Ahmed Zayan

My Fb id is hacked. I dont use Fb anymore. Ahmed zayan | 19 | Maldivian🇲🇻 Aesthetics 🔥| Photographer 📷 Sc : zayyerrn 👻

Nothing is out of reach.
Im much more me when im alone. . . 📷@milliion_dolllar_boy
Go after dreams. Not people
Dont bury your failures.let them inspire you.
Stay humble. Work hard and be humble.🔥 . 📷@milliion_dolllar_boy
We all are trying to forget somone.
Be brave. Take risks!
Trust the timing of your life!
I met you for a reason!
Find a happy road!
Not all who wander are lost!
Every moment matters!
Follow your heart!
Photography is a love affair with life! 🔥 . . 📷 :@milliion_dolllar_boy
If you're lost and alone or you're sinking like a stone , Carry on!
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