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Drops below 60 in LA. Me:
Ain’t even been in Toronto for 6 hrs.... @lilkerriceb f*** with em again.
Woah type sturdy 🔒 - also, @trapfriedchicken smack 💦
My class from last night 🤮🔥 - 🎥: @tmillytv @kreativebeno
🤮🏴 @lylebeniga class tonight. & a group group
GO CRAZY 😂 @nat_bat_ @trippieredd
The synchronization is wild @nat_bat_
IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. - if you don’t know, I suggest you to know.
1, 2, 3, or all of the above? @nat_bat_ @comethazine @21savage @tisakorean @trillervids
@justbattle_jxb - brought my homie with me @nat_bat_ 🙌🏽 got my sleepy voice on rn lmao
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