hannah mae

pennsylvania | finding my way 🏳️‍🌈✨

likes: grandpa sweaters, strawberry milkshakes, and cheryl blossom. dislikes: early mornings, popcorn, and scary bathrooms.
goin for the glossier look without being able to afford glossier
this year has been the craziest year of my life. i’ve learned a lot, loved a lot, and began to live a life i’m really proud of. i’ve met amazing people and grew closer to those i already knew. i surrounded myself with people that made me feel better about myself and they taught me to have a better outlook on life. i have some of my favorite memories from slc pride, bonfires even when we all sucked at building fires, and all gathering around to watch shane dawson’s new videos together. i went through some of the hardest things i’ve faced, but i really do think i came out of it stronger. ive learned to appreciate the small things and every moment with the people i love. life is unpredictable and can be really tough at times but this year i’ve learned over and over again that it gets better and life can be really amazing.
my comfort zone resides in sweater weather
mother earth is cute
in memory of my pink hair, lost but not forgotten.
make like a plant and grow 🌱✨
who 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 she 👏🏻
meet my sister’s dog, kiki. you don’t have to ask, she does love you.
count on me for messy hair
tøp always releases great music and i can already tell trench is going to be a favorite for a long time.
the princess diaries deserves more credit it’s such an amazing movie with a sequel that’s equally amazing (if not even better) and as i get older i just appreciate it more and more. don’t sleep on the princess diaries.
every time i hear home by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros it reminds me of my idaho friends and it makes me miss them even more. sending my love 2,000 miles away.
idaho has been such a good home to me and i will feel forever grateful for the friends and memories i have made. i’m going back to pennsylvania sooner than expected for different reasons, but idaho has helped me grow into a more confident me. i’m not yet sure where i’m going from here but i look forward to more memories and friends that will come along the way. my heart hurts as i say goodbye to the people ive grown to call my family, but i know there’s good things waiting for me out there.
i love bonfires and i love my friends
sweater szn
i love my gf mother nature
when you’re with the right people, doing nothing can still cultivate the best times.
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