Zara Larsson

Ruin My Life

Tobago ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hey there
I’m so anxious I don’t wanna get out of bed yay 🤠🤠 update: if you have anxiety- JUST STOP! 🥳🤩😛 you don’t need it!! 😋🥰
The doctors hate her!!! 🍏
Honestly why did you do that do that do that do that do that do that do that to meeeee is a bop and Jackson was a hater
Y’all excited for my new single or what
💋 save your coins cause im going on tour
Wish I had this jacket with me to LA because ya gorl is freezing out here
Excuse me sir have you seen my food?
Omg can I fucking chill with the orange filters and get a spray tan instead??? No???
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