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Odessa TX 2night
I’m bout to go enroll in Duke University...😈
@keyglock jus dropped a new song for da streets🔥
on a off day
if u fall out wit yo dog about anything pertaining to money you a bitch ass nixxa! 1. Mad because u think another man should give u some money without you working for it. 2. Watch another man spend his money on (whatever) and you have feelings inside of you that he could’ve gave that money to u so u can do whatever wit it. 3. U ballin but u mad at your homey for not paying u your money back that he don’t have and it’s takin him a while to get his shit together. BITCH NIXXA TRAITS
i grew up without it so i had to go get it
a whole lot of friends or a whole lot of millions??🤷🏾‍♂️
i don’t make excuses, i jus make it happen
i always knew i couldn’t be n da skreets 4eva. But i didn’t know wut else to do. Never signed a record deal but I’m killin shows and gettin paid like I signed 4 deals. Go look up da word INDEPENDENT in da dictionary and u will see a picture of me in dat mudafuka! THANK U GOD FOR CHANGING MY LIFE, IM GRATEFUL 4EVA....
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