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Hits a 60lb PR on her deadlift during her meet and then a week later PRs her meet PR with a huge 345lb pull!!!! . . @papabearrogers @strengthdesign @maniac.mapp @mancakes_tirrell @trampaleen7492 @cammollohan @rvch_808 @identify_as_nonhuman
@k.s.cherryperformance 90kg Strongman hitting a solid 300lb log press !!! . . @smhcherry @terryrady @bear_lawski @lane_prostrongman @core_fitness_club
This was a absolute monster of a caber !!! Haven't seen one this big in a while . Although know one was 100% able to complete it @jordandavis777 had the best attempt and took first in this event 🥇 . He was a minor wind in the proper direction away from turning it . Very impressive 💪💪💪.
Getting ready for that 800 pull @nforte_242 pulls 765 for a double !!!!!! It's coming 😈😈! 235BW!! . . @zonesmellingsalts and got fired up. . @the_unaturals_officials For best supplements on the market. . . For Best lifting apparel @ritual__apparel Nick 15 for 15% off .
@dthayes26 takes home gold 🥇at his meet last weekend in the 242 Juniors !! Ending his meet with a 633lb deadlift !!! . Squat 600lb Bench 352lb Deadlift 633lb🎥 . Total 1585lb !!! 🥇 . @nutrimaxnutrition @mbslingshot . . Army and service personnel use code "service15" on the @serioussteelfitness website for 15% off Zone Smelling Salts 💪💪💪.
Unreal strength as always !!!! @wheezydoesit_ lifting a circus dumbbell almost as big as her haha!!! . Smashes the 93lb circus dumbbell !!!! . . @mountvernonbarbell
Massive 915lb total ! PR on all 3 lifts and a 75lb total PR ! @mandi__lee just dominated her meet the only girl there to get over 900 total. . . squat: 330lbs. (25lb PR) bench: 180lbs. (20lb PR) deadlift: 405lbs. (35lb PR) . She is off to the Arnold's 🥇 . . @training_to_inspire Coach . @officialrobinson @_danielacarolina @ryan.jones122
This jacked up Unicorn hitting some Zone and just decimating 500lb for 7 reps !!! @captain_vascularity !!!! 😁 . . @southbaystrengthco @granitesupplements 📹 @chyna_._white @zonesmellingsalts
Big Bench record set for @bigtone88 and 2 place overall !! . . 468lb benchpress at 275BW 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 . @kg2lbs @zonesmellingsalts
@kuya_tabs Won best overall male lifter during his meet this weekend!! BW 65.5kg . . Squat 180kgs/396lbs 38lb PR🎥 Bench 112.5kgs/248lbs 6lb PR Dead 237.5kgs/523lbs Total: 530kgs/1168lbs . . @nickchilderhose @torrysjustice @bandofbarbells @gymnast_jess17 @bigwoodbarbells @zonesmellingsalts
Taking first place 🥇 and absolutely dominating going 5 for 5 at the strongman Arnold qualifier this weekend . . Watch @gerard_mac destroy these atlas stones at 90kg BW. . Next stop Arnold's 😈 . . @sam.jamieson11 @skilledathlete @rawperformanceden @zonesmellingsalts @bowenarrowrehab
3 WORLD RECORDS !!! 165lb BW !! 523 wilks in sleeves !! . Squat: 1st Attempt: 545.6 lbs 2nd Attempt: 584.2 lbs (Jr. world record) 3rd Attempt: 600.8 lbs. (miss) 🎥 ah so close😳 . Bench: 1st Attempt: 363.8 lbs 2nd Attempt: 380.3 lbs 3rd Attempt: 385 lbs (Jr. world record) . Deadlift: 1st Attempt: 611.8 lbs 2nd Attempt: 639 lbs (Men’s world record) 3rd Attempt: 650 lbs (miss . @ryan_loverich is just getting started 😈😈😈🥇🥇🥇 . . Coach @pete.rubish . @kingofthelifts @powerliftingnorthamerica @barbend @deadlifttillimdead @zonesmellingsalts
State of California deadlift record !!!!!!!!! Hell of a meet by @honeyyy.dew this weekend . . 319lb state record deadlift 🎥 . . @mfswede coach @kg2lbs @zonesmellingsalts
Big pull at the British Finale GPC . @thebeardedanarchist made a last minute decision to move up a weight class into the 90kg class. Still hit a 715kg total and had one of the best pulls in his class. . 300kg/661 deadlift 🎥 . . @zonesmellingsalts @valkyrie_fitness_ @opiesbeardco @stackhousegym_rayleigh @strengthshop @deadlifttillimdead
After a year and a half @melontolone is back In action !!! Winning 3 out of 5 events !! . Here he is repping out a car plus 110kg/242lb !!! . @zonesmellingsalts @asnport @thereapersc
Zone Smelling Salts !!!!! Gives you a strong mental boost before that heavy lift !!! 😈
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