📍 OKC 🥐 Friend to all, but especially to those who appreciate the delicate artistry of a well-made croissant

Earl Gray macarons are a new fav.
A particularly pretty hair of the dog.
Ice cream is a salve for bad days. Don’t @ me—or do, and we can discuss it like adults.
Easter is about Jesus, but I sure did use it as an excuse to wear all the pastel I own. #Heisrisen
Small plates from @thepritchardokc have my heart. Pictured here: Cacio e Pepe, Brussels and Chorizo, and Meatballs 🤤💕
@xtovana is incredibly easy to photograph, which is only not annoying when I need to practice with my new toy! I really don’t know what I’m doing, so if you have any advice for a novice, send it my way 🙋🏽‍♀️
The Oklahoma is Black exhibit by @tlynnfaz at @okcontemporary was eye-opening and provocative. I felt almost unprepared to take in the weight of what I saw. I’ve been questioning whether I should post about it, mostly because the post will inevitably lead to questions in my inbox about why that title is appropriate when an “Oklahoma is White” exhibit wouldn’t be acceptable. This exhibit gave faces and names and identity to a people group that has been marginalized in our city. People who have just as much ownership of Oklahoma City’s culture and heartbeat. I decided to post because these conversations are worth having, and your questions are worth answering. If you have the opportunity, go check out this exhibit. It will be showing until May 19th. Here’s to continuing the conversation!
These friends easily top the list of people I’d travel to for a chance to hangout for less than 24 hours 💕#bestfriends #roomies
Keepin’ things real classy with champagne bongs, only @themerret_okc 🥂
My girl Marlene is back in town, and I am THIS happy about it!
Happiest of hours with @joyce376 and @pumpbar ’s tater tots. Thought life couldn’t get better, but then I went to the bathroom and the Harry Potter audio books were playing ⚡️
Happy 1st Birthday to my Sammy girl! Your scowls scare me, and I think you’re maybe the most badass gal I know. Sorry @justi_george , you’ve been dethroned. Thanks for being the only person in the world who enjoys me serenading them. I can’t wait to annoy you forever. Biggie loves you.
Honestly, a good picture just wasn’t worth letting go of that @sonicdrivein slush.
The only thing sweeter than @maisonladuree macarons? The best friend that sends them to you 🥰 @cevarghese
Call me Blair Cornelia Waldorf, because only a headband will do.
I put my valentines in the mail this morning. I’m a little behind, but goodness, I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. Don’t @ me, haters.
Anytime I attempt to write a caption to describe this weekend in New Orleans, I cringe. The words epic and vibe are top of mind association. As gross as that sounds, THIS WEEKEND WAS AMAZING. Everything was just so.darn.good. SO.DARN.GOOD. New Orleans, I love you. @cevarghese , I love you even more than I love New Orleans. @checkersrallys , my love for you cannot be measured.
What a weekend. #happybirthdaybestfriend
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