Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is best known for its waterfalls, but also deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, & more.

Coyotes’ cunning manner and stalking gait often arouse both awe and suspicion in humans. Like other predators, coyotes were hunted and killed in the early 1900s because of their tendency to prey on livestock. Many predators were feared and thought of as nuisances. In truth, coyotes are a part of the predator-prey balance that is vitally important to keeping Yosemite's ecosystem healthy. The coyotes' adaptability has allowed them to survive environmental changes, human persecution, and loss of habitat. Perhaps coyotes have something to teach us about our own ability to adapt and coexist even during times of extreme changes and challenges. #Yosemite #NationalPark #Coyote
While Half Dome and El Capitan are probably the most recognizable granite features in Yosemite Valley, there are many other formations just as beautiful. See how many you recognize!! #Yosemite #NationalPark
UPDATE: At approximately 2 pm, a SAR team from Tuolumne Meadows located the missing hikers and will be assisting them back to the trailhead. MISSING PEOPLE: Brittney Devine and Kareem El-Abdallah If you have any information regarding these backpackers or were in any of the areas mentioned below between June 14-17, please call the Yosemite Emergency Communications Center at 209/379-1992. These individuals were last seen on the Pacific Crest Trail near Matterhorn Creek on Thursday, June 14. Their intended route included Rodgers Creek, Pate Valley, and the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. Both individuals should be carrying overnight equipment and are presumed to be hiking together. Kareem is dark skinned, 5 ft 10 in tall, and has dark facial hair. Brittney is light skinned, 5 ft 7 in tall, and has long dark hair.
John Muir had many roles. He once described himself as a “poetico-trampo-geologist-botanist and ornithologist-naturalist etc. etc. !!!!" He was also a father, and his passion carried over into his family life. Biographer Donald Worster described John Muir as “the world’s most enthusiastic father.” 🎉 Here Muir is standing by his wife Louie, his daughters Helen and Wanda, and their dog Keeny at their home in Martinez, CA. Tag an enthusiastic dad you know and wish them a happy Fathers' Day! #Yosemite #NationalPark #JohnMuir #FathersDay
How many push-ups can you do? Fence lizards like this one do push-ups as territorial displays to other males. Flashing those fancy blue bellies to other males indicates they are strong and willing to defend their territory. 💪 #Yosemite #NationalPark #PushUps
The Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias reopened yesterday! What are you most excited to see? #Yosemite #NationalPark
Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Conservancy​ and public officials today dedicated the newly restored Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias following a landmark project to protect the ancient trees and reestablish the area’s natural serenity. Mariposa Grove will open tomorrow at 9:00 am! 🌲 As the largest protection, restoration and improvement project in park history, this milestone reflects the unbridled passion so many people have to care for Yosemite so that future generations can experience majestic places like Mariposa Grove,” said Yosemite National Park Superintendent Michael Reynolds. “These trees sowed the seeds of the national park idea in the 1800s and because of this incredible project it will remain one of the world’s most significant natural and cultural resources.” 📷 Photos by Al Golub Photography #Yosemite #NationalPark #GiantSequoias #MariposaGrove #Restoration
Photos from the Yosemite Archives show how Yosemite National Park experiences dramatic changes through time, both natural changes like seasons, climate change, and slow geologic shifts, as well as cultural changes like human development, visitation levels, and changing modes of transportation that affect how we experience the park. Thanks to the generous Yosemite Conservancy donors, the Yosemite Archives Digitization Project will soon allow online access to more photos like these. 🏞 The National Park Service has ensured that the grandeur of Yosemite will never cease to awe and inspire its visitors, but it is essential to acknowledge that preservation does not make the landscape static. The natural environment is always changing, and every person experiences a different Yosemite." #Yosemite #NationalPark
"From small beginnings come great things." - Proverb Did you know? Giant sequoias start from a seed about the size of a flake of oatmeal. One small sequoia cone (less than 2 inches long) can hold hundreds of seeds just waiting to give a future giant sequoia its start. #Yosemite #NationalPark
We embrace tradition with both seriousness and smiles. Our mounted patrol color guard won first place for Mounted Mule Group at the annual Mule Days event in Bishop, CA on Saturday, May 26. This event celebrates the history of mules in the Sierra Nevada. We participate as part of our continuing tradition of stock use in Yosemite. #Yosemite #NationalPark
We will never know our limits until we push them. #Yosemite #NationalPark
Always keep a safe distance when viewing and photographing wildlife here in Yosemite. The safe distance to be from a bear is at least 50 yards, or about the length of four shuttle buses parked end-to-end. If you get too close, you will be contributing to the bear becoming used to people. It is crucial for bears to keep their natural fear of humans and never learn about human food so they can remain wild. 🐻 May-July is mating season for bears. Mating bears can exhibit unusual behaviors, such as females protecting their young and males becoming aggressive. Keep yourself safe and keep the bears safe by keeping your distance, even if it means giving up on that perfect photo opportunity. 📷 (these photos were taken with a zoom lens) #Yosemite #NationalPark
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