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There are motorcycle owners and then there are motorcycle can usually tell the difference between the two when Winter hits..
Same ocean, different vibe.
Just another day in California.
1 broken exhaust, 2 dropped bikes and 2 bent rims and popped tires..successful ride I think.
No drug can compete with the Sun.
Oh California I $&@?!! miss you..
Old desert memories.
Simple necessities.
Been taking it easy out here in Oregon..not used to this lifestyle honestly but it’s good to slow down and reevaluate the small things, like the sun and dry roads to ride on.
Hey, I’m guessing if you follow me, you probably love National parks. You know what I like? Voting, yeah that rad thing we Americans have to protect what we love and cherish..Just want to give you all a friendly reminder that our National Parks under this administration are under constant threat of being sold off and defunded. So maybe go Vote for a politician that actually respects this Earth? #creativesvote
@ashleyinwanderland and one beautiful machine.
Larch madness is really filling up my feed as of late..both photos were taking on the same trail and seconds from each other..surrounded by them, I shot the first photo towards the setting sun and the second photo away from it..I wish fall wasn’t so short so I could spend more time exploring this trail...
@ainjul taking a break from breaking hearts and burning rubber.
Just trying to stand out.
My body is wrecked from hiking and riding over 500 miles in 20 degree weather. I think another hot spring adventure is long over due.
Bare Bones: Already tired of always having my DSLR out swinging awkwardly around me while hiking, I opted to just leave it in my bag and shoot primarily on my iPhone..I was gunna just share these images on my personal but thought this was a amazing way to show you don’t need an expensive DSLR or Lens to get the shot..sometimes you just need what’s in your pocket..these images are unaltered besides cropping in my usual style, no filters or post editing of any type. #unfiltered #shotoniphone #apple
One last moto trip before winter hits..that’s all I needed in my life, stoked to have gotten to spend it with some of my favorite people and make new ones at @thedesertrace The moto community is strong out here in the PNW and I’m one lucky son of a bitch to be apart of it..also Happy Birthday @jamesbarkman glad we got to rip around together..till next time brother 🤙🏽
First solo hikes to find what this larch madness was all about..well I can confirm that it lives up and exceeds its hype..I’ve never seen such beautiful combination of colors and views..I’m so lucky to be able to witness this natural wonder before Winter comes and closes these trails..
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