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Lil does @navajopuppy know, there was quite the show going on behind her...too bad she can’t see color. 🐶
Textures of AZ.
Movement w/ @megan.costley
Taking a moment to see the cloud roll by, appreciating this moment even more with all these Smokey clouds and low visibility nowadays.
Mad maxing it in Anza Boreggo.
Past two days definitely reminded me of what the PNW is known for..gloomy skies and moody vibes..can’t say I miss it, I’m enjoying soaking up these sun rays...Still a California boy at heart.
“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” -Plato 📷: @lukaskorynta
Just a smol brown boy in a big ol world
Im not ready for Summer to end but these photos are making it easy to cope.
Hey you, yeah you..person procrastinating on ever thought to I sure would love to help a poor moto boy fund his motorcycle/camp adventures in the PNW. WELL GUESS WHAT! NOW YOU CAN! With every purchase of a print that make your living room go from “meh” to “oh hell yeah” and maybe help you gain the respect of your hip friends you’d be helping one brown bois addiction of expensive coffee at that one local coffee shop where baristas judge you. LINK IN BIO TO CHECK EM OUT!
Hard to believe 7 months ago I longed for more moments like this is the life I live..
These 100 degree days are making me forget Oregon is usually a cold and wet state. 😭
Oh Sierra sunrises how I miss you.
Chasing light in unfamiliar places.
Just hiking to higher elevation to escape the heat. 😅
I’m only a morning person if there are sunrises involved..😴 📷: @iambrlynn
It was my good friend @jamescmorris_ first time at Mt Rainier NP, id say she gave him a warm introduction.
Something about hitting trails or long road trips that create strong friendships..both of my friends never met each other before this trip and yet on this trail all three of us acted if all of us knew each other since we were children. Inside jokes blossomed, dance moves flowed and memory’s I’ll cherish for a lifetime..I’m excited to say I have so many photos of this trip I’m eagerly waiting to edit/share with you all. Here’s the beginning of this spontaneous Rainier adventure.
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