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I tweeted Costco Canada and gusss what? Kirkland protein bars will be back on the shelf in Canada by this Christmas! (so they say 👀👀) I’ve been passive aggressively tweeting them about their return for months 😅 (are you following me on Twitter? @YourFriendSJ ) Here’s a throwback to one of my staple meal preps that I did in January (when I lost 10lbs in one month - check out that video in my bio). - Guacamole 🥑 - Cucumbers 🥒 - Chicken Thighs and Green Beans 🍗 - #Kirkland @Costco Protein Bar —- I’d usually have half of protein bar right after my morning workout. Then I’d eat the other half when I was feeling puckish during the day. —- What’s changed since January 2018? ___ - Removed snacks from my diet (Fast Or Feast) - Focus on protein and less on everything else - Removed guacamole from my preps because it just doesn’t hold in the fridge for long - I’ve stopped organizing my food into these pretty pictures and often just shove them in the freezer.
I first tried Short Ribs at a Korean restaurant in #ChinaTown called KaChi since then I've been obsessed.😋 Have you tried them before? There's just something about this thin cut of beef that makes it such a pleasure to eat and even more enjoyable to make. For short ribs it's all about the marinade. Unlike how they're cooked traditionally, I pan fried these and the caramelization was elite! 🤗 Keto Marinade: - Minced Garlic - Diced Onion - Soy Sauce ( Liquid Aminos) - Sesame Oil - Black Pepper - Water 💦 - Cayenne Pepper 🌶 - Sea Salt - Sweetener (Erythritol) I'm having summer withdrawals and I cannot wait until grilling season when I can make as many variations of ribs that I'd like and not be restricted to the confides of my home because - winter.❄️
I live with bakers. We all bake. A lot of the time it takes a lot of restraint to not pig out on the treats that are made in my house every weekend. When I came downstairs to the sight of these thicc chocolate chip cookies in the background I was alarmed. There is nothing I can appreciate more than a good chocolate chip cookie. I was feeling my resolve slip but I didn’t want to throw away my progress. We all know that it’s hardest to stay committed on Keto after a period of cheats. 😪 So what did I do instead? I CHOSE to make #KetoCookies instead. And surprisingly enough I only needed to eat 2 to kick that craving and it was totally guilt free.😌 To close. I’d like to remind you that even though it’s the holiday season to keep it together. I know how easy it is to throw it all away and start again on January 1st. But just remember the amount of damage you could do with 2 weeks of cheat days. Pick your battles. Consider a Keto Christmas. 🎄 If you do decide to cheat until January 1st that’s cool too! Just know that I’ll be here. Providing you with helpful Keto information and recipes to help get you back on track should you need it. ❤️
It is day 5 of ABS ABS ABS. The goal is to workout our abs every single day for 21 days straight. Go check out Day 5, there's a change of scenery. :) Link in my Bio.
Recipe testing a lot of the time looks like this [Swipe LEFT] 😅 — The recipes you see me post on my timeline and on my blog are a result of lots of trials! I always want to make sure that what I’m doing is replicable before I feel comfortable enough to post up a recipe. —- All this to say, that I’m uploading a Jerk Chicken 🍗 Video on YouTube sometime next week. 🖥Are you subscribed? (Tap that link in my bio!) —- To be fair, I could’ve piped these with some icing and you guys would never know anything was wrong with them. 😂 But Im all about ~Transparency~
Are you subscribed to my Youtube Channel? I just posted a Beginner Friendly Home Ab Workout. There'll be another one up tonight. Click the Link in my Bio! Be apart of the family friend. :)
@Zevia really outdid themselves with this one. They managed to combine two of my favourite flavours (Ginger and Mango) into one amazing can AND they added caffeine. What more could one ask for? 😂 — They’ll be on Canadian shelves by January (so I’ve heard), so look out for them because they’re bomb! Dare I say, even better than the originals. 👀
ABS, ABS ABS. 😤Video drops tonight on my youtube channel, are you subscribed? 🤔 Click the link in my bio. Join the family friend. 😊 --- I'm going to be uploading a Youtube video for the remaining 21 days of 2018. Each day, It'll be an ab workout. I'm dedicated to strengthening my core before my challenge in the New Year. --- I do realize my face is out of focus in this clip. Fortunately it's not like that in the video, lucky you. 😌
What's your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? It's a steak and eggs for dinner kind of day. 🍳Im not a hugeee beef fan (give me all the goat and oxtail tho). But I was feeling it today. Right now, I'm focusing on getting all my protein in for the day and less focused on my dietary fat. It's getting to that point in my journey where I'll have to start lowering my fat intake. I'm excited!
