemian_introvert @yogiaubrey @marta.theyogi @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @infinitystrap
Reunited and it feels so good!
After yesterday’s crazy travel day with cancelled flights and missed connections, I am SO happy to be back home and to sleep in my own bed 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Jet lag kicked in immediately, but I was so exhausted I slept for almost 11 hours 😍 Feel like a new person today. . . #FindTheLightToday with hosts: @the_bohemian_introvert @yogiaubrey @alexzandrapeters @marta.theyogi @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @infinitystrap
I leave for Canada in two days. Always bitter-sweet. I feel so incredibly grateful to spend time with my family. My grandmother is 88 years old now and not doing so well. I want my kids to be able to remember their great grandmother, so this time feels very precious to me right now. . . Day 4 #FindTheLightToday with hosts: @alexzandrapeters @yogiaubrey @the_bohemian_introvert @marta.theyogi @yoga_mami Sponsors: @aloyoga @infinitystrap
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