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Build strength, gain flexibility, lose weight & zen out. Hot & Warm Yoga • BUTI • Yin • Teacher Training • 30 days for $39 intro @yogafevergr

When is the last time you dipped your toe into the pool of infinite stillness? When we surrender in a spiritual sense, we let go of all effort and instead are open to receive. When we settle into the experience of surrender, we may feel spontaneous bursts of forgiveness toward others, ourselves, and existence. Finding that stillness can open the door to the vast goodness the universe holds. It’s out there just waiting for you to witness it. —#teamfever #meditation #stillness #letgo
All for ☝️ and ☝️ for all. #teamfever #yogafevergr #yogateachers 📸 @thewanderingsoulcollective
When in Downward Facing, move the weight out of the wrists & shoulders back into the hips and heels. #yogateachertraining #yogafevergr
The 30 day challenge is COMPLETE. Congrats to all who participated and worked toward their goal to complete it. The winners will be announced via email TONIGHT. Be sure you are on our mailing list to see if you've hit the jackpot!! To sign up for our newsletters just head over to the website homepage and wait a quick sec for the prompt "Join our newsletter" --> add your email, that's it! Know that your journey doesn't end here. Thirty days was just the beginning of your fitness and wellness goals. Keep going!! We know you feel better inside and out (which is the true goal anyway). We love supporting you. every. step. of. the. way. See you super soon. B & S
Thankful for this goofy & thoughtful team of instructors! #teamfever Scroll right to see the first place winner 🥇
Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the best costume of them all?!?! Congrats Freddy Krueger 🥇 The frogs 🥈 Brittany & Shannon (costumes!!)🥉 Thank you for hanging out with us!! Happy Halloween!!! #teamfever #yogafevergr #grandrapids
Have you seen the new merch at YF?!—->scroll right🔥 #teamfever #yogafevergr #shoplocal #grandrapids
Splits pose at the wall: -start in a shorty down dog with your heels at the baseboard -lift the left leg up the wall and rotate the left hip down to square off -begin to walk the hands back toward the standing leg foot -as the chest gets closer to the standing leg, press into the hands to lift up and out of the lifted leg and move the thigh closer to the wall -voila, you’ll go deeper (safely)than you ever have in splits on the earth... guaranteed 👊🏼 #yogaatthewall #hanumanasana #splits #yogateachertraining #teamfever #yogafevergr
Meditation in motion & stillness. Finding your voice. Getting quiet. Capturing both dynamic and static is essential to growth within our yoga practice and our life. @goldeuphoria 👊🏼 #teamfever #yogafevergr #inversions
King pigeon may be the most elegant and glorious of all the postures. It’s a level 3/4 asana for sure that takes an extremely open front line of the body along with hips and shoulders. I’m honored to always help you go deeper into your practice. Perhaps going deeper doesn’t look like a pose. Perhaps it’s a dive into the spiritual aspect of yoga or the philosophies which are at the heart of the practice. Know that TeamFever (along with our trainees) are trained in all 8 limbs of yoga. That means yoga beyond the poses, y’all. Wanna get to the next level? Just ask 🧡 #teamfever #yogafevergr #yogateachertraining #yogaposes #yogalove
Go ahead, lean back. We’ll catch you if you fall—-#teamfever - Developing and building relationships within our community has continued to be at the forefront of our business. We kinda|sorta|totally|100% love showing you the ropes, watching you practice, and sharing the yoga love!! #yogafevergr #friendswhoyogatogether #grandrapids
Half lord of the fishes—->or as most of us know it—>Half seated spinal twist. 👌🏼 Watching these beauties grow in teacher training is beyond. The transformation so far has been more than incredible —> and we’re not even halfway there yet.🔥 #teamfever #yogafevergr #ardhamatseyandrasana #yogateachertraining #yogaalignment
Our October challenge is really heating up and classes are filling quickly!! Few things to keep in mind: -We’ve got 3 boards of challengers rockin’ steady day 4!! (That’s a TON of peeps) -Be sure to reserve your space in advance online on our website or the mindbody app -Be sure to stop at the desk and officially check in!! Often times we are multitasking with multiple people and may miss you even if we wave 😳(we will have a kiosk at the desk next week to check in as well..boop!) -Last but not least—- we love you and good luck - 26 days to go! #teamfever #30daychallenge #hotyogaholic #yogafevergr
Calling All Teachers of Yoga!! 📌Yin Yoga Training 📌Date: Sat Oct 6 4p-8p 📌Receive 4 CE YA hours 📌Cost: $125 —Please join Gretchen Brockman and Yoga Fever for a 4 hour immersion into Yin Yoga Training. This workshop is designed for yoga instructors and will give you the confidence and skill necessary to teach effective and authentic yin to your students. —What is Yin? Yin and Yang occur together. There is no one without the other. Yin yoga is still, promotes growth by clearing energetic blockage and enhancing circulation. Soft, receptive. Mistakenly considered "easy", can be restorative and calming, but intense. No ONE specific way to do the poses. —space is limited. #yogafevergr #yinyoga #yogateachertraining #yogaalliancecertified #grandrapids
This is yoga. The yoga I know isn’t about momentum, it’s about mindfulness. It’s about generously opening the body and mind with loving care and appreciation. -“if you can breathe, you can do yoga”- KM #teamfever #yogafevergr #yogateachertraining #yogapractice
Teacher Training 2018 Blocks, bolsters, blankets, & straps breeds connection, compassion, strength & support. #teamfever #yogateachertraining #yogafevergr #grandrapidsyoga
Yoga at the gardens with my main squeezes. Practicing with the sun on my face and the birds in my ears. Pure magic. Thank you @deanj914 for an amazing yoga sesh. You always have a way of making me feel like a million. 🧡 #teamfever #outdooryoga #meijergardens #grandrapids
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