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Just trying to stand out.
My body is wrecked from hiking and riding over 500 miles in 20 degree weather. I think another hot spring adventure is long over due.
Bare Bones: Already tired of always having my DSLR out swinging awkwardly around me while hiking, I opted to just leave it in my bag and shoot primarily on my iPhone..I was gunna just share these images on my personal but thought this was a amazing way to show you don’t need an expensive DSLR or Lens to get the shot..sometimes you just need what’s in your pocket..these images are unaltered besides cropping in my usual style, no filters or post editing of any type. #unfiltered #shotoniphone #apple
One last moto trip before winter hits..that’s all I needed in my life, stoked to have gotten to spend it with some of my favorite people and make new ones at @thedesertrace The moto community is strong out here in the PNW and I’m one lucky son of a bitch to be apart of it..also Happy Birthday @jamesbarkman glad we got to rip around together..till next time brother 🤙🏽
First solo hikes to find what this larch madness was all about..well I can confirm that it lives up and exceeds its hype..I’ve never seen such beautiful combination of colors and views..I’m so lucky to be able to witness this natural wonder before Winter comes and closes these trails..
Hey buds, this era we live in seems like a horrible early 2000s reality show we can’t escape..and it’s easy to become jaded with the current state of our political system. It’s also easy to complain about how things are, but you know what’s cool about voting? You have ALL the right to complain, talk smack about, and even write long winded facebook posts that would end up starting a firey argument with your kinda racist uncle, but if you don’t Vote, well sorry to say kiddo, but that luxury disappears. So head to and reap that sweet sweet benefit...that link will be in my bio #committovote #creativesvote
619 kids taking over the 503. Sad to say my lens is taking a page outta my book and is hard time focusing these days..Rest in RIP L lens..
Hard not to take breaks every 5 mins when you have views like this.
Mother Nature showing off.
I’m seriously contemplating going on a 8 hour ride to just be in a desert..worth it?
Oregon’s coast is alright I guess
So long warm sun kissed mornings, endless summer rides and dry socks..see ya next year..🌞
Taking a minute from my Instagram hiatus to thank everyone who wished my Happy Birthday and @shadowfalcon1234 for making the start of my 25th year on this planet a memorable one. Feeling really appreciative of all the love I’ve been receiving lately..stoked to see what this year hands me.
Ying and Yang, Good and Bad, Light and Darkness…We all have heard the cliches that one cannot survive without the other.. well thats how Ive been feeling about this app..Im taking a break from Social Media for a bit to really be in my own headspace, Ive come to realize how robotic I’ve been using this app…I open it and BAM 5 hours go out the damn window, the work I told myself I was going to do is now “too late” to start on and ill do it tomorrow at an coffee shop in the morning.. Morning comes by and Im at said coffee shop with my computer in front me..what do I end up doing?? Im on Instagram..procrastinating again…I deleted this app two days ago and already felt empowered to write ideas in this old raggedy journal I used to jolt down photo ideas and places to visit and you might be thinking “well Zack you’re posting this on Instagram ya basically failed.” Well yeah you’re kinda right but I also forgot to let any of you that care about my work or family members that really only communicate with me through social media that i aint dead..just taking a break for a bit..OH, I forgot to make my point as to why I wrote that cliche intro…with all the bad this app is currently doing to my life as of right now..the good is really freakin good also..Ive had the ability to show you all moments I hold so dearly, met/become apart of an amazing community of creators, and found my undying love of the outdoors..So yeah, taking a break for a bit..might pop in and out who knows but if ya wanna reach me or work with me..emails on my profile or if ya have my number just text ya boi 🤘🏽
Spent a few days in my home town, filled with nostalgia of a life I used to live. I kept wondering why I left over and over again but it dawned on me while drinking cold brew at a coffee shop I spent more time and money over the years that I’d like to admit,I realized I wasn’t lost or in awe of anything since I’ve been home..which was comforting of course but I realized how exciting it is to get lost in my new home of PDX, how awkward yet satisfying it is to start new friendships and conversations with strangers..I don’t know how long I’ll be here but I’m glad I’m here.
Summers end.
Watchu thinking about kid?
How I’d like to spend my morning right about now.
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