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Beijing-based designer. Inspired by life. Custom Sneaker ➕ Sneaker Mask ZJDESIGN®

Again! #TokyoTower
🌸 Blooming #Sakura #Tokyo
🗼 So beautiful night! #Tokyo
Meet @takashipom in his studio! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙏
Meet @takishz05 finally! With his support, the OFF-WHITE X NIKE Masks collection appeared to the world. #SneakerMask #OffWhitePrestoMask
@kaws in Tokyo! 📸: @aria.duan
MASK ON! Meet @takashipom @takishz05 in Tokyo!!! Amazing to work with you! #TakashiMurakami #OffWhiteAirJordan1LVMask #ZhijunWang #SneakerMask
AIR MAX 1 ATMOS MASK #SneakerMask #AirMax1
🌲 First snow in the city ❄️
It's a honor time to me! 📄🎉💪 I was informed that 'on February 12, 2018 the Architecture & Design acquisition committee decided to add your Sneaker Mask - Yeezy Boost 350 V2, 2016 to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art'. Thank you! Items: Is Modern Fashion? 095 Surgical Mask #ItemsMoMA #MuseumofModernArt #SneakerMask #ZhijunWang #YeezyMask
Ready for NEXT. #AirMax1 #Atmos
#Repost @aria.duan ・・・ SILK AIR FORCE ONE MASK DOUBLE-SIDE #SneakerMask @zhijunwang @zjdesignbj
Thanks @MuseumofModernArt ! Exhibition ‘Items: Is Modern Fashion?’ October 1, 2017 - January 28, 2018 095 Surgical Mask Proud to be one of 111 items of clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries. #SneakerMask #MoMA
It’s too difficult to make a voice in this planet if you are an ordinary (Chinese) person without background. I was a designer in advertising agency. 10 years before, I quit my job for chasing dreams. I love sneaker and create sneaker mask to show my way that I want to tell the simple idea — say no to air disaster in action. But seldom people do care about the smog and sand storm unless they have to breath and smell. Recently I was invited to create masks for a campaign in US. My works were placed in a big house without a simple name label next to my works, only few people knew those are my works. Even the media just skipped my name directly. So weird. Is that the meaning of respect? Is that the meaning of equality? Is that racism? I don’t want to experience that kind of things anymore.
NIKE EPIC REACT MASK FOR NIKE KOREA INSPIRED BY KOREAN NATIONAL FLAG. #SneakerMask #EpicReact #NikeKorea #WiedenKennedyTokyo #ZhijunWang #미친존재감 #나이키
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