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💚Isaac💚💙Julian💙 my favorites

I ran uphill it was torture but I had the cutest view! So worth it! #adorablenephew #woulddefinitelydoitagain #hefoundhishands
Today I turn 29! A lovely cake at work from my @thebestnayelyever some games of lotería, tons of texts from loved ones and even a picture of an adorable nephew from @mrs_kowalski ! Can’t wait to start the new year being one year older!!
When you come to the mall with out a sweater and grandma buys the one you want 😒 #spoiledchild
My babies, the loves of my life, my everything, my favorites, mis amores My boys #mommalove #momofboys
Happy birthday to my Isaac my first unconditional love ❤️ He is THE BIG 6! I wish time wasn’t going by so fast. #turkeyday #turkeybaby
Physical therapy #ice #electric #ithurtssogood
Spike and Yo-yo spots ❤️❤️
Dark lips for this gloomy day. #school #myhairwascurled
My arm may be hurt no weights but I’ve been running and I am super happy with my time today! #onlygettingfaster #mindoverbody
Go check out @themamatribedesigns they also have seriously cute teething necklaces!
You know you are getting old when you get injured in the simplest ways #whatsmyageagain #ineedthishand #temporaryhandicap
Fall festival at Isaacs school
Isaac being cool with his sunglasses while eating almonds
Last night I got to meet Beckham! He has the chubbiest cheeks I’ve ever seen on a newborn!! #adorablenephew #sooocute
Eskimo kisses and baby feet make me smile like no other! Baby Jojo Tia loves you!!
This cute little guy celebrates little victories with me!
When you throw the weight back without removing your hand
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