Zak Tziotas

Just another pic with the best friend
the better saltum took this pic ❤️
I post way too much cya
never a dull moment with you
Schoolies here we come 🍾😻 #examsover
Just us trying to forget that our english exam is in two days.. xx 🍸
Last post but valedictory 18’ 🥂
Dunno how but graduated 🎓
No words describe how much all these people mean to me, couldn’t of gone through 6 years of high school and year 12 without them all ❤️ #Lastday
Happy birthday X
Who else isn’t surprised that my primary school uniform still fit me 👕👕 #Lastdressupday
Best trip away with the best people ❤️
Jose’s 🔞
Claire’s bday weekend ❤️🔞
So proud of u xx
Was nice to them for the pic and wasn’t punching them for once ❤️
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