📍 OKC 🥐 Friend to all, but especially to those who appreciate the delicate artistry of a well-made croissant

You know those paint n wine places where they tell you what to paint and exactly how to paint it? I’ve always hated the idea of going to one of those! Today I was gifted a spot at an @aforethought.co gathering where @bekbarkocy walks you through her creative process. It was the complete opposite of a paint n wine type of place—although we did have some delicious mulled wine. Honestly, it was therapeutic and I left with such clarity. If you don’t know @bekbarkocy , you’re missing out! I highly recommend attending an @aforethought.co gathering.
Someone get this girl an iron, amiright?
Since moving back to OKC, @commonplaceokc and @kitchenatcommonplace have become some of my very favorite spaces. Can a space seem intentional? Because that’s the word that comes to mind when I think of them.
Happy 89th birthday to this queen! We’re all so fortunate to be extensions of her legacy. The other day she told me that the desire of her heart was to go back to India and host dinners to feed the poor and tell them the good news of the gospel. She is a formidable, capable woman. Crossing my fingers that I have some of her genes hidden within me, waiting for the right time to show themselves.
My Monday consisted of making snowflakes, Christmas movies, and ice cream sundaes. I could use a nap, but #auntlife sure is the best life.
Cornbread Sausage Stuffing + Pumpkin Pie | These recipes exceeded all expectations. I won’t lie, the pie crust was a real struggle, but I’m a better person for it.
I’m really digging OKC’s obsession with breakfast.
I’ve been in a bit of a funk since moving back to OKC. Today was the first day I felt it lifting. Maybe it was walking around my favorite city, maybe it was watching people I know creating amazing spaces, or maybe it was getting lost in the whimsical worlds @lildfromokc creates—she’s a genius. Whatever it was, or is, keep doing your thing, OKC. You’re inspiring the hell outta this girl.
Had some fall fun with my favorite boy. I’m sure that sounds cute, but I am now certain that God endows parents with a special strain of grace. I need to call my mom and apologize for 28 years of this 🤷🏽‍♀️ #cantkeepawildZdown #sorrymom #theadventuresofzenaandzane
This little stop on our road trip back to OKC caused quite the hiccup in our plans. We drove for 15 hours that day, through mountains, and sometimes in complete darkness and insane downpour. That’s the magic of road trips. I still think it was worth it, but @xtovana would probably disagree 😂
I’ve eaten Indian food almost everyday since moving back to Oklahoma, and it’s just as glorious as you would think.
My Loon and Conch are lawfully wedded husband and wife! I love you both dearly ♥️ This weekend was filled with such love and joy, and of course, some of my favorite people in the entire world.
I woke up this morning really confused as to why no one had brought me room service. The service here sucks, mom—@acandthethree.
My actual thoughts on Vegas encapsulated in one photo. *Don’t worry, Ma, it’s fake.
When you go on a road trip with a fashion blogger, you take a lot of pictures on the side of the road. 📷: @xtovana
Thanks for the mems, Oregon 💛 OKC, your girl is coming for you.
I’ve found my home among the vines of the Willamette Valley.
We had to bribe @justi_george with cookies to hold my hand 🤷🏽‍♀️🍪
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