Zane Hijazi

Matt took this shitty photo but it’s billie so it’s ok @kroq #kroqxmas
we haven’t showered in 3 days
I used to not feel so good about myself cuz I’m a little overweight and got a small penis but once I took God into my heart, all I feel now is love...and for whoever I end up with in the future, all ur gonna feel is love too cuz I have a small penis :-)
Thank you David for always having my back
we used to be the type of boys you could take home to your mother but now we’re the type of boys that take your mothers home ha!!! boom!!!!
Good morning’nn!!!!!!!!
I straight up looked like eleven from stranger things when I was little
Didn’t bring my skateboard because the only thing i’m dropping in on this halfpipe is my new merch! I also released slides but the skatepark had a no open-toed shoe policy (ALL MY CLOTHES ARE 30% OFF. TREAT YO SELF WHILE SALES LAST) link in bio
You guys thought I couldn’t find nobody?? jokes on you I’ve been in an arranged marriage since i was 7 baby!!
THE DAY HAS COME BABIES!!! WE FINALLY GOT SPONSORED BY @DUNKIN !!! Let’s cut right to the chase..these lil Shot in the Dark coffee drinks are the tastiest espresso blend beverages we’ve ever had. The best way to start coffee talk every morning.. and later when you’re starting to feel tired, drink another one of these and it’ll recharge you up for the night! DD for the BBs #shotinthedark #refreshandrecharge
woops was born a mistake today 💕
my birthday suit tonight
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