Yosemite Facelift

Yosemite Facelift is an annual volunteer cleanup of Yosemite National Park organized by the Yosemite Climbing Association. See you in Sept. 2018!

#meetthestaff Timmy O'Neill (@timmyoneill ) is a positive force of human nature who first visited Yosemite as a cashier in the Village grocery store almost 30 years ago. He purchased his initial rack of cams and nuts in the Valley and has been on the sharp end of life every since. He held the Nose speed record with Dean Potter and the duo were also the 1st to climb three Grade VI's in one day via Half Dome, Mt Watkins and El Capitan. TO has been a stalwart member of the YCA since the dawn of the Facelift, volunteering his time, talent and energy to the stage and is an international emissary for the YCA demonstrating the importance of supporting the climbing community and preserving wilderness and wildness. We are lucky to have him on our team! #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
Get ready to be inspired! Join us at the Facelift registration area on Thursday, 9/27 at 3pm for a panel discussion with Chris Schulte (@chris_schulte ), Black Diamond Athlete, Kate Rutherford (@katerutherford ), Black Diamond Athlete and Patagonia Ambassador, the Access Fund's Katie Goodwin (@woodlandpirate ), and The Warrior's Way's Jeff Lodas. Moderated by the Yosemite Climbing Association's Allyson Gunsallus (@yosguns ), these leaders in the industry will share their experience and ideas about attentive stewardship and climbing performance. How can being a proactive steward of the environment and role model help you improve your attention and focus when you're climbing? Through this discussion, we hope to leave you with some food for thought about how the way you appreciate your environment is tied to your climbing performance and how your attention makes you a better all around climber. @blackdiamond , @patagonia , @patagonia_climb , @rockwarriorsway , @accessfund #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing #accessfund #rockwarriorsway #paneldiscussion
Thirsty? @tiogasequoia is the official #beer sponsor for Yosemite Facelift this year! Beverages will be served during the evening programs, and don’t forget to bring your reusable cup! #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
We are excited to announce that we will be showing Free Solo at Yosemite Facelift this year! Stay tuned for schedule updates and times! #Repost @alexhonnold ・・・ I’m so stoked to announce the release of FREE SOLO, the film documenting my free solo of El Cap last year. It’s co-directed by my friends Chai Vasarheyli (@mochinyc ) and @jimmy_chin and will be in theaters this fall. Get psyched! #FreeSolo
#Repost @brucerodela ・・・ Birthday week means I’m #yosemite bound once again! #hike , #beer and #bike with a photo or 2 thrown in for good measure .... I’m out! #yosemitenationalpark #birthdaylife #skatelife #yosemitelife
Love this short comic about @yageryca ! Check out our Facebook page for the full video! #Repost @thenorthface_climb ・・・ The man behind @yosemitefacelift , Ken Yager, found his life in climbing at a young age. His journey from then on led him to deduce that walls aren’t just about vertical feats—they’re a source for community where people come together to make the places we play better off. We’ll be at the 2018 @yosemitefacelift later this month, swing by our booth and say hi. #climbwalls
We want to highlight one of our local sponsors, @lastingadventures ! They are a local non-profit operating in Yosemite. They run backcountry summer camps every summer with rad programs like: an all young women's 13- day backpacking trip and a 27 day skills based junior guide program. They also offer guided backpacking trips for families as well as locals programs, like an upcoming yoga retreat. Check them out at lastingadventures.com! #lastingadventures #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #halfdome #alpine #hikingadventures
"Early in the morning, there is this one panel of wall that illuminates first and that is why it is called The Dawn Wall." - Tommy Caldwell 🌅 Until Tommy came along, no one considered climbing El Capitan's Dawn Wall. 🧗🏻‍♂️🌅🧗🏼‍♂️ In Theaters! Visit DawnWallFilm.com to find a screening near you. #DawnWallFilm @rbmhfilms @senderfilms @tommycaldwell @kjorgeson
Our community includes many talented artists and craftspeople who donate special items to raise money for Facelift. This year, we're so excited to have a silent auction to display these items, Wednesday - Saturday. Winners will be contacted on Saturday evening and will need to pick up their item on Sunday. Items include and more! |  2 Kathleen Keller Quilts; 1 Year One Surfboard; 2 The Mountainscape & Topo by Uzumati Ceramics; 2 The Yosemite Valley Mug by Uzumati Ceramics; Redwoods in Yosemite Cabin Weekend and 1 Red Bull Snowboard #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
#meetthestaff Kaya Lindsay, Social Media Coordinator Kaya Lindsay (@onechicktravels ) is a rock climber and self made digital nomad who spends all of her time exploring North America and jumping on new and exciting climbs. She started her own social media marketing business in 2014 and has been supporting herself by freelancing ever since. Her attendance at the 2015 Yosemite Facelift event fueled her desire to give back to the climbing community and since then she has been helping the Yosemite Facelift event spread their message through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter marketing. Kaya believes strongly in protecting our wild places and getting women involved in rock climbing and hopes to combine these two passions into a career. If you want to learn more about Kaya you can visit her website at www.onechicktravels.com #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
#Repost @_mcastaneda_ ・・・ When surnise over Half dome makes life look like a painting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- www.michaelcastaneda.com -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- #SonyAlpha #YourShotPhotographer #ig_world_colors #halfdome #glacierpoint #sunrise #Yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #wildcalifornia #california #earthfocus
#meetthestaff Guy Yager, Event Coordinator Guy (@yagerguyguy ) grew up in Yosemite and spent many years exploring it as if it was his playground. When his dad, Ken, started the Yosemite Facelift, he was right alongside him, volunteering, as a young kid. He participated in every Facelift up to the 10th annual, after which he moved across the country to go to College in Terre Haute, Indiana. Right before he left, he climbed Royal Arches and Half Dome with his dad. Guy’s passion for the climbing community became the strongest after he moved away. Fueled by the joy of climbing two of Yosemite’s most classic climbs, Guy became President of his school's climbing club and helped develop their first collegiate climbing team. Under his leadership, the team won two regional championships. Since graduating college in 2018, Guy has provided support from afar, coordinating Facelift and developing the YCA. #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
#meetthestaff Linda Jarit, Event Coordinator Linda has been climbing in Yosemite since the 90s and participating in Yosemite Facelift from the beginning. She has multiple first ascents in Yosemite and is a great mentor for more junior climbers. She took a more active role in Yosemite Facelift in 2017 when she agreed to help organize sponsors and volunteers making camping requests. Linda brings her open and friendly demeanor to the otherwise rough edges of the Yosemite Climbing Association staff. We love you, Linda! #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
#Repost @norcalroam ・・・ “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.” - Rachel Wolchin #norcalroam . . 📷 @flightsandbarrels
#meetthestaff Allyson Gunsallus, Event Coordinator (@yosguns ) Allyson's commitment to the climbing community began in 2007 when she moved to California from New England to be closer to Yosemite National Park and the Sierra. Since then, she has spent as much time as possible climbing in the Western United States and abroad. Allyson has alpine experience in the Sierra, Peru, and Argentina and has rock climbed all over the world. She is also a California-licensed attorney with a career in biotech. In 2017, she was recognized by the National Park Service for her central role in Facelift organizing. Recently, Allyson has supported Facelift behind the scenes, helping with camping, grant-writing, sponsors, and many other things! Learn more about Allyson on her website, SaltEarthArt.com
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