This was the first keto meal I ever ate. I made myself a Fathead pizza (with Almond meal, not flour hence the colour). I don't think I've eaten a pizza as good since. 😂This was taken and eaten on May 22, 2017. It's been a roller coaster since then, but I'm grateful for growth. And keto pizzas lol.
I officially miss summer. Throw back to a picnic I went to. Chicken Skewers and a bunless burger. There's a burger in there somewhere... This is how simple your meals can be while keto. It doesn't have to be hard! 🤗
Did you workout today? ⬇️⬇️I got a few questions about my gym routine recently and I thought I'd share. I prefer to hit the gym in the morning so I don't talk myself out of it during the day 😅 Also because I find that my gym is emptier at those times. You'll catch me there sometimes at 7am. • • 💪🏾LIFT DAYS:Monday Wednesday Friday - My workouts are focused on building the booty - Includes the big lifts: Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Squats as well as accessory workouts - I do the Strong Curves program by Bret Contreras (The Glute Guy) - This program is focused on building rounded glutes and lean muscle but also doesn't neglect other body parts! • • 🏃🏾‍♀️ACTIVE REST DAYS: Tuesday Thursday - I like to give my body a rest from the weights and like to do at least 20 minutes of cardio ⚖️ - I like to use the stair master at the gym, but when I don't get time I do some HIIT at home - I also do my abs, abs, abs, program (I made this myself and baby abs are peaking through! 👀👀) • • Just know that you don't have to do ALL of this to see changes in your body. You can just Start by going to the gym a few days a week. Take time to learn your body.💕
We've come to the end of an era. That right. I'm finally finished. My 40 day fast ends tomorrow! 😭 I can't wait to eat breakfast again. A few of ya'll have been asking me what the heck I've been doing so I'm gonna tell you. • • M Y F A S T I N G R O U T I N E - Fast for 16 Hours - Eat between an 8 Hour Window - No Coffee, Tea or Stimulants - Start Fast at 6am - End Fast at 6pm - Dassit • • BUT SARAH-JANE WHY?🙃 Because I wanted to.💁🏾‍♀️ But more so I just like to challenge myself and see how far I can push myself. It's to build discipline. Also because intermittent fasting has SO MANY HEALTH BENEFITS. For that reason... I've dropped a blog post about it. Go check it out. The link is in my bio ➡️➡️➡️
Keto Cinnamon Strudel 👅 ______________ You could put cinnamon sugar on practically anything and I'd eat it tbh. So it's no surprise that I made this Keto Cinnamon Strudel and LOVE IT. ______________ INGREDIENTS 🥐 | Pastry (Frosting will be on another post) ______________ SWEET FATHEAD DOUGH 1 1/4 Mozzarella Cheese 1 TBS Cream Cheese 3/4 Cup Almond Flour 2TBS Erythritol Monkfruit Blend 1 Egg F I L L I N G 1 TBS Unsalted Butter 1 tsp Cinnamon 2 TBS Erythritol Monkfruit Blend ______________ 1) Melt Mozzarella Cheese and Cream Cheese in Microwave 2) Add Almond Flour and Egg 3) Fully Incorporate 4) Roll Dough Flat in between 2 pieces of Parchment Paper 5) Place Cinnamon Sugar in the Center 6) Slice Doughs Ends 7) Fold Pastry 8) Place on Parchment Lined Baking Sheet BAKE 350 F for 25-30 Minutes ---------------------- ENJOY ~
I've probably had chocolate cake and whipped cream (tbh more whipped cream than cake) every day this week 🌚. I was inspired by @ketochix Diablo Cupcake Recipe and made a few tweaks and got a super fudgy chocolate cake. 🤗 It still baffles me that I can eat chocolate cake and maintain my fitness goals. Keto is a Life Hack. Seriously.
Which would be more helpful to you? 🤔 I've been on a dessert kick recently because dinners have just been same ol, same ol. 🤷🏾‍♀️
What your favourite dessert? I think I make a chocolate cake like every week 😅 🍫 I like to have desserts on hand to scratch any craving I have for sweets. That way it's easier to resist temptation.
I love recipe testing. I love the taste of this bread but I'm trying to get it to stop falling. The taste is perfect and NOT eggy. I refuse to have bread that looks like cake. When I get the recipe down pat I'll share! 🤗
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