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Yoga for me began as a curiosity, then it became a practice, then it was something to study, then it changed me on a cellular level. - It morphed into a mission to bring that same awareness to others, then it became a career and then a business. - Even though the path of yoga has continued to evolve and change its meaning in my life- the curiosity, the practice, the study and the deep seeds of change will forever burn brightly in my heart & soul. For without THAT, it wouldn’t be THIS. - Here’s to over a decade of my life revolving around YOGA. Cheers! #teamfever #yogafevergr #hotyoga
Thank you, Grand Rapids. Just flipping thank you. This birthday bash was waitlisted all day and one for the serious books. You’ve been with us every step of the way, supporting us, lifting us up, and spending your precious time with us over and over again. This is just extra extra & beyond. Our deepest gratitude—- XO TeamFever #yogafevergr #teamfever #hotyoga #grandrapids #yogaeverydamnday
Wanna learn to fly? Cool. Good news. You totally can. This Saturday a bunch of us will be taking risks, stepping out our comfort zone, and catching air. $100 | 3 week series Come play with us. You know you wanna Acro. #acroyoga #teamfever #yogafevergr #learntofly #progressive #yogagr
I’m Brooke. I like long walks on the beach, hiking the world, and practicing Hot Yoga. - You won’t find me on tinder, but you can find me at Yoga Fever. Not only do I rock a daily practice in studio but I’m also teaching starting this week every Sunday 9A Power Vinyasa & 10:30A Slow Flow. - You won’t get a date but you will get a challenge. Isn’t that what we really want anyway? Hope to see you there. 😜 XO- @brooke.lstier #teamfever #yogafevergr #hotyoga #yogateacher #grandrapids
Wishing Grand Rapids a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! - Here’s a pic of our main man, Dean as a friendly reminder to not take life too seriously. Remember, the holiday spirit is having a good smile, a hearty meal and relaxing with those that you love 💕 ENJOY 🙏🏼 -XO - #teamfever #holidayyoga #happyholidays #yogafevergr #hotyoga #grandrapids
Modified side plank/Vashistasana ➰Pressing strongly through the outer blade of the right foot, bend the left knee and plant the left foot in front of the body to ground down and lift hips. ➰Press the right hand down lifting up on the humerus (upper arm bone)- this will lengthen the right arm engaging the shoulder girdle. ➰Extend long through the left arm igniting energy out of the tips of the fingers. ➰Stack shoulders, stack hips as the heart turns toward sky. ➰If it’s safe on the neck and to challenge the balance, look up toward the lifted hand. Otherwise gaze can be down or straight away. ➰In the full expression of Vashistasana, the ankles are stacked and outer edges of feet pull firmly toward the face. If the ankles cannot stack, this is your pose. You will gain the strength necessary to eventually nail the full expression. #happyyogabody #yogafevergr #teamfever #sideplank #yogamodifications
Be where your feet are but always remember how you got there. #siestakey #yogafevergr #mindfulness
This bendy beauty is Nat. She graduated from Yoga Fever Teacher Training and is super official THIS Saturday at 11:15a‼️ Join us this weekend and meet the new teach 🤩 #yogafevergr #yogateachertraining #hotyogastudio #yogalove #grandrapidsyoga
Meet the latest addition to TeamFever!!! These 3 literally just graduated from Yoga Fever 200hr Teacher Training on Dec 2nd and are already making their way into our schedule. - We are blown away by their natural transition from student to teacher. They’ve worked SO hard to get gigs at the home base and we are excited to - Get. This. Ball. Rolling. - Congrats, Wren Bleish, Nat Parsons, & Brookie Stier!! - Check back soon to see their bios on our site 🤩 #yogateachertraining #yogateachers #yogafevergr #grandrapidsyoga 📸 @brittanydeeyogi
The journey begins. This is the first training that ALL of my trainees are inspired to teach (statistically 1-5 out of 10 go on to teach beyond training). I reminded them that this yoga is no longer just ‘theirs’. It’s now ‘theirs to share’. —Trainees: You’ve been given this gift of skill and knowledge... now go out and share it with the world. Help others heal their body, mind, and soul. Record your findings. Use it to grow your practice and your craft. Sleep well at night knowing your contribution is one of wellness, love and ultimate support. I’m SO proud of you. Fly girls fly. XO-S #yogateachertraining #yogafevergr #grandrapidsyoga
As we near the end of another blessed year at Yoga Fever, we feel overwhelmed with gratitude and abundance. In honor of sharing that abundance we are offering 15% off on ALL gift cards. This year offer a friend or loved one the gift of healing and support. We welcome your family like our own. * gift cards can be customized to any amount * gift cards can be purchased online on our site * promo code - giftcard upon check out Namaste, TeamFever #yogafevergr #yogalove #hotyoga #giftcards #yogagram #teamfever
And NEXT! - bring on the snow, the evergreen trees, the Christmas music (yep, we went there), and last but not least MORE Dean (insert drop mike). - Dean’s usual schedule is in full effect Monday nights at 5:45p & 7:30p - NEW Thursday 6am Hot Flow (I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up to this face?) - so decorate the tree, turn on @westmichiganstar , and SET THAT ALARM @citygrandrapids #teamfever #yogateachers #yogafevergr
🔥Black Friday Starts Now!! 🔥Ends Cyber Monday - ✌🏼Deal 1 Year Membership $79/mo (reg $99) Year paid in full $925 (reg $999) ✌🏼Deal 2 3 Month Membership $94/mo (reg $115) 3 month paid in full $280 (reg $330) ✌🏼Deal 3 10 Class Pack $129 (reg $150) ✌🏼Deal 4 20 Class Pack $229 (reg $250) - *no promo codes - prices automatic *limit one per person *sale ends midnight Cyber Monday #yogafevergr #teamfever #blackfriday
Rev war: You are destined for greatness. Slide the weight down the back heel as you lunge deeply into the left knee. Flip the left palm & reach it up and back. Revolve the heart open to sky. Breathe into the left side seam as you look up toward the hand. Turn up the corners of your mouth & feel your strength in the pose. 😊 #teamfever #yogateachertraining #grandrapidsyoga
Girls—- you totally rocked that vinyasa flow today! #teamfever #hotyoga #teenyoga #go #grandrapidschristian
When is the last time you dipped your toe into the pool of infinite stillness? When we surrender in a spiritual sense, we let go of all effort and instead are open to receive. When we settle into the experience of surrender, we may feel spontaneous bursts of forgiveness toward others, ourselves, and existence. Finding that stillness can open the door to the vast goodness the universe holds. It’s out there just waiting for you to witness it. —#teamfever #meditation #stillness #letgo
All for ☝️ and ☝️ for all. #teamfever #yogafevergr #yogateachers 📸 @thewanderingsoulcollective
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