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Moods on Highway 542 ☁️ In Frame: @johanna.hendrickson
One of the most epic lookout tower hikes i’ve done. Nestled within the Sierra Nevada range and Plumas National forest. Felt like I was hiking up the eye of the tower of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. Finishing off with those sketchy 80 staircase steps and nothing but huge drops beneath you. Talk about nerve wrecking 😅🤘🏼(6,200ft Elevation)
Snow adventures in a @jeep No better place than to mob it down Ice fields parkway at the Rockies 🇨🇦🤘🏼Wished I actually owned one 😅 @enterprise
Rainy days to set the mood 🌧 In Frame: @juliiathompson
A trip down memory lane to this captured moment. It’s safe to say i’ve come a long way learning and crafting my style with Photography. I’ve learned so much throughout the year and have gained so many ideas and perspectives. They’ve always said “you gain what work you put in” and i’m proud with my progressions. I hope i’ve inspired many of you to never stop learning and inspiring others as well to grow. In Frame: @iilloona
Been monitoring the weather out in Yosemite lately and it’s safe to say snow is definitely falling ❄️ Despite the year California has had with the fires, it makes up for itself in the winter. Definitely going to close out my year with a trip out to my favorite National Park 🏞 (Can’t go wrong with a shot from the Rockies 🇨🇦)
Anybody else looking to renting out a Cabin up in the mountains this winter season? ❄️
Caught the last bit of Fall 🍁 at my favorite place in California. A calm and perfect morning with reflection lakes looking like mirrors for the mountains. What was your most memorable Fall adventure?
This place definitely is a special place. It was the very first location I visited last year during my first trip up to Oregon solo. Throughout that time i’ve met some amazing, talented individuals and today are now my good friends. This day, out of all days, @joannehollings and I ran into @hannes_becker @kpunkka @cosmokoala @andrew.studer . Some of the most talented individuals on this platform. Been inspired by their work and what they do. Meeting them gave me the motivation to keep doing what I do and to consistently work hard and get better. I’ll never forget this day and hopefully meet them again during their travels. So epic 🤘🏻
Came across this picturesque cabin. Stepped on some mud for this... worth it 🤙🏼
Hope everybody had an awesome Thanksgiving! It’s Friday and i’m excited for this weekends adventures! Currently raining here in Northern California which makes for some good moody photos. Here is a flashback to hiking in snow up to the viewpoint of Peyto Lake 🏔 In Frame: @cieraas
Catching the Alpenglow over Mount Hood 🏔
Memories from my last Big Sur trip off the coast of California. Views from above the clouds ☁️ In Frame: @alexis_michelleee
Walking in a Winter Wonderland ❄️ 🎶 Too soon? 😅
Going into the weekend like 🌧 Scene from Emerald Lake with @cieraas
Another shot from Lake Louise. It started snowing and gave a much more magical feel ❄️🥶
Lake Louise was just something else that morning. Felt like I was waking up to a dream ❄️
Anybody else ready for them cozy winter vibes? ❄️ @jeep In Frame: @cieraas
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