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The things you do to decorate your new apartment lol #yaynewbeginnings !
Y’alls heels classes be like
Who remembers this????? 🏆 #throwbackthursday ps. I miss my friends so much @kalvintrevonte @kebahb
#throwback ! - We was hittttin that thang 💦#drippin by far the best job I’ve done. @iamcardib @brunomars #SWIPE
8 months old & he’s the same size as me! #foreverprotected
PHENOMENAL. Last year I posted something about these kids being the most hard working kids I know.. - nothing’s changed!!! @inthelab247 @valerie_ramirez @carrie_calkins_
Had the pleasure of choreographing for @myaplanet9 a little over a year ago. Video is out now on all platforms 💸
Always on 10 🏴 @lylebeniga
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