Yosemite Facelift

Yosemite Facelift is an annual volunteer cleanup of Yosemite National Park organized by the Yosemite Climbing Association (@yageryca ) See you soon!

Event Coordinator Linda cruising in a post-Facelift Yosemite last weekend. Unfortunately, there was already TP on the Falls Trail. Remember to pack it out, practice leave no trace ethics, and teach your friends. Happy climbing and cleaning! 📸: @yosguns #leavenotrace #womenwhoclimb #yosemite #yosemitefacelift2018 #climbing_photos_of_instagram
That's a wrap for the 15th Annual Facelift! A total of 8745 pounds of micro trash and 5381 pounds through special projects was collected. Thank you to all our staff, volunteers, and partners who came out to join us last week or support us from afar. See you next year! @subaru_usa co-presenter and official vehicle of #yosemitefacelift @yageryca @timmyoneill @yosguns @onechicktravels @patagonia_climb @patagonia
There are so many projects that go on during Facelift! Thanks for being here! #Repost @thefriendlybeard ・・・ Did you know that meadows act as a sponge? Absorbing & holding water like an underground water tank. When we (park visitors) walk off trail we pack these meadows down and hurt their ability to retain water. The @parksproject trail crew had the privilege of attending @yosemitefacelift this year and volunteering to plug up these “social trails” and it was an absolute blast. Thanks to the fine folk at @yosemitenps for protecting this incredible place. #radparks #parksproject #parkchamps #findyourpark ps - Brett Kavanaugh is a jackass
Thank you for being here! Today’s the last day! #Repost @zanelamprey ・・・ Surprise birthday trip for Mel. In Yosemite picking up garbage! . . #yosemitefacelift #yosemite #yosemitenps #adv3nture
Alex and Ken enjoying the calm before Tuesday's Free Solo showing. We're looking forward to another big night tonight! Thank you to our Co-Presenter and Official vehicle of Facelift @subaru_usa ! 📸: @yosguns #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing @abanajacobs
Tonight we are so excited to hear from Nikki Smith! Nikki Smith has been documenting the climbing world for more than 16 years through her photography, guidebooks, and writing. Nikki has authored five guidebooks to climbing in Utah, completed more than 200 first ascents throughout the western US and Asia and makes a mean cocktail! Nikki started climbing in 1992 and hasn't been able to stop. She jokingly refers to herself as "the most published climbing photographer you've never heard of", now even truer as she has been known until more recently under another name. Nikki's path through life and climbing has not been a stereotypical one, as Nikki happens to be transgender. Nikki will present photos and share her story of becoming her true self. @pullphoto @nikkik_smith #TransIsBeautiful #thisiswhattranslookslike #girlslikeus #transgender #loveislove #nothingstraightaboutnature #everyonesoutdoors
Hey folks, the @patagonia @wornwear crew is coming back for a third year! They’ll be doing clothing repairs from 10am-5pm on the 27th and 28th. All repairs are free and they’ll fix any brand. Look for the #wornwear truck by the Visitor Center!
Last night was a huge success! Thank you everyone who came out. We are looking forward to a full day of volunteering and another great night tonight! 📸: @dakotasnider #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing @subaru_usa
Day one is upon us! Tonight we will be showing #FreeSolo at 6:30, followed by a Q&A by @alexhonnold himself! We are so excited to get #yosemitefacelift2018 off the ground and we can’t wait to welcome all the volunteers this year! As always this event wouldn’t be possible with out our sponsors, and we want to thank Subaru, the co-presenter and official vehicle of Yosemite Facelift for helping put on this event and making the clean up effort possible. #dontfeedthelandfills #yosemitefacelift #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing @subaru_usa
‼️Attention dirtbags‼️ Score yourself one of the Leave No Trace/Deuter Dirtbags by being one of the first 200 volunteers to register for Yosemite Facelift! All you have to do is post a photo of you cleaning up trash with your new Dirtbag for a chance to win a sweet new Speedlite 22 or 24 liter Deuter backpack. Tag your photo #deuterdirtbag #yosemitefacelift #leavenotrace to win!
We’re excited to announce that on Tuesday along with the showing of #freesolo , @alexhonnold will be there to answer questions after the show! Please come ready with questions, a plate and fork 🍴 (first 500 people will get free dinner!) and a camera-ready outfit for the red carpet we’ve laid out to get the show going! This is our 15th anniversary of #YosemiteFacelit and we’re going big 🏞 We look forward to seeing all of you there!
#meetthestaff Timmy O'Neill (@timmyoneill ) is a positive force of human nature who first visited Yosemite as a cashier in the Village grocery store almost 30 years ago. He purchased his initial rack of cams and nuts in the Valley and has been on the sharp end of life every since. He held the Nose speed record with Dean Potter and the duo were also the 1st to climb three Grade VI's in one day via Half Dome, Mt Watkins and El Capitan. TO has been a stalwart member of the YCA since the dawn of the Facelift, volunteering his time, talent and energy to the stage and is an international emissary for the YCA demonstrating the importance of supporting the climbing community and preserving wilderness and wildness. We are lucky to have him on our team! #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
Get ready to be inspired! Join us at the Facelift registration area on Thursday, 9/27 at 3pm for a panel discussion with Chris Schulte (@chris_schulte ), Black Diamond Athlete, Kate Rutherford (@katerutherford ), Black Diamond Athlete and Patagonia Ambassador, the Access Fund's Katie Goodwin (@woodlandpirate ), and The Warrior's Way's Jeff Lodas. Moderated by the Yosemite Climbing Association's Allyson Gunsallus (@yosguns ), these leaders in the industry will share their experience and ideas about attentive stewardship and climbing performance. How can being a proactive steward of the environment and role model help you improve your attention and focus when you're climbing? Through this discussion, we hope to leave you with some food for thought about how the way you appreciate your environment is tied to your climbing performance and how your attention makes you a better all around climber. @blackdiamond , @patagonia , @patagonia_climb , @rockwarriorsway , @accessfund #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing #accessfund #rockwarriorsway #paneldiscussion
Thirsty? @tiogasequoia is the official #beer sponsor for Yosemite Facelift this year! Beverages will be served during the evening programs, and don’t forget to bring your reusable cup! #yosemitefacelift #yosemitefacelift2018 #15yearsofyosemitefacelift #yosemiteimbingassociation #yca #trashpickup #dontfeedthelandfills #lnt #yosemiteclimbing #yosemite #rockclimbing
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