Yosemite Facelift

Yosemite Facelift is an annual volunteer cleanup of Yosemite National Park organized by the Yosemite Climbing Association (@yageryca )

Sunday (1/13) Update: We had a good turnout today! 👌🌎🏞 The Park is looking good; you can no longer see litter from the road and have to search around pullouts. Next week: Someone will be at the red truck, handing out supplies from 9am to 4pm on Monday (1/14), Friday (1/18), Saturday (1/19), and Sunday (1/20). From Tuesday (1/15) through Thursday (1/17), anyone who would like to pick up trash can borrow supplies from the bed of the truck. Make sure to return your supplies! Message us if you need anything; we want to make supplies available. The pullout is between the gas station and Yosemite View Lodge on highway 140 in El Portal. And keep your eye out for another update next weekend. #yosemitefacelift #yosemiteambassador #dontfeedthelandfills
Today, we’re thinking about our friends at the @nationalparkservice. It’s the first day Park employees are going without a paycheck, and this after we already had a shutdown in Yosemite this year due to fires in the summer. These aren’t wealthy communities and the financial impact of these shutdowns is huge. Employees may have to look for new work soon, which means even after the shutdown ends, there may not be a full workforce in Yosemite. We’ve been so impressed by volunteer interest since the first clean ups on January 2nd; trash from the holidays has largely been managed. It was easier to clean up Yosemite due to 15 years of the annual Facelift than efforts in places like Joshua Tree, which haven’t had a large annual clean up event over the years. At this time, if you’re interested in coming to Yosemite specifically to volunteer, please contact us after the shutdown ends when we may be able to organize impactful group projects in partnership with the Park. If you’re in the Park this weekend and want to help, we’ll be handing out supplies from the highway 140 pullout (through Jan 13th). We’re evaluating how to proceed afterward. And we’re very aware of the longterm negative impacts that stops to critical programs like bear management and research and a marginalized workforce may have. Volunteer efforts are wonderful, but they can’t replace our Park Service. The best thing we can do now for Yosemite is support an end to the shutdown. Thank you! 📷: Our Social Media Coordinator @onechicktravels with a Park friend at the September 2018 #yosemitefacelift . #yosemiteambassador #dontfeedthelandfills
We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how you can help keep Yosemite happy and healthy! One way you can help is if you’re in the park and see overflowing trash bins or dumpsters, move the trash and close the bin. *Bear tracks* are being seen in Yosemite Valley, stopping at trash cans and food storage lockers, as well as throughout housing areas. This may mean that bears have accessed food from trash cans and open food storage lockers during the shutdown or that they are at least on high alert. When black bears access human food or trash, they quickly become conditioned to food and habituated to being around human development, which creates a problem that can escalate quickly and cause serious problems for people as well as bears. One of the most useful things you can do in Yosemite right now is to look for trash cans that are overflowing or left ajar, or food storage lockers that are left unlatched, latch them or remove trash so bears can’t get food! This is especially helpful when done at dusk because bears are often more active at night. Bears can get food from mailbox-style trash cans when there is *any* trash above the interior metal plate, even if the can is able to shut. If you see bear/trash issues in Yosemite during the shutdown, please email yose_bear_mgmt@nps.gov with photos and information; they are still checking it during the shutdown and it will help them know where to focus their efforts. The YCA plans to be available at the pullout between the gas station and Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal from 9am to 4pm until further notice to hand out trash collection supplies. Keep your eye out for updates as the snow melts. Thank you for all your support! #KeepBearsWild #yosemiteambassador #dontfeedthelandfills #yosemitefacelift
Due to the recent snowfall in the Park, we’re moving our location to the pullout between the gas station and Yosemite View Lodge outside the park gate on highway 140 in El Portal. We’ll focus on cleaning from highway 140 to the 120 intersection, where there is less snow. The YCA red truck and white covered trailer will be there 9am - 4pm until further notice. Stay tuned for any changes as the snow melts. Thank you for all the interest, donations, and help! The park is looking much better; most trash we’re finding now is off the road in turnouts. #dontfeedthelandfills #yosemitefacelift #yosemiteambassador @yageryca #pickupyourtrashchump @yagerguyguy @yosguns
It’s a beautiful time to visit the Park, but you should know that services and facilities, like bathrooms, are limited. If you’re coming for a visit, plan to follow #leavenotrace and carry-it-in, carry-it-out practices. Starting Jan. 3rd through 23rd, if you are in the Park and want to help pick up trash, look for the Yosemite Climbing Association red truck and white covered trailer at the Village Store parking lot to borrow grabbers, gloves, bags, and orange safety vests. Please contact us through our website (yosemiteclimbing.org) if needed. Five groups went out today; thanks to all the volunteers! The Park is looking much better. #yosemiteambassador #dontfeedthelandfills #yosemitefacelift @yageryca
