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pennsylvania | finding my way 🏳️‍🌈✨ tell your dogs i love them!

if you need a little sunshine you can borrow some of mine
i’m afraid i just blue myself
it’s both of my dogs birthday today so here’s their appreciation post. they’re my best friends and i love them very much. happy 9th, lucy and happy 7th, ricky. thanks for loving me.
i’ve been trying out the bareMinerals clearing spot concealer for a couple weeks now it’s so convenient to cover blemishes and blends seamlessly. it also has ingredients to help clear your skin! thank you @influenster for sending me this to test out! #blemishrescue #cleanbeauty #powerofgood #contest #complimentary
i miss u :(
life update: i’m always tired
proof that the santa + cookie stereotype is accurate
miss brown eyes
today i learned that i’m not very good at decorating cookies, but i had fun nonetheless.
hi, welcome to target
missin idaho and my idaho pals. they really are the best and way too far away. so thankful for them and their continued support these thousands of miles away.
trying to take pictures of a two year old: christmas edition
needed a bit of change 🖤 (thanks a million @hollaifyouhairme )
likes: grandpa sweaters, strawberry milkshakes, and cheryl blossom. dislikes: early mornings, popcorn, and scary bathrooms.
goin for the glossier look without being able to afford glossier
this year has been the craziest year of my life. i’ve learned a lot, loved a lot, and began to live a life i’m really proud of. i’ve met amazing people and grew closer to those i already knew. i surrounded myself with people that made me feel better about myself and they taught me to have a better outlook on life. i have some of my favorite memories from slc pride, bonfires even when we all sucked at building fires, and all gathering around to watch shane dawson’s new videos together. i went through some of the hardest things i’ve faced, but i really do think i came out of it stronger. ive learned to appreciate the small things and every moment with the people i love. life is unpredictable and can be really tough at times but this year i’ve learned over and over again that it gets better and life can be really amazing.
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