Zane Hijazi

The moment you put that PLUR bracelet on me, I knew you were the one. You’re my world. Marry me Stassiebaby
The Holy Trinity
My teacher found out I plagiarized my entire environmental science project right after this was taken
The start of my “Trying to Kiss David on the Mouth in Front of Paparazzi” series
Fellas, you better keep your girls close....
I’m completely sober. I just love this show
I had my chubby upper body beautifully sculpted by @jennievinter HAHAHA thank you for making me 🦋✨art✨🦋 (ft. Erin’s intergalactic space buns)
Who’s cuter??? Me..or this ice cream I’m holding?? Don’t say Jeff cuz I never asked!!!
Coachella Main Stage 8:00pm tonight
Our livers were booked and busy this weekend
Very unhappy but it’s ok
Hello beautiful
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