Due to the government shutdown, the Park is very crowded right now and Park staffing is at a bare minimum. The last thing the Park needs is too many well-meaning citizens showing up and taxing the infrastructure further. We ask that you only come up if you were planning to already. We are willing to loan out litter sticks and other supplies to anyone that would like to clean at any time during the shutdown. Any trash needs to be transported out of the Park and disposed of properly. Bags left out will be ripped apart by the wildlife. There are two informal cleanups on Jan. 2nd. One meeting at the Glacier Point/Highway 41 junction at 9:00 am and the other meeting at the Village Store starting at about 8:00 am, with Dakota and some of his friends who would like to focus on three areas: 4 Mile Trail/Swinging Bridge, Bridalveil Falls Parking Area and Happy Isles. The idea is to bag trash up and transport it to the Mariposa dump. 30 people are probably more than enough for these areas. If more show up, we will have supplies available for use, but only so much vehicle space to transport out of the Park. It has been great to see so many passionate conversations surrounding this issue. We don’t feel this is a political issue, but more of a human one. We didn’t realize that so many people would share this information, though maybe we should have. This is not an official event and too many volunteers may actually hinder the cause. We don’t want to make the problem worse. What would be more helpful is if there were smaller efforts on a daily basis. Even a small group of folks cleaning up trash sends a strong message to visitors and may be more effective. This is only the second time the Park has stayed open during a government shutdown that we know of; services are drastically reduced. Not only is trash removal stopped, but many of the restrooms are closed too. Currently, there are not many more services than you would find in a Wilderness Area. If you are not scared off yet, contact us through our website Yosemiteclimbing.org for supplies. Thank you, Ken Yager + Yose Facelift Note: the photo is illustrative and not current. 📷: Tom Evans
New Year’s Edit: We’re overwhelmed by the response! If you’re thinking about driving up specifically to help with trash pick up tomorrow, we’re asking you to please wait until we have a larger future effort organized. Currently, trash has to be driven out of the park. We’ll keep you posted about future efforts when there is more infrastructure. | @dakotasnider shared some photos from today of the trash building up in our beautiful Yosemite. Join him sand others at 8am to help clean up. Link in bio. #yosemitefacelift #yosemite
New Year’s Edit: We’re overwhelmed by the response! If you’re thinking about driving up specifically to help with trash pick up tomorrow, we’re asking you to please wait until we have a larger future effort organized. Currently, trash has to be driven out of the park. We’ll keep you posted about future efforts when there is more infrastructure. | Trash is piling up due to the government shutdown. If you can help clean up the new trash that is being left behind meet @dakotasnider and other Yosemite caretakers at the Village Store parking lot at 8am on Wednesday January 2. Link in bio. Thank you 🙏 #yosemitefacelift #yosemite
Things might look a little different in 2019.
“A Merry Christmas and our best wishes so that you may reach the top in 1948!” signed John Salathé and Ax Nelson. Here’s one from the Yosemite Climbing Association vault.
Woohoo! The YCA elves are busy behind the scenes. We are so excited to have sent out our first quarterly newsletter today, launching our mailing list. (YES, it’s true, we’d gone 15 years without a mailing list, until TODAY!) If you didn’t receive our newsletter, but would like to receive future mailings, please email us at subscribe@yosemiteclimbing.org. And if you received our newsletter and were so happy to hear from us, leave us a comment here and let us know! 😊🏞👍 #yosemitefacelift @yageryca @yagerguyguy @yosguns #dontfeedthelandfills #leavenotrace
Photo from @yageryca on his loop around the Valley a couple days ago. Our spectacular park is wearing its winter coat. #yosemitefacelift #yosemite #dontfeedthelandfills
The last few days, we got rain in Yosemite and snow up high. El Cap Meadow always looks spectacular in the rain. And thanks to all our volunteers who came out in September to help clean up, the park looked better, too, with less trash washing away or ending up in our rivers. #dontfeedthelandfills #yosemitefacelift #leavenotrace #climbing 📷: @yosguns
An exciting day in El Portal with The North Face Japan, interviewing Ken for their future campaign. #wallsaremeantforclimbing @thenorthfacejp #yosemitefacelift #yosemite #dontfeedthelandfills
Happy Thanksgiving from the Facelift crew to yours! This is a photo of John Thune Sr. and John Salathe, dirtbagging in Camp 4 in 1946. We hope you travel safe and the roads are clear! Enjoy your friends and family this holiday. #thanksgiving #yosemitefacelift #dontfeedthelandfills #throwback
Event Coordinator Linda cruising in a post-Facelift Yosemite last weekend. Unfortunately, there was already TP on the Falls Trail. Remember to pack it out, practice leave no trace ethics, and teach your friends. Happy climbing and cleaning! 📸: @yosguns #leavenotrace #womenwhoclimb #yosemite #yosemitefacelift2018 #climbing_photos_of_instagram
That's a wrap for the 15th Annual Facelift! A total of 8745 pounds of micro trash and 5381 pounds through special projects was collected. Thank you to all our staff, volunteers, and partners who came out to join us last week or support us from afar. See you next year! @subaru_usa co-presenter and official vehicle of #yosemitefacelift @yageryca @timmyoneill @yosguns @onechicktravels @patagonia_climb @patagonia
There are so many projects that go on during Facelift! Thanks for being here! #Repost @thefriendlybeard ・・・ Did you know that meadows act as a sponge? Absorbing & holding water like an underground water tank. When we (park visitors) walk off trail we pack these meadows down and hurt their ability to retain water. The @parksproject trail crew had the privilege of attending @yosemitefacelift this year and volunteering to plug up these “social trails” and it was an absolute blast. Thanks to the fine folk at @yosemitenps for protecting this incredible place. #radparks #parksproject #parkchamps #findyourpark ps - Brett Kavanaugh is a jackass
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