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“Feeling so incredibly inspired these past couple of days. I don’t want this feeling to leave. It’s like all of my nerves and worries have been replaced with feelings of excitement and eagerness to just chase my dreams. I’m feeling excited for my future. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I don’t know what’s next or what to do with all this but I pray that I continue to feed the flame that’s been lit within me. May I not let it die out.” . @kaylameraki feeling inspired in @Aloyoga ✨🙏
“Remember that the only person we want to be better than each day, is ourselves.” . @gypsyon bettering herself in @aloyoga 🙏💪🙌✨
“YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I know some people get all uppity about that word. But I define beautiful as more than just a physicality. Beautiful for me is when something or someone allows there inner light to radiate through in a way that is stunning and mesmerizing. That’s the easiest way I can explain it. . How do you define beautiful?” . @yogi_goddess mesmerizing us in @aloyoga 💕✨🙏
“My yoga practice is a discovery of my ignorance; every day I see how much more I have to learn . . It motivates me to keep digging, flowing, feeling.” . @adellbridges continuing to flow and feel in @aloyoga ✨💕🙌
Want to learn how to deepen your yoga practice? Give a follow! Its an amazing page for all things growing in yoga practice! 💪🙌🙏 - @deandreyoga
@rootedinflowing creating magic in the snow in her @aloyoga Alosoft Goddess leggings ✨💙❄️
“Wherever you are, be all there” - Jim Elliot . @sjanaelise being present in @aloyoga 💕✨
“One of my favorite things about practicing yoga, is you already have everything that you need; your body, spirit and breath. This union becomes a gateway towards unlocking an infinite world within, full of possibilities, beauty and love. “ . - @lamise spreading beauty and love in @aloyoga ✨💕
“First flow of 2019 in front of some beautiful, original art” @yogoskenz flowing in @aloyoga ✨ . Where was your first flow of 2019? Tell us below! 👇
“Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams. Take risks. Life is happening now! ✨” - @yoga_ky in @aloyoga 💕
“This sequence is my favourite one when comes to open that heart. Enjoy. Video 3x sped up” @ania_75 in @aloyoga 🙌 . What is your favorite heart opener? Tell us below! 🙏
“Going into the New Year the only way I know how to... Upside down with focus, high energy & positivity!!” . @dade2shelby spreading high energy in @aloyoga 🙏👏